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Here is an old photo which came with information on the reverse.  Is she one of your relatives?

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Aged 9 years
April 1877

I had trouble reading the name on this card.  I wondered about HEWIT, THOMAS, SLOANE?  And others have suggested HARNET or THOMSET.  Lizzie, a kind contact at Cheshire Roots Chat has suggested SHERRET and as there are several Margaret SHERRET/SHERRAT/SKERRETs born in the relevant years in the Sale area I suspect  she is probably one of those.

She looks well wrapped up in a big new coat which has been bought to last (or handed down from someone much bigger).  And is that a fur or fur-trimmed bonnet?  But somehow she doesn't look as though she is from a well off family even though her clothes are new (compare her with this photo of a young girl in 1879 from Roger Vaughan's website).  Perhaps she was about to be sent off somewhere and this picture was taken as a memento.

DATE: Given as 1877.

  • Photographer: J. Ingham, Artist & Photographer, 65 School Road, Sale, Near Manchester.
  • Card:  Carte de Visite with a simple back design.
  • Fashion: Hard to tell but she appears dressed for work rather than play.

Sandra Windeatt

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