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Mr. WINGETT, Wrexham, Alleged Perjury, 1859

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At Chester assizes, an action was brought by Mr. WINGETT, late of the Cross Keys, Wrexham, against Mr. DUNN, mine inspector, Adqy's, Clawdd, near Wrexham, whereby plaintiff sought to recover from Mr. DUNN the value of 80 shares in the North Miners Lead Mine, which shares plaintiff alleged defendant agreed to transfer to him on the 2nd Aug. 1858, and for which he further alleged he paid defendant 10 on the 16th June, 1858.  The North Wales Chronicle (Bangor, Wales), Saturday, August 20, 1859; Issue 1689e case for plaintiff was entirely denied by defendant and his witnesses, and a verdict was ordered for defendant.  Immediately after the verdict was recorded, Sir. A.G.C. COCKBURN ordered plaintiff to be taken into custody, and signed a warrant, committing plaintiff to the Governor of Chester Castle on a charge of having committed wilful and corrupt perjury, as a witness in the above cause, and defendant was bound over to prosecute - WINGETT being admitted to bail.

- North Wales Chronicle (Bangor, Wales), Saturday, August 20, 1859; Issue 1689


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