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WINGEAT Family - mariners

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We do not yet know how this family connects into other WINDGEAT family trees although it could be the missing link between the Torquay and the Ugborough trees.  The Robert who married Richorde HINE below having probably been born in Ugborough and moved on to Ughborough and his sons moving on out to the coast.  There are maritime connections in both families which adds extra weight to this idea. 

The tree below has been put together from information from descendants and various census transcriptions, BMD certificate data and the IGI.  A lot of it is guesswork (especially the relationships before 1837) and has not been verified.

AG=Aveton Gifford, UG=Ughborough

  Robert WINDEAT m. Richorde HINE 31/12/1783 UG
   |                              |                           |                    |                     |
  Robert WINDYEATE	         John WINDEAT              Elizabeth WINDEAT      Thomas Windeat      George Windeat
  bpt. 05 Nov 1784 UG    bpt. 20 Aug 1786 UG         bpt.13th Jul 1788 AG    9th Jan 1792 AG    20th Jun 1793 AG
  possible head        John WINGEATT m.Caroline JOLL
  of Torquay tree???   24/09/1811 Plymouth St. Andrew
  |                            |                               |                             |
  John WINDEAYTT           Caroline Matilda WINDYEAT    Edward WINGETT                William Windyeat 
  bpt.31st Mar 1813, AG     bpt.26th Dec 1817, AG       bpt.10th Sep 1820, AG         bpt.1st Oct 1822, AG
  (in 1851 census                                       m. 7/8/1842,Stoke Damarel      
  as John WINGETT                                 to Mary Ann AKEHURST (b.?1821 Plymouth)
  age 36 Unmarried Dairyman)                          Mariner-1851 census      
                                                      Seaman Trinity Service-1854 
   |                     |                     |                        |                   |                                     |
 William Henry        Emma                 Edward                   Mary A          James Henry WINGEATT       John William Richard Akhurst WINGETT
 b.1843              (b.Plymouth ?1844-?) (b.Plymouth ?1846-?) (b.Plymouth ?1848-?) (b. 6/12/1854, Plymouth)   b. 1857 Dec qtr. Plymouth 5b 164
 d.19.3.1844                                                                        1879 - Merchant Seaman
 Plymouth                                                                            1881- Mate on Matje
                                                                                     m.23/1/1879, St. John's Plymouth
                                                                                     to Susan HOUNSELL
   |                              |                     |             |                                 |              | 
  James H WINGETT         Edward/Edwin WINGETT         Emma    William John Hounsell WINGEATT   Mabel WINGEATT    Lillian WINGEATT  
(b.?1875/6 Stonehouse-?) (b.24/10/1879 Stonehouse-?)  (b.1889)    (b. 1892)-?                   (b.1894)-?          (b.1897)
                         m. Harriet Ann Boothroyd       


One of the Edwards above must be the person referred to in the following report:
The mystery respecting the death of a seaman, whose body was found at Portleven, on Thursday, has been cleared up.  It is ascertained that the deceased was Edward WINDEATT, a pilot, of Plymouth.  He was steering a smack, when he disappeared overboard, and with him the tiller.  It is believed that a yard struck him while a sail was being shifted and knocked him over the side - hence the wounds on the head which caused suspicions.

-Liverpool Mercury etc (Liverpool, England),
Monday, September 17, 1877; Issue 9258.



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