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I started off with no photos of any WINDEATTs (or variants). My husband's Horrabridge family had not passed down any family photos at all. But gradually kind correspondents have been sending me copies and scans of family portraits and photos. Below are some links to family tree galleries.

Correspondents report that male holders of the surname are often shortish, fairish and have rather long noses. Can you detect any family similarities in these portraits?

Windeatt Families from Horrabridge

William Robert Windeatt Portraits of a few of the many descendants of the tree which we have traced back to an origin in Horrabridge, Devon.
Link to Horrabridge Family Gallery link

Windeatt Families from Staverton

James Samuel Windeatt