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- Windeatt, evasion of toll, 1855

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This is probably the John WINDEATT who farmed 130 acres at Higher Luckdon Farm, North Bovey according to the 1851 census.  He was aged 45 in 1851 and was living there with his wife, six children and three servants (one house servant and two agricultural labourers).


Before the H. HOOPER, Esq., and the Mayor

- WINDEAT, a farmer residing at North Bovey was summoned by the collector at the Red-cow turnpike-gate for evasion of toll on Friday 17th.  On that day, it appeared, the defendant had driven 40 sheep towards the city, the driver in attendance stating that they were only being "changed" - in which case, unless the distance of road travelled over exceeds two miles, no toll is charged.  It had pleased the collector, however, to keep his eye upon the flock and on proceeding in the course of the forenoon to the cattle-market, he there discovered them penned with the rest of the stock - thereby rendering them liable to a toll of 1s., at the rate of 6d. per score, and their owner to the present charge of evading the same.  The defendant's statement was that the sheep were on their way from pasture in the neighbourhood of Cowley Bridge to a point on the Alphington-road, when , in consequence of many of them being dead lame, they were put into the market for rest - that they were never offered for sale - and that the reason of their afterwards returning to whence they had come, about the distance of a mile, instead of being driven to their destination, about half the distance, was a demurral on the part of their intended purchaser as to their condition and keep.  Having failed, however, to bring forward any evidence further than that of the driver, who made a similar statement, the Bench sentenced him to a fine of 20s. and expenses, including 5s, incurred in the service of the summons.

- Trewman's Exeter Flying Post , Thursday, September 6, 1855; Issue 4664.


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