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Can't be sure but I think this is Francis Innes Lee CLARKE and his wife Gertrude Emily CLARKE.  If so, she was the Auntie Gertie who unofficially adopted Innes Roslyn MILES and was spoken of with some warmth by him.  He often boasted that her hair was so long she could sit on it.
Another Aunt.  Could be any of Aunt Sim?  Aunt Emma?  Aunt May? Aunt Sarah? Aunt Gertrude?  Aunt Rose?  Aunt Jessie? Aunt Bertha?
Enid MILES,  born 22/02/1907, died ?
She must have been 16 in this photo.

Reverse: "In hockey Garb at School, Panchgani, 1923"

She must have been 22 or 23 in this photo.

Dedication in bottom right-hand corner:
"Dear Old Innes With very fond love Enid 1930"

Reverse (written by his mother to Innes):
Jeffery is fifth from the left and Morris last.
Jean is second last.
These children were swimming in the Basin Sunday and Joe FAVEL snapped them.
Dog is Enid's Pia."
Jeffery born 16th January 1912. 
Perhaps before he went off to Australia.
Jean, born 11/03/1920, with Morris, born 24th December 1914.
Alfred William. MILES, Jean MILES and Lucretia Annie MILES
Jean would have been 14 in this photo.

Reverse (written by his mother to Innes):
"With our love.  The dog here is our Peter.  Xmas 1934"

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