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John Couch (?or Couth)

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Here is an old photo which came with information on the reverse.  Is he one of your relatives?

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This young man looks as though he is wearing a railwayman's uniform? He doesn't look especially well off .  I wonder why he had it taken?  Perhaps for a distant sweetheart?  I think the name is COUCH although it could be COUTH?

DATE: Given as 1873.

  • Photographer: There is a John Brett listed in Balls Pond Road for 1868-72 on Michael Pritchard's Directory of London Photographers, 1841-1908. Perhaps they moved there from Stoke Newington Road?
  • Card:  Carte de Visite. A full length portrait, square corners etc confirms an early date and Roger Vaughan's dating CDV photographs from the designs on the back seems to agree with a date in the 1870s.
  • Fashion:  Not really relevant here as he appears to be in some sort of uniform.

Sandra Windeatt

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