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Mary Ann WINDEATT - Disorderly Conduct - 1837

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Mary Ann WINDEATT convicted for disorderly conduct

A Mary Ann WINDEATT was convicted for disorderly conduct in a workhouse on October 16th 1837 according to the Devon Quarter Sessions transcription.  It was her fifth offence and she was imprisoned for 21 days.

Who was this Mary Ann? 

A possible candidates is Mary Ann (previously FROOM) who was married to John WINDEATT in 1830.  A couple of months after the date of this report, our Mary Ann lost a son to measles.  [More . . .].  She went on to have lots more children and ran an eating house - so it seems unlikely that she was also the lady in the workhouse.  However, it is not impossible - she might have been an alcoholic who later reformed when they moved down to Teignmouth and opened the Temperance restaurant. 

Who else might it be?

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