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Ann & Henry Wingate, stealing, 1864

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Again we don't know who these two are.  However, the fact that she gave a false reference from Somerset does suggest that they may be of West Country origin.  And are they brother and sister?  Or husband and wife? 

Police Notices and Court Appearances

Ann WINGATE, 26, for stealing  and Henry WINGATE, 25, for receiving

"Ann Wingate, 26, and Henry WINGATE, 25, were severally indicted - the said Ann WINGATE for stealing two sheets, five table cloths , and other articles, value 20l., the property of John BOLDERO, her master; and Henry WINGATE for receiving the same, well knowing them to have been stolen. 

There was a second indictment against Ann WINGATE for stealing two towels and other articles, the property of Harriet MARKHAM.

Mr. H. PALMER prosecuted, instructed by Mr. Warren; the prisoners were undefended.

The prosecutor is a member of the firm of Spencer, Turner, and Boldero, carrying on an extensive business as general drapers in Lisson-grove, his private residence being at Hamilton-terrace, St. John's-wood.  The female prisoner was in the service of the prosecutor, and entered it on the 5th November, 1863, by means of a false character.  She commenced a system of robbery almost as soon as she got there, as the first pawn ticket was dated the 9th of November.  She had been in his employ but a very short time before property of various descriptions began to be missed, and the prosecutor wrote to the police authorities at Taunton to make inquiries as to the person who had given the female prisoner a character, and also as to the antecedents of the prisoner.

An intelligent officer was set to watch the prosecutor's premises, and eventually the female prisoner was given into his custody by the prosecutor, when she admitted having stolen two pairs of sheets and two pairs of boots.  Having taken her to the station house the prosecutor and the officer proceeded to the lodging of the male prisoner, who at first denied having anything belonging to the prosecutor, or pawn tickets relating to his property, but eventually handed over 18 pawn tickets, mostly referring to property which was identified as belonging to him by the prosecutor.  Several other duplicates relating to similar property was found in the room.  The prisoners were then taken into custody.

The jury found both the prisoners Guilty.

Henry Wrench Nash, police-constable 268S,  said the male prisoner was a deserter from the 1st Dragoon Guards, and the woman had been in the service of a gentleman at No. 10, Marlborough-road, St. John's wood.  While so engaged she stole two checks from a check-book.

Mr. PALMER said the person who had given the false character . . .."  (to be continued). 

- The Times, 6th January, 1864, page 9, col d.


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