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About these records

This is an card index to Devonshire people, places and topics held at the Devon Local Studies Library in Exeter.  Most of the million cards were written by one man - Burnet Morris.  You can read more about the project on the Devon Local Studies page about the Burnet Morris Index. There are some 200 or so cards listed under the category Windeatt in the index and I managed to copy out most of them on my recent trip to Devon.  

It was refreshing to see that Burnet Morris had correctly recognised all the Windeatt variants and the section is headed:

WINDEATT including WINGAT(E) Wingett Wingyett Wynegate Windigat Windit Onyot Wyndiett Wyndeyate Wyndyett Wyndyate Wyndyeate Wyndeyate

and so I didn't have to do complicated multiple searches.  But it was a bit disturbing to find that he had listed ONYOT as a variant as well.  This was one I had not thought of before.  The only strays that he may have missed are WINDOUT and WIND?  which could also be variants of the separate surname: Wincott or Winicott but which I have included in a second list below because they could also be variants or misspellings of WINDEATT. 

The records are, however, only an index and almost every entry requires further investigation in the original source or cross referenced record.  Unfortunately, I didn't have time to do this second searching except in a few cases.  

Link: Devon Local Studies Service website.

Index for WINDEATT (and variants)

Listed in order of first name as in the original and transcribed as was.  Some events were recorded on more than one card and so have been transcribed more than once here.

