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John Wingett/Wingate, Highway Robbery, 1816

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Police Notices and Court Appearances

On Tuesday evening, John Wingett was brought before Wm. Fielding, Esq., in the custody of Cobham, charged by a gentleman named Spencer Marquis with putting him in bodily fear on the King's highway, and stealing from his person three 5l. Bank of England notes.  Mr. Marquis said he was walking by the Queen's garden-wall, Pimlico, about half-past seven o'clock the same evening, with three 5l notes in his hands, he had been looking at them, and was on the point of returning them to his pocket, when the prisoner came up to him; he struck him violently in the face, which cut his lips, bruised his face very much, and made him reel against the wall : the prisoner snatched the notes out of his hand except the corners, which he left in his hand : as soon as he recovered himself, he saw the prisoner running very fast; he called out thief and murder, and two labourers who were returning from their employ directly pursued him, and secured him.  The labourers said, that they saw the prisoner throw some papers in to the area of Mr. Leure's house; the officer went to the house, and Mr. Leure produced them at the office; the corners of them were torn off, they were also marked on the backs of them by Mr. Marquis, and he swore that they were his property.  The prisoner  was committed till Friday next for re-examination, when the parties were ordered to attend.

- The Times, 18th July 1816, page 3 col d

John WINGATE, charged by Spencer MARQUIS with robbing him of three banknotes of 5l. each, underwent a second examination.  Remanded.

- The Times, 20th July 1816, page 3 col d.

Note the differences in the spelling of the surname!  We don't know who this is - nor the outcome of the trial.


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