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Wingate family of Selsea

We know about this family from the transcription kindly provided by Fay Sampson Priestly on the Genuki Devon Fulford Court Case Notes.  See link.

And in this message on Rootsweb (linked below) there is also a bit about a Charles WINGATE, who may be the Charles on the tree below,

Here is a family tree devised from the information given in the Court Case Notes transcription:

Date Oct. 1851

        William & Elizabeth WINGATE
        Parish Clerk in Celsea for 13-14 years  succeeded by a George WINGATE
        died. c. 1810 in 'Celsea'
    |                 |            |           |                      |                        |
Thomas (James)    Charlotte     William       John                   Charles              other sibling ?George
                                         in Celsea till 1800       Coastguard in Hythe
                                         Farming, Fishing, Boatman
                                         8 years in Scilly
                                         Also Kent, Sussex, Penzance
                                         1820 went into Coastguard
                                         d. 14/6/51
                                         m. 1    ?       m 2. Elizabeth  d?1847
                                            |                  |
                                     Eliza DOB ?1819     Agnes b. Sep 26 1847, Penzance

Agnes Wingate, b. 1847

There is further information about Agnes in the 1861 Census. She was then living in Deal, Kent. Her age is given as 13 which is consistent with the date above of September 1847, although she (or another informant) gives her birthplace as Plymouth.  However, seeing as how they were moving from pillar to post at that time, one can understand how she or her stepsister could have forgotten the exact place of birth by then.  This information comes from the DFHS website 'strays' index but the original census image needs to be inspected to see exactly who she was living with then although the DFHS adds that she is  the 'niece of Thomas James WINGATE born Scilly Isles'.  This presumably is the Thomas on the tree above.