Card Surname First Name Date Details Reference
1 WINDEATT - - Common name at Widecombe D&c Rec. Soc. 
Widecombe p.viii
2 WINDEAT - - Non-con Minister at Totnes New Meeting see James MANNING Discourse
3 WINDEATT - - Family (Totnes) N&Q 95 T & 176
4 WINDEATT - - (Totnes) see Thos HAKEWILL
5 WYNDAT - 1568 St. Mary Major bapt TDA,68, 294
6 WINDEATT - 1582 Exeter St. Sidwell marriage to DOLLEN TDA,68, 294
7 WINDITT - 1602 Exeter St. Petrock burial TDA, 68, 294
8 WINDEATT - 18?52 ?utterwalks, Dartmouth ?utteris Guide, 1852, p.41
9 WINDYET Annis 1600 nee HARRIS  see John W
10 WINDEATT Agnes 1740 see her father Tho W
11 WINDEATT Alex 1615 see will of Richard HAMLYN
12 WINDEATT Alexander 1616 see will of Richard HAMLYN
13 WYNDYEATE Annise 1538 Afterwards Annise SAUNDER ?GV
14 WINDYEAT Anne 1528 ?Sifdon Manor Tenant See John Peter 1628
15 WINGATE Catherine Leslie - Wife of Gen. Sir Frances Reginald W, 
[See details below]
Who's Who
16 WINDYETT Anthony 1650 witness see will of Mary WHERY, Plymouth
17 WINGATE Catherine Leslie Wife of Francis R. W. see Cath. L. RUNDLE
18 WINGATE Charles Edwin 1934 [See cutting below] Western Morning News 19th June 1934
19 WINDEAT Christopher 1619 of Pound Gate Widecombe burials June 18 1619
20 WINDEATT Christian 1740 see her father Tho. W.
21 WINDEATT Christopher 1625 a witness see will of John BICKFORD, Rattery
22 WINDITT Edward 1583 Servant to Richard COLLINS, cutler without the South Gate of Exeter Hist MSS Com. Exeter, p.57
23 WINDEATT Edward 1846-1921 [There are scores of references to Edward WINDEATT of Totnes and I will transcribe these onto a separate page.] Link to Totnes tree
24 WYNDEAT Elizabeth 1571 see will of Peter TROES, Crediton
25 WINDYEAT Elizabeth 1624 Ughborough, Widow of Thos W see John W 1624
26 WINDYEAT Frances 1835 Totnes, Spinster.  [This is Aunt Amery] see John W
27 WINDEATT Francis Knowles 1901 [There are five references for Francis Knowles WINDEATT of Totnes and I will transcribe these on a separate page.] Link to Totnes tree
28 WINGATE Francis Philip 1844 Stonehouse, solicitor see his wife Letitia W, d. 1844
29 WINGATE Francis Reginald see Cath. L. W.
30 WINDEAT Jeffrey 1630 Yeoman - a witness see will of Geoffrey BICKFORD, Rattery
31 WINDEATT Jeffrey 1539 Dean Prior, Yeoman see Lucy MARTIN, Administration
32 WYNDEATE George 1543 Ashburton see John CORN??? 1543
33 WYNDEATT George 1547 (witness) see Will of Richard W 1547
34 WYNDETT George 1561 Exeter  ??? quarter D & C N & Q 19/149
35 WINDIT George 1581 (Exeter) [Link to full transcription] TDA 1921, p.60
36 WINDYET George Berry Pom. baptisms See Rog Granville Abstracts, p.92
37 WINGETT Geo. 1799 bapt.  East Teignmouth
38 WINDEATT Geo. 1818 my son-in-law (his wife Susannah) See will from HAMLYN, William, St. Nicholas 1819
30 WINDEATT George Edgcombe 1880-1962 [There are nine references for George Edgcombe WINDEATT of Totnes and I will transcribe these on a separate page.] Link to Totnes tree
31 WINDEATT Geo. Henry d.1937 [See cutting below] The Times, 14 Dec 1937
32 WINDYET Grace 1600 Berry Pom. burials see Roger Granville Abstracts, p.91
33 WYNDYEATE Henry 1538 South Brent deed see his daughter Annise SAUNDER
34 WYNDYATE Henry 1550 see Henry PECKHAM
35 WINDEATT Henry 1634 see his wife Joan W
36 WINGATE Henry Morris 1939 [See cutting below] West. M. News, 15 Dec. 1939
37 WINDEATT James Cyprian 1862 Yeoman, North Bovey see will of Joseph Clampit LOVEYS, Kenn
38 WYNDEATT Joan 1547 (wife) See will of Richard W 1547
