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Mrs. ?Charlotte HENSHAW

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Here is an old photo which came with information on the reverse.  Is she part of your family?

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A prosperous looking middle-aged lady.

DATE: 1870?

  • Photographer: The only Bertins I could find on the web were in Brighton but they may have gone there after this photo was taken?  They appear to turn up in Brighton in 1874One of Roger Vaughan's pages lists the Brighton Bertin studio in connection with a family from Clapham so that could be a clue to a move.
  • Card:  The square corners, half-portrait and the design on the back would seem to date it from the late 1860s..  See Roger Vaughan's dating CDV photographs from the designs on the back.
  • Fashion:  I'm not able to date this very easily from the fashion - it seems to fit with those from the late 1860s to the early 1870s - you can just see the tips of her ears.   Is that false hair?

Sandra Windeatt

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