Miles Family in India

Document transcriptions for the beginnings of a family history . . .

The Knowle Panchgani Girls' High School

Transition Class Marks for Term Ending Dec 1915
Pupil's Name: Innes Miles

   Term Exam
Marks obtainable 1500 260
Marks obtained 1267 230
Place in Class VI VIII

No in Class: 8 {Prize for Double Removal}
Average Age: 6: :
Total Class: 3000/4440 VIIIs 629/730 VI

Innes is working excellently. His promotion has made him appear backward, his reading is much improved, writing excellent.  Great ability combined with ?perseverance

PRIZE AWARDED TO Innes Miles, Standard Transition, Subject Double Removal, Dec 1915, [Signed] A.E. ?KIMMINS, Principal
The value of this Prize has been voluntarily given to the SOLDIERS' RELIEF FUND in the second year of the Great War by Innes Miles.

Cathedral High School, Bombay, School Record

Innes Roslyn MILES son of Mr. A. W. Miles and his wife.
Born at Bombay on the 9th of May 1909.
Baptised by Revd VICKERY, at Poona on the 1st December 1909.
Placed in Standard I
Left on Jan 1920, readmitted June 19(2)0, left again Dec.1920
Standard 1 Jan 1916
Standard II Jan 1917
Standard III Jan 1918
Standard IV Jan 1919
Standard V January 1920
Standard VII Absent
PRIZES:  Perfect attendance 1919

Bishop Cotton School,  Bangalore

Letter dated October 22nd 1921 from the Rev. F. Vincent Dawkins, M.A., Warden, Bishop Cotton School, Bangalore.

Dear Mr. Clarke,

I am sorry you have to leave Bangalore.  Miles is a nice boy, and we shall be sorry to lose him; it will be a great set-back to him to change schools again so soon.

Do you not think you could leave him as a boarder?  The fees are Rs 50 inclusive of board, tuition, & extras.  We have a number of boys travelling to Bombay and he could go with them.

I will send the bill as desired but I do hope you will consider my suggestion.

Yours sincerely,

F. V. Dawkins

Letter dated Bombay 10th Dec 1921, from W.H. Hammond, M.A., Headmaster, Cathedral High School

Dear Mr. Clarke

I have received your letter of the 5th December.  No report will be sent for Miles (Standard VI) as of course he has only been here for a short time.  He did extraordinarily well in the examinations and he will be promoted to Std. VII next term.

Yours sincerely,

[signed] W. G. Hammond, Headmaster

Thomas Cook and Son, London Account Book

1923 Francis Innes Lee CLARKE Esq.

1925 February, Joint Account: Francis Innes Lee CLARKE Esq & Mrs. Gertrude Emily CLARKE

1925 March, Private Account: Mrs. Gertrude Emily CLARKE

1925 April, Joint Account:  Mrs. Gertrude Emily CLARKE

Letts' Chums Notebook and Diary 1925 - Extracts

March 6 Friday: My dearest Uncle passed away at about 5 p.m. in great peacefulness after a very long illness under the care and protection of the Almighty Father.  Despatched cables to Mother and No 6.  Letters to Sarah, Harry & Roslyn.

March 7 Saturday: Received Uncle's death certificate from the doctor. Had it registered at the Death Office, then arranged matters at the burial office all with the help of Rev. Lambert.

March 8 Sunday:  Did not go out at all except to meet Uncle Harry and Aunt Sim at the station.

March 9 Monday: Uncle's funeral took place at 1:454 p.m. at the cemetery.  Mr. Lambert performed the burial service.  Did not attend school. Bough stiff colors in the morning [sic].

March 10 Tuesday: Did not attend school.  Cross Country race was run at School, I did not run.  Saw Uncle Harry and Aunt Sim off.

March 12 Thursday: Attended School, nothing of importance happened.

March 13 Friday: After school in the evening took a rapid walk for 25 minutes so as to help my wind for sport.

. . .  no further entries in the diary until 4th April . . .

Letts' Chums Notebook and Diary 1925 - Addresses from first two pages

Mister I.R.Miles, c/o Mrs. F. Fitch, 30 Beacon Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, England - Owners Address

Mr. S. Goff, 26 Gap Road, Wimbledon (Park)

H. Miles, Esqre, 12 Ladbrooke Grove, Notting Hill, London W.11

Mr. A. W. Hunt (Training Ship) S.S. Conway, Birkenhead, Cheshire

Mrs. F.I.L. Clarke, c/o Mrs McAfee, 1 Argyle Park Terrace, Edinborough, Scotland

Birthday Prayer League booklet

Bowen Church Branch
Name of Member:  Innes Miles
NOTE:  The entries are in date order by day of month. 

Name in book Actual Name Birthday Year
?R. M. CODY   1st September  
Mother Lucretia Annie MILES, nee HILL 1st November  
Aunt Sim   1st February  
S. LANGLEY   1st January  
Uncle Innes Francis Innes Lee CLARKE 4th May  
Uncle Henry   4th May  
Aunt Emma Emma C. MILES, nee LEAHY 5th April  
Innes MILES Innes Roslyn MILES 9th May  
Grannie   11th January  
Jean MILES Jean MILES 11th March 1920
Aunt May   13th May  
Uncle Roslyn George Roslyn MILES 15th February  
Cousin Roslyn   15th December  
Laurence Warbrick Laurence WARBICK 15th April  
Jeffrey Jeffrey MILES 16th January 1912
Aunt Sarah Sarah Juliana MACAFEE, nee MILES 17th April  
Uncle Edddie   17th December  
Uncle Harry Harry MILES 18th December  
Daddy Alfred. William MILES 20th January  
Aunt Rose   20th November  
Enid Enid MILES 22nd February 1907
Morris Morris MILES 24th December 1914
Aunt Gertrude Gertrude Emily CLARKE 26th October  
Aunt Jessie   27th July  
Aunt Bertha   28th February  

Caxton Works, Bombay.

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