39 WYNDIETT Joan 1630 (16?99) See Wolborough (parish lands)
40 WINDEATE Joan 1634 Wife of Henry W. See will of Nich JACKSON
41 WYNDEYETE Joel 1422 the elder, his executors J.W. the younger and Margery, wife of Gervase FRENSSHE see John OLYVER 1422
42 WYNDEYETE Joel 1422 the younger see J.W. the elder
43 WINDEATT John 1428 ?bagtos? TDA 44/319
44 WYNDEAT Joh. 1428 ?Ragetor? see ?Doh Forde? 1428
45 WYNDEYATE John 1449 ?, (Chaplain)  Instituted rector of Hemyock 29th April 1449, patron Sir John DYNHAM, Knight
46 WYNDEGATTE John 1458 ?note? Vicar of Okehampton (not reference quoted)  E.H. Young, p.50
47 WYNDEATE John 1458 Vicar of Okehampton, died before 19 January 1458 Oliver, ?Mon?, 155
48 WYNDEYEATE John 1533 of Grendon a ? of Chafford, (?curate) TDA (2,242)
49 WYNDEATT John 1547 (witness) See will of Richard W 1547
50 WYNDYATE John 1558 Bere in Buckeland yn the more ? ? and sale to Peter W his youngest son - lands called Bowdon (East, West and B/ Woods) in Buckland aforesaid. J.C. Tinfly, Cal. Exeter Castle, MW ff 14809
51 WYNDYATT John 1578 Tenant at Ugborough  see Joh ALMAN
52 WINDIT John 1581 see Geo. W
53 WINDYET John 1600 and Wilmott Penny, Berry Pom marriage see Roger GRANVILLE Abstracts p.91
54 WYNDYETT John 1606 (Wolborough)  see Robert HAYMAN`
56 WYNDYETT John 1622 Goodson of John HELE, Cornwood ?GK
57 WINDYEAT John 1624 Owleigh in Ugborough, deceased see his grandson John W, 1624
58 WINDYEAT John 1624 Ugborough, husbandman See Note below
59 WINDEATE John 1639 a witness see will of Tho. HAMLYN, Widecombe
60 WINDEATT John 1882 freeman, Totnes TDA 34/709
61 WINDEATT John 1818 an elector, Totnes TDA 34/709
62 WINDEATT John c.1820 Kingsbridge see Wm DUNCOMBE
63 WINDEATT John 1835 See Note below Totnes Charities, 1913, p.40
64 WINDEATT John 1858 Totnes - the late
see his dau's MRS Richard KING and Mrs. Harriet COLLIER, d.1853
Gent. Mag 1853, II, 213
65 WINDEATT John 1856 d. 1856 Jan 17 at Ashburton, aged 74
Late of Bridgetown, Totnes
Gent. Mag. 1856/434
66 WINDEATT John Knowles 1937 see Press Cutting West. Morn. News,  1/9/1937
67 WINDEATT John Knowles 1940 see Press Cutting The Times, 
3 Jan 1940, p.9 
68 WINDEATT John Knowles 1940 see Press Cutting West. Morn. News, 
10 Jan 1940.
69 WINGATE Letitia 1844 d. 1844, June 29 aged 31 and Vale Holm near Plympton.  Wife of Francis Philip W of Stonehouse, solicitor, and dau of Capt. A. SUTHERLAND late 5th RVB Gent. Mag. 1844, II, 219
70 WINDEATT Lily 1939 d. 1939 see Press Cutting West. Morn. News,  30 Jan 1939
71 WINGATE Malcolm ? see Cath. L. RUNDLE
72 WYNDYETE Margery  1340 See her husband Peter de W
73 WINDIAT Marye? 1660 Dartmouth, presented for ? D&CN&Q XV1 177
74 WINDEATT Mary 1740 See her father Tho. W.
75 WINDEATT Mary 1811-1873 (resided at Totnes) Biog Note. See W.H.K. Wright, West Country Poets
76 WINDEATT Mary 1860 The Legend of Totnes Castle (verse).  Contributed to the "Totnes Punch" 8 Aug 1860 (Mr. Edward Windeatt has a copy.) "Totnes Punch" 8 Aug 1860
77 WINGATE Mary Emma ?1933 née ?Bay/Gay, Heather Villa, Romphlett Road, Plymstock.  Mr. W.H. Pinkstone
78 WINGATE Mary Isabel 1932 See Lionel S. WIDDICOMBE
79 WINDEATE Mathew 1607 of Dunnabridge ?MG3? Widecombe Burials
80 WINGYETT Mathew 1796 see John WATKINS
81 WINDEATT Milford John 1808 Account of the town of Totnes Monthly Magazine 1808, pp.309-312
82 WINDEATT Milford jun. 1808 (of Bridgetown) An account of the town of Totnes in Devonshire Monthly Magazine, Nov 1, 1808 see TDA 32/107-8
