Found Photos? Lost ancestors?

Here are some old photos which came with names on the reverse.  

Are any of them your relatives?  Select the linked name or the picture for more.

Name Photographer's Studio Thumbnail Date
COOPER, Alison Hartley Bros, The Studio, 2 South Road, Waterloo, Nr. Liverpool 1894
COUCH (?or Couth), John J. Brett, Stoke Newington Rd, London john_couch_front.jpg (42241 bytes) 1873
HENSHAW, ?Charlotte, Mrs.* Bertin, Clapham Common, London mrs_henshaw_front.jpg (153453 bytes) ?
JOHNSTONE, Mrs. Newnham & Field, Bournemouth ?
SAGAR, John n.k. ?
?SHERRETT or SKERRET, Margaret* J. Ingham, Sale, Nr. Manchester 1877
THOMPSON, Mrs.* Lupson, Stoke Newington, London mrs_thomson_front.jpg (41540 bytes) ?
TRAFFORD, Major* Teretti, Naples, Italy ?
WEST, Sally* Henry Spink, Brighton, Sussex sally_west_front.jpg (43981 bytes) ?

Disclaimer and Details

  • DISCLAIMER: I know nothing about these people or their families.  I just bought the Cartes-de-Visite and have published them here to help other family historians. 
  • NAME:  The name written on the photo (usually on the reverse).  A question mark (?) means either the writer or myself is unsure about the transcription or the identification.  An asterisk beside the name means there is further information on the actual photo.  Click on the thumbnail for a better view.
  • PHOTOGRAPHER:  This is the location of the studio where the photograph was taken and may help with identification.  Was your relative in that area around that date?  And the dates the photograph studios were in existence can also help to date the photo.  Here are links to a list of photographers from Roger Vaughan and the Rodliffes' Index of UK portrait & studio photographers.
  • DATE: The date has been given when it was found written on the back of the photo.  Otherwise, you will need to consult Roger Vaughan's Dating Old Photographs site and his list of Photos by Year or the Rodliffe's Dating Aids page and have a go at dating it yourself.
  • MORE:  Select the Thumbnail photo for a larger size view of the front and reverse of the photos.  The back of the photo is an important clue for dating it.  See Roger Vaughan's photo site for instructions.
  • CONTACT:  You can leave a message on the Guest Book.  But note the disclaimer above.

Sandra Windeatt