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In my dotage I have been seduced by the compulsion to go on long-distance walks.  So far I have done a dozen or so and have enjoyed them all in varying degrees (ugh! not another hill!).    I have never been 'sporty' - I just like looking at the changing landscape and, especially, getting up high and taking in the panoramic views. I also enjoy sightseeing along the way and, especially, eating and there is lots of good food to be had as you go.

So, these walks have been done at almost half the speed recommended by the walking fraternity.  I try and aim for an average of about ten miles per day - and with rest days about once a week (wherever there is something really good to see or enjoy)!

These reviews are offered here in the hope that they may prove useful to someone and because I like to read other people's reviews when I plan a walk myself.  Reviews are of (a) the walk and (b) the accommodation and (c) food to be had along the way.

Completed Long Distance Walks

Future Walks???

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