83 WINDEATT Milford, jun. 1808 Account of the Town of Totnes. 'Monthly Magazine' 1808 (double columns) pp.309-312 (dated from Bridgetown) 1808 Exeter City Library
Devon Pamphlets Vol 10
84 WINGAT Nantaell 1587 Ugborough D&CN&Q XIV 137
85 WINDIET Oliver 1601 (Olifer in LSL transcription) a witness see Will of Thos JACKSON of HOLE
86 WYNDYATE Peter de 1340 wife Margery.  Holecombe Rogus.   Dev. Feet of Fines no 1306
87 WYNDYATE Peter 1558 youngest son of John W.  ?G.V.
88 WYNDIATT Peter 1591 wife Richard
see will of John ROWE the elder of Kyngston  1593 Oct.
MOGER Transcripts
See Note below
89 WINDEATE Peter 1598 27 May 1598, p.27
See Note below
J.H.R. Moulton Cat. 1930, p.195
90 WINDEAT Peter 1608 ?bishop's transcript of Aveton Gifford parish ? see Rog. Granville abstracts, p.147
91 WINDEAT Peter 1643/4 Dartington Devon.  PCC Adminstration.  Brit. Rec. Soc.
92 WINDEATT Richard 1548 (of Ashburton) Will proved Worthy, Devon Wills, p.158
93 WINDETT Richard 1666 a witness see will of Edmund WHITEWAY, Staverton 1667
94 WINDEAT Richard 1670 Okehampton.  Signs petition to Lord ?Mohun to select a M.P. for Borough Dec. 18 1676 Copy in 'Court of Records' book.
95 WINGETT Richard 1684 a witness see will of W.H.WHITEWAY the Younger, Staverton
96 WINDEAT Richard, juni(?) 1699 Okehampton.  Constable. Elected Oct. 4 1699.    Richard WINDEAT Junr Book in Town Chest.
97 WINDIATT Richard 1701 Okehampton.  Junior - mercer see will of Benjamin GAYER
98 WINDEATT Richard 1712 Okehampton.  Church Warden appointed Oct. 6 1712. Book in Town Chest.
99 WINDYATT Richard 1713 Mercer & Ruth his wife. (Okehampton) see will of Margery GAYER 
100 WINDIETT Richard 1715 see Samuel SHEBBER
101 WINDIEAT Richarde 1733 Okehampton see Susanna BOARDMAN
102 WINDIATT Richard 1737 wife Sarah see will of Elizabeth WOLSTON Torbryan
103 WINGETT Richard Squire 1937 d. 1937 see Press Cutting below West. Morn. News, 
104 WYNGATE Robert de 1266 a bailiff of Amiera, Countess of Devon Pat Rolls, p.624
105 WYNDIATT Richard 1591 husband Peter see her husband Peter W. 1591
106 ONYOT Robert 1327 son of Walter O. & others action against Nicolas de la Pole about land in Tiverton Index to ?de Banco? Rolls
107 WYNEATE Robert 1569 Ashburton.  see George HUCKMORE
108 WINGATE Ronald see Cath. L. RUNDLE
109 WINDEATT Samuel 1779 The younger. Great grandfather of Edward W. Freeman-Totnes TDA 34/706
110 WINDEATT Samuel 1801 Totnes see Miles CRIPP
111 WINDEATT Sarah 1737 See her husband Rich W. see Richard WINDEATT
112 WINDETT Sarah 1845 Miss.  d. lately at Bridgetown, Totnes aged 77 - sister of late Rev Tho. White W. Gent Mag 1845/329
113 WINDIET Susannah 1733   see S. GOODMAN
114 WINDEATT Susannah 1818 "My dau, & her children" (her husband Geo. W).   see will of Wm. Hamlyn, St. Nicholas 1819
115 WYNDEATT Thos 1547 (witness) see will of Richard W. 1547
116 WINDEATT T.R.A. 1935 WINDEATT - On ?Dec. 30, 1934, to the wife of T.R.A. Windeatt of Bata Dua, Batu Gajah Peak, Malaya - a daughter  Times, 2 Jany 193
117 WYNDITT Tho. 1555 Buckfastleigh see John CLYFF
118 WINDYET THO 1596 Berry Pom. baptisms see Roger Granville - abstracts, p.85
119 WINDYEAT Thos. 1624 see the widow Elizabeth W. 1624  
120 WINDEATT Tho. 1659 Meavy will  RCC
121 WINDEATT Tho. 1740 his children Jonathan, Agnes, Christian, Mary see will of Wm. Oliver, Tavistock, 1741
122 WINDEATT Tho. 1753 Tavistock, Fellmonger, Widower & Eliz. BRABANT  under Topsham marriages
123 WINDEATT Tho. 1780 Tavistock overseer  
124 WINDEATT Thomas 1801 Totnes s see Miles CRIPP (or GRIFF)
