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Eliza Wingate, washerwoman, stealing, 1860

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This is a sad story.  I wonder who 'the pauper' was?  Perhaps her father?  An inspection of the workhouse records for the 1861 census might be revealing.

Police Notices and Court Appearances

"At the Middlesex Sessions, November 20, before the Assistant-Judge, Eliza WINGATE "was Convicted of having stolen a counterpane and other articles, the property of Mary Ann BUCKLAND, her employer.

An old man, a pauper inmate of Chelsea Workhouse, got into the box, and said he had brought four children of the prisoner's to the court.

The Assistant-Judge asked what that was for?

The Pauper. - To give them up to her if she had no sentence.

The Assistant-Judge - And, if she had no sentence, what will become of them?  Suppose she has no home.

The Pauper. - I shall take them back; that's my orders.

The Assistant-Judge said, - I can hardly think that the parish authorities of Chelsea would sanction such a proceeding as this, and you (to the pauper) see that those four children you have with you are properly and safely conveyed back to the workhouse.

The pauper (in tears) said he would see to that.

The prisoner was sentenced to six months' hard labour."

- The Times, 14th August, 1860, page 10, col f

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