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Edwin Augustus WINDEATT, Smith, Whitesmith
cd.14/05/1820 in Sampford Spiney
m. 26/03/1845, in St. Mary Major church, Exeter, to Mary CALL 
She was probably the sister of Harriet CALL who married George.  In the 1841 census she is living with George in a crowded house in Paris Street, aged 25 and a dressmaker.
[ More about Edwin and Mary. . . ]

George Josiah Hoskins WINDEATT (1811-1873) - Horrabridge tree [More ] (NEEDS UPDATING)  
Plasterer, Slater, Prison Watchman
cd. 12/1/1812 in Sampford Spiney
First wife: m. (1) 17/11/1831, in Exeter St. Sidwell to Harriet CALL (?-?)
Daughter: Harriet WINDEATT (1834-?)
Son: George WINDEATT (1835-?)
Son: Frederick WINDEATT (1837-?)
Second wife: m. (2) 17/03/1840 in St. Matthew Goldsmith to Maria MILLMAN (1840-1844)
Daughter: Sarah Ann (1840-?)
Daughter: Emma T (1842-?)
Third wife: m. (3) 17/05/1847, in St Pauls, Exeter to Hannah ELLIS (?1802?-?)
d.   02/01/1873, Exeter
[More about George and his three wives . . . ]

Henry WINDEATT, Painter
cd. 5/12/1822 in Sampford Spiney
m.(1) 03/04/1846, in St. Paul's church, Exeter to Ann ELLIOTT
m.(2) ? to Jane GODBER
[ More about Henry and his wife or wives. . . ]

James Samuel WINDEATT (1861-?1944) - Staverton tree [More
Wife: Augusta GUETSCHOW (1868-?)
Daughter: Blanche Marie WINDEATT married FORSTER (?-)
Daughter: Charlotte Helen WINDEATT (1896-1974)
Daughter: Dorothy Alvina WINDEATT married PERRIN (?1905-?) 
John Chapman WINDEATT (1841-?) - Horrabridge tree [More
First wife:  Emma JOHNS
Second wife: Mary Jane DEAN
Son?: Arthur Pudgesley C" WINDEATT (1870)
Son:  William John WINDEATT  (1873-?)
Daughter: Sophia WINDEATT (1875)
Daughter: Louisa Dean WINDEATT (1876-?)
Son: Walter Cecil WINDEATT (1878-1880/1881)
Son: George Richard WINDEATT (1881-1888)
Son: John Chapman WINDEATT (1883-?)
Daughter: Maud Louisa WINDEATT (1885-?)
John H[ollet?] WINDEATT (1823-1900) - Staverton tree [More
Woolcomber then Hair Dresser and Wigmaker
Wife:  Mary MACEY (?1823-?)
Son: John WINDEATT (1846-1924)
Daughter: Mary Jane WINDEATT (?1848-?)
Daughter: Elizabeth WINDEATT (?1850-?54)
Son: Robert WINDEATT (1851-?1875)
Son: William James WINDEATT (1857-1938)
Son: James Samuel WINDEATT (1861-?)
John WINDEATT (1805-?) - Horrabridge tree [More ]
Hellier, Plasterer, Eating & Coffee, Waterman to Reservoir, Sanitary Inspector
cd. 12/06/1805 in Buckland Monochorum
md. 25/12/1830, in Exeter to Mary Ann FROOM
d. 1885, aged 80, in parish of Newton Abbot (probably West Teignmouth)

cd. 3/7/1814 in Sampford Spiney
md. 26/05/1834, in Exeter, St. Sidwell to George TURNER, Jeweller
Was he related to the William TURNER who married her elder sister Pasca - see above?
[More about the TURNERs . . . ]

cd. 13/9/1807 in Buckland Monochorum
md. 03/10/1828, Exeter, St. Sidwell to Wiliam TURNER
d. ?  children ?  We don't know what happened to her next . . . .?

Richard Hutchings WINDEATT (1819? - 1894) - Horrabridge tree [More
Jeweller, Silversmith, Goldsmith
cd. 9.11.1817 in Sampford Spiney
First wife: m.(1) 24/08/1840, in St Pancras Church, Exeter, to Maria CHAPMAN (?1821-1871)
Son: John Chapman WINDEATT (1841-?)
Son: Edwin Arthur WINDEATT (1842-1843)
Daughter: Susan Maria WINDEATT later BERRY (?1849-?)
Second wife: m.(2) 12/12/1874,  in the Register Office, Exeter to Leah EDWARDS (?1846-?)
?Daughter: Leah WINDEATT (?1872-?)
d. 04/01/1894, Exeter
[ More about Richard and his two wives . . . ]

Thomas Frederick WINDEATT, Jeweller
cd.10/09/1826 in Exeter St. Paul
m. 29.09.1847, Torquay, to Elizabeth Ann FROOM 
Was she related to the Mary Ann FROOM who married Thomas's eldest brother, John - see above?
d. 14/04/1871 at the County Asylum, Exminster
[ More about Thomas and Elizabeth. . . ]
Thomas White WINDEATT (1769-1827) - Totnes tree [More ] 
Wife: Mary FABYAN (?-1811)
Daughter: Frances WINDEATT (1805-1882) later AMERY 
Son:  William Fabyan WINDEATT (1807-1865)
Thomas WINGETT (flourished 1811) - [More
Wife: Elizabeth BROWNE  (1786-1862)
Daughter: Elizabeth WINGETT(1811-1870) later HEARDER
Son: William WINGETT (1814-1815)
Daughter: Mary McLeod WINGETT (1815-1818)
Daughter: Sarah Maria WINGETT (1815-1833)
Daughter: Anne Browne WINGETT (1817-1885)
Son: Dr. Thomas Tozer WINGETT (1820-1860)
Son: Dr. William Browne WINGETT (1822-1860)

cd. 25/12/1809 in Buckland Monochorum
bd. 20/12/1812, age 3, in Buckland Monochorum
William Philip Greenway WINGETT (1816-1890) - Horrabridge tree [More]
Plasterer, Porter
cd. 26/4/1816 in Sampford Spiney
md.16/06/1839, St. Leonards, Exeter to Selina JERMAN
d. 05/01/1890, Salford
Son: William Robert (1839-87)
Son: John (?1841-90)
Son: Frederick (1843-4)
Daughter: Selina (1845-?)
Son: Alfred (1847-50)
Daughter: Ann (1849-57)
Daughter: Emma(1851-1928)
Daughter: Mary Ann(1852-?)
Daughter: Elizabeth (1854-1881)
Daughter: Sarah Ellen (1857-?)
Daughter: Louisa (1859-?)
Son: Henry (1861-1924)
William Robert WINDEATT, (1839-1887) - Horrabridge tree [More ]
First wife:  Philippa BOWDEN (?-1863)
Son: William Robert (1863-1902)
Second wife: Elizabeth SOUTHERTON later MEDLON (?-?)
Son:  John Henry (1865-1866)
Daughter: Beatrice Maud WINDEATT later COCHRANE (1869-?)
Son: Alfred Edward Seatherton (1879-?)
William WINGET (?-1850) - Unknown tree [More ]
Wife: Unknown
Brother: James (?-before.1850)
Brother: Joseph (?1782-?)
Brother: Thomas (?1783-?)
Brother: John
Sister:  Elizabeth (?1778-?)


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