125 WINDEATT T. 1818 Totnes - an elector TDA 37/404
126 WINDEATT Tho. 1850 esq. d. July 4 aged 78 at Tavistock Gent. Mag. 1850 II 226
127 WINDEATT Thomas 1800 (c.1800-1874) Woollen manufacturer of Tavistock.  Biog. note.  Trans. Devon. Assoc. 1874. p.372
128 WINDEATT Thomas d. 1874 The Rainfall at Tavistock 1838-39 Rep. Roy. Inst. of Corn - 1839, p,74
129 WINDEATT Thomas White, Rev 1769 (1769-1827) born at Totnes. Pseudonuym "Albus".  Biog. Note see W.H.K.Wright, West Country Poets.
130 WINDEATT T.W. b.1769 Contributor (as "Albus") to Christian Guardian Magazine 1809-1814  
131 WINDEATT Thos White b.1769 Pastor of Totnes Congregational Chapel (1805-1827)  Short Poems. Crediton. n.d. (Luxmore)  
132 WINDEATT Thomas White c.1845- 1903 (solicitor of Totnes) Biog. Note. Trans Devon Assoc. 1903, p.43
133 WINDEATT Tho White Rev. 1845 "the late" see his sister Sarah W. d. 1845
134 WINDEATT Thomas White d. 1903 Churchwarden at Totnes see Exeter Dioc. Gazette, 1903, p.114
135 WINDEATT T.W. 1896 John Knowles, F.R.S. Trans Devon Assoc. 1896 p.338
136 WINDEATT T.W.   The Landing of the Prince of Orange at Brixham  
137 WINDEATT T.W.   The Landing of the Prince of Orange at Brixham 1688 see F. J. Snell's 'Memorials of Old Devonshire'.
138 WINDEATT T.W. 1900 Notes on Tones Trained Bands and Volunteers TDA 1900 p.93
139 WINDIET Tho White Rev. 1818 Totnes.  Trustee of Trinitarian Chapel at South Brent see will of Mary HAMLYN of Ashburton
140 WINDEATT T.W. 1881 The Prince of Orange in Exeter, 1688 Trans Dev. Assoc. 1881, p.173
141 WINDEATT T.W. 1893 Wills, the Australian Explorer Trans. Devon. Assoc. 1893, p.389
142 WINDEATT Tho White 1810 (grandfather of Edward W)  Freeman Totnes T.D.A. 34/709
143 WINDEATT Vera 1938 marriage notice see Stanley SKIGGS
145 WINGATE W. Rev. (editor)   see note below Henry S. Eland.  Lux in Tenebris or Thoughts for the Deceased.  Elliot Stock, 62 Paternoster Row, E.C.
146 WINGATE W. Rev 1892 see note below Dev & Ext Inst ? Tracts Vol. 148
147 WINDEATT W d.1865 NNF aged 57 at Totnes - solicitor Gent. Mag. 1865 II 802
148 ONYOT Walter 1327 son Robert see his son Robert O, 1327
149 WINGET Wilfred Ninian 1935 Mr. W. N. WINGET, Kingskerswell, d.1935
see note below
West. M. News. 3 April 1935, p.4.
150 WINDEYATE Wm. 1510 a ?jurate? at Chafford TDA 62 237
151 WINGET William   See photocopy  
152 WINGET W.n. 1927 (artist) Topical cartoons, reprinted from the Torquay Directory  
153 WINGET W.N. 1930 (Torquay directory) Collection of local pictures.  see .A.C.Ellis
154 WINDIGAT Wm   his daughter Edith W married John SAPCOTT  
155 WINDEATT Wm   Fursdon Collection  
156 WINGET Wm   (Torquay) H.R. Watkin (Mann p. 137)  
157 WINGETT Wm 1918 (Torquay) see TDA 1918 p.317
158 WINGETT Wm   Old Torquay [contributed to "Torquay Directory"]  
159 WINDEATT Wm Fabyan 1829 (father of Edward W) a freeman of Totnes TDA 34/710
160 WINDEATT Wm Fabyan 1835 Totnes  see John W
161 WINDEATT Wm Fabyan 1841 See Note below Totnes Charter 1913 pp.40-41
162 WINGATE William H.F. 1935 Marriage - see note below Times 12 Feb 1935
163 WINDEATT Wm James d.1938 On August 15th, William James, beloved husband of the late Frances Sarah aged 81.  West M. News 16/08/1938
164 WYNDEGRYNDE John 1412 (rector of Holdsworthy) admitted 1412 Aug 18  
165 WILLIAM  Wm. James d. 1938 See obituary on page dedicated to William James WINDEATT of the Staverton tree. West M. News 16 Aug 1938, p.4
166 WINDYET Willmott 1600 née PENNY see John W 1600


