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Mrs Windeatt, Complainant, 1856

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This lady is undoubtedly the Maria WINDEATT who was previously recorded in the 1851 census, living at Manor Place, Dawlish with her son William Henry WINDEATT and her mother Sarah DAVEY.  She is recorded as being 'married' but her husband is not living at the same address. 




A young man of respectable appearance, named Henry CRUPP, was brought up on Thursday at the Town Hall, before the Rev. W. PALK, and charged with attempting to pick the pocket of Mrs. WINDEATT, a fat nurse.  Mr. FRYER appeared for the defendant.  It appeared that on the day previous the complainant took a ticket at the Dawlish station for Starcross, and she alleged that on getting into the carriage the defendant pulled her dress and her pocket.  The defendant, who is respectably connected, and fills a responsible post in a well-known London establishment, said he could produced abundant evidence as to character.  The idea of his picking pockets was preposterous.  The fact was - the lady was very stout - she had a wet umbrella, and he merely pushed her from him, as he did not wish to catch the dripping.  It being quite evident that Nurse WINDEATT had made a slight mistake, the case was immediately dismissed.

- Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser (Exeter, England), Thursday, August 28, 1856; Issue 4716.


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