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WINDGEAT UK Burials-(under construction)

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Interments and Memorial Inscriptions

Although some of the data below falls within the last 100 years, I am assuming that it does not breach any privacy laws because the people concerned are deceased.

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Tree Date Name Age Parish Locality Depth Interment No. Observations SOURCE


18/7/31 WINDEATT, Thos. Alfrd. 56 Exeter, St. Leonards AG 82 8 8674 Church Interments in St. Thomas, Cemetery Exwick


22/2/66 WINDEATT, Sarah Elizabeth 84 Exeter, St. Leonards* B/AG 82 6 17933 Re 8674 Church
*Died at Exminster Hosp.
Interments in St. St. Thomas, Cemetery Exwick


28/6/94 WINDEATT, William Robert 75 Exeter,
St. David's
BA 190 8 21221 E1002 Interments in St. Thomas, Cemetery Exwick
William Windeatt   July 7 1916 Grave Thiepval Anglo-French Cemetery (, France)
Henry Windeatt   November 1 1914 Grave Plymouth Naval Memorial (, England)
William Hamlyn Windeatt   October 5 1916   Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension (, France)
Dorothy Perrin November 6 1904 June 7 1935   Hustisford Cemetery (Wisconsin, United States of America)
Charlotte H. Windeatt August 28 1896 December 23 1974   Hustisford Cemetery (Wisconsin, United States of America)
James Sam Windeatt March 7 1861 October 20 1944   Hustisford Cemetery (Wisconsin, United States of America)
Robert Windeatt   March 7 1917   Tower Hill Memorial (, England)
Henry Charles Windeatt   August 30 1916   Euston Road Cemetery (, France)
Ralph Frederick Windeatt   May 24 1941   Portsmouth Naval Memorial (, England)
Alexander Windeatt   March 25 1918   Saint Pierre Cemetery (Picardie, France)
Louis Vernon Windeatt   May 3 1918 Grave Sandpits British Cemetery, Fouquereuil (, France)


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