Card Surname First Name Date Details Reference
1 WINDOUT     Family.  See R. Burnet Morris. Note on WINDOUT  
2 WYNDOUT Adam 1375 & Wm. W. Chaplain. Pardon of our lady in respas case by Wm TILLE Cal. Pat. Rolls p.184
3 WYNDOUT Alice 1425   see her husband John W
4 WYNDOUTE Joan   155 TDA
5 WYNDOUTE John   M.P. TAVISTOCK 149, 155 TDA 71
6 WENDOUT John  1360 a witness Tavistock land  see Mrs. COULS(A), 1360
7 WENDOUT,  John 1366 a witness - Tavistock land see Luke WYNDYSHORE 1366
8 WENDOUT John 1370 Tavistock - a burger see Stephen LANGDON 1370
9 WENDOUT John 1370 a burgess of Tavistock D&C N&Q XIV 114
10 WYNDOUTE John 1378 M.P. Tavistock 1386 R.N. Worth Cal. p.125
11 WENDOUTE John 1382 a witness - Tavistock land see Rich. LANSKAREFORDE
12 WYNDOUT John 1386 a witness - Tavistock land see John HYLLE 1386
13 WYNDOUT John 1404 Rector Black Torrington 1404-5 ?visit to Exeter St. Mary Steps until 1410.  B. J. Cresswell, Exeter Churches, p.125
14 WINDOWE John 1413 Tavistock -  see John CAKE 1413
see Rich. GYLKIN 1413
15 WYNDOUT John   wife Alice see their daughter Joan JULKY  TDA 69/264
16 WYNDOUT John 1475 wife Alice.  Tavistock Obits.  
"John Wyndout & Alice his wife annually"
R.N.Worth Cal. p.9
17 WYNDOUT John 1470 "John WYNDOWTE & Joan his wife R.N.Worth Cal. p.12
18 WYNDOUT Robert c.1370 Exeter Exeter MSS no 72 murages roll
19 WYNDOUT Thos   (Tavistock-monk)  Roggis: History of Dio. 275
20 WYNDOUT Wm 1375 Chaplain see Adam W


Colour Coding

Where a record is believed to relate to a person on a particular tree (see Trees page for a brief explanation of each tree) then the record has been shaded as follows:

lavender Torquay  lavender



15. WINGATE, Catherine Leslie Wife of Gen. Sir Frances Reginald Wingate 
"dau of Joseph Spark Hall RUNDLE, DDE, 1920, Lady of Grace, Or. John of Jerusalem ?Cranb, Gordon, ? Order of St. Kemal, Coronation Medial 1911"  No date given but most of these WINDEATT cards seem to have been written in the late 1930s.  I have always assumed that these rather illustrious WINGATEs were not from Devon but perhaps Burnet-Morris knew something I don't?
16. WINGATE, Charles Edwin Newspaper Clipping: 
WINGATE - June 18th, at Pennycomquick Pharmacy, Plymouth.  Charles Edwin, beloved husband of the late Lucy and devoted father of Byron (deceased), Lilian and Dorothy, and father-in-law of Neville.  Funereal Thursday Two p.m. Old Cemetery.  Friends please accept this (the only) invitation.
31. WINDEATT, Geo. Henry, d. 1837
"WINDEATT - On Dec 12, 1937, after a short illness, George Henry WINDEATT of 6 Lloyd's Avenue, E.C. Funderal 2 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 16 at Woodgrange Cemetery Manor Park, E. Friends please accept this the only invitation. - Times 14 Dec. 1937.
36. WINGATE, Henry Morris, 1939, Newspaper Clipping:
WINGATE-DONOVAN:  On December 14th, 1939 at St. Edmund's Church Kingsbridge by Rev. G.E.E Porter.  Henry Morris WINGATE, son of Mr. & Mrs. H. M. Wingate Hazelmere, Kingsbridge to Prothesa Goodyear DONOVAN, youngest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. H. DONOVAN of Fore street, Kingsbridge. - Western Morning News 15th Dec. 1939
58. WINDYEAT, John, 1624, Ugborough, husbandman
?bargain? & Sale to Walter STIDSON of South Brent, yeoman, messuage in OWLEIGH al. OWLEY in Ugborough late in the name of John W. deceased, grandfather of vendor - ? messuage here ? Elizabeth Widow of Thomas W ?Lavells? messuage late erected? Audiere? BURT wherein ?....? in Ugborough. - J.C. Tinfly, Cal. Exeter Castle M&S ff, 5-6
OWLEY can be found due north of Ugborough but nearer and south west of South Brent on the linked map above.
63. WINDEATT, John, 1835
Indentures of lease and release WINDEATT and William Doidge TAUNTON(s), Wm Fabyan W of Totnes and Frances W of Totnes, Spinster (2), Peter Fabyan SPARKE of Ashburton (3) on 18 and 19 Feb 1835, Totnes Chapel or High Meeting House (Congregationalists) pastor Rev. Wm TARBOTTON, the following forms part of the Totnes Grammar School Buildings.
66.  WINDEATT, J. K. 1937
The engagement is announced between John Knowles WINDEATT, the Devonshire Regiment, only son of Lieutenant-Colonel and Mrs. F. K. Windeatt of Elmfield, Totnes, South Devon and Eileen GILBEY (Tommy), elder daughter of the late E. M. DOWSON and of Mrs. DOWSON, of Old Church House, Silverton, Devon.
67. WINDEATT, J. K. 1940
The marriage is announced between John Knowles WINDEATT, the Devonshire Regiment, only son of Lieutenant-Colonel and Mrs. F. K. Windeatt of Elmfield, Totnes, South Devon and Eileen GILBEY (Tommy), elder daughter of the late E. M. DOWSON and of Mrs. DOWSON, of Old Church House, Silverton, Devon at 2 o'clock at St. Mary's Church, Silverton, Devon. 
70. WINDEATT, Lily, d. 1939
WINDEATT - January 27th at an Exeter Nursing Home, Lily, beloved wife of William WINDEATT, Beauworth, and late of Sloncombe, Mortonhampstead.  Funeral tomorrow (Tuesday), January 31st 2.30.  Friends please accept this the only invitation.
88. WYNDIATT, Peter, 1591
Wife Richard
" . . . And whereas I stand seysed of one tenemente with the appurtenances and dyvers lands and grounds thereunto belonginge in Buckland in the Moore in the countie aforeseyd for the terms of the lyve of a Peter WYNDYATT and Richard his wyff, and stands also possessed of a terme of one and twentye years after their decease of the seyd tente, my will ys that all the benefytt and profyett ryaynge[sic] and growing of there moyte there of shalbe to the use of my sister Johan ROWE so longe as she shall lyve . . . etc." - Will of John ROWE, the elder of Kyngston, 1593 Oct. Moger Transcripts.
 89. WINDEATE, Peter 1598
Injunction of the court of chancery addressed to Peter WYNDEATE, clerk, rector of Avetongifford Ambrose ELLYOTT and John ELLEY: farmers of the said Peter, in a suit brought against them by Roger COSTARD, patron of the said rectory who has shown in his petition that although Peter WYNDEATE at the time of his presentation to the said rectory had notice of a lease thereof made by the former incumbent, which still had several years to run, and has accepted the rent reserved thereby (namely 40L a year) yet he and his farmers have attempted divers suits in the Episcopal court of Exeter against many of the parishioners of Avetongifford for their tithes; the injunction forbids the defendants to proceed with more than two such suits (to be chosen by themselves) until those two are finished and determined.  Seal missing.  Endorsed: By the Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England (singed) Tho: Egerton C.S. - 27 May 1598, p.27. J.H.R. Moulton Cat. 1930, p.195
103. WINGETT, Richard Squire, d.1937
WINGETT - June 14th, at 7 Priory Avenue Totnes, Richard Squire, beloved husband of Ellen WINGETT, aged 75 years.  Funeral today (Wednesday) leaving the house 2.15 p.m. for Totnes Methodist Church and Dartington Churchyard. - W.M. News, 16/01/37
145. WINGATE, W. Rev. (Editor) ?
Lux in Tenebris
Thoughts for the Deceased
originally compiled for the use
now dedicated to the memory
Charles Herbert HICKS
Captain in the 2nd Bath Lancashire fusiliers
Who fell at Speon Kop
the 24th of January A.D. 1900
edited by
The Rev. W. Wingate, M.A.
Rector of St. John's Cornwell
Late Chaplain to H.M.'s Indian Forces at ?Deolate
Elliot Stock, 62 Paternoster Row, E.C.
Henry S. Eland
Title one leaf (with quotation on the verso), Title page of the original.
146. WINGATE, W. Rev.
Manuscript Collection [compiled by Miss Elizabeth Marriott, dated The Close, Exeter, June 1892] One leaf.  Introduction, pp(5)-7, Notice to the Rector p.(8), Text pp (9)-56, Imprint James Townsend & Son. Printers, Little Queen St. Exeter, 2 & 3, Stonecutter Street, London, E.C. 185 & 135 mm.  - Dev & Ext Inst ? Tracts Vol. 148
149.  WINGET, Wilfred Ninian, D.1935
 "Mr. Wilfred Ninian WINGET of Chota Garb, Southey Lane, Kingskerswell, Devon, who died on February 7 last, left estate of the gross value of £2,457, with net personalty £59.  Probate has been granted to his widow, Mrs. Annie WINGET, of the above address, the sole executrix." - West. M. News. 3 April 1935, p.4.
161. WINDEATT, Wm Fabyan, 1841
June Indentures ? and Release 10 & 11 1841 WFW and Henry CRIDLAND the younger and James TREHANE (1), Peter Fabyan SPARKE of Ashburton (2) & WFW and others (3) & land for new chapel - boundary Res Joab CROSSLY, Mr. THOMPSON, surgeon, trustees (1911) Totnes Independent Chapel & schools Thomas HEATH, Samuel Edin BURROW, Richard SOUL, Edward WINDEATT & Frederick Edmund ROWDEN appointed in 1882. - Totnes Charter 1913 pp.40-41
162. WINGATE-WATTS [clipping]
"On Feb 7, 1935, at Wolborough Parish Church by the Right Rev. the Bishop of Crediton, assisted by teh Rev. C.A.W. Russell, M.A., R.D. Rector & the Rev H.R. Evans, M.A., M.C. William Harold Fenton WINGATE, Royal Artillery, elder son of Brg-Gen. H.F. WINGATE D.S.O. & Mrs. WINGATE of Exmouth to Ella Dorothea Bonsall WATTS elder daughter of Mr. W.J.V. Watts, J.P. & Mrs. atts of "The Firs", Newton Abbot, Devon.- Times 12 Feb 1935


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