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WINGEATTs in Court

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For a long time I thought that the WINDGEATs in all their variants had  been reasonably well-behaved  This was because I had found little evidence of any wrong-doing.  But gradually more and more reports have surfaced with people being accused of everything from murder to petty theft.  They also turn up quite often as witnesses or plaintiffs.  And, they appear to have brought quite a lot of civil actions too (the details of which have yet to be purchased). 

The richer branch of WINDEATTs seem to have been quite litigious and at some point must have decided it was worth their while to DIY because from the mid-nineteenth century onwards quite a few of them became solicitors and founded a law firm which still exists although now bereft of any descendants (see Windeatts Solicitors) .

Also included in the list below are some WINGATEs in London who are probably of separate origin.

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OTHER CASES - Index only

These cases are listed in the Catalogue of the National Archives but we don't know any more about them.  It requires a visit to Kew or to the DRO or the purchase of online or photocopied documents.


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