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Mrs. W. Thompson

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Here is an old photo which came with information on the reverse.  Is she part of your family?

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NOTE:  The W was probably her husband's initial unless she was a widow.

DATE: ?1860

  • Photographer: There is a Frederick Lupson on Michael Pritchard's London Photographers site but he comes under the category of  photographers who "do not appear in the London Post Office Directories. This suggests they were working for a short period, were not working as a photographer as their main profession or, in most cases, were working beyond the area or time period covered by the Post Office directories. They are included here for completeness sake and further research is needed to determine their exact status and period of working" (Pritchard, n.d.).
  • Card:  The square corners, simple back and full-length portrait would seem to date it as from the early 1860s.  See Roger Vaughan's dating CDV photographs from the designs on the back.
  • Fashion:  Again from a Roger Vaughan example the fashions look similar to those depicted for 1860 although her dress appears less sumptous than in his examples.  Perhaps she wasn't as rich?  Or perhaps she was of puritan convictions and didn't believe in fripperies?  She has a book and glasses - a sign of literacy. 

Sandra Windeatt

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