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Windeatt? What a funny name!

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What a funny name! I'd change it if I were him!

That was my mother's reaction on learning my new boyfriend's surname. It was a funny name but instead of wanting to change it, I discovered that the family were quite proud of it. It was unusual. There weren't any other WINDEATTs around

. . . or so we all thought.

Then, twenty-five years later, a Bruce WINDEATT e-mailed from Canada. He had thought he was the only Windeatt around too. Then a Peter WINDEATT e-mailed from Kent. He had been compiling his family tree and had found a lot of other WINDEATTs. I put him in touch with Bruce and they turned out to be second cousins!

I never thought I would get interested in genealogy. It seemed a weird hobby. But when Peter sent me the long lists of all the registered WINDEATT births, deaths and marriages, I began to find the puzzle of putting them into families very addictive.

Scott's family were hazy about their history. His ancestors seemed to have moved around a lot. And there had been a lot of fairly early deaths. There wasn't much of an oral family history around - only that Scott's father thought that the family had originally come from Ivybridge in Devon. He had once seen a man driving a Lorry marked Ivybridge and called out "Got any WINDEATTs down there, mate?" "Tribes of them!" was the amazing answer.  Well, I have traced the WINDEATTs back to Devon and found lots of mysteries on the way and even more when I got there..

Some of the questions puzzling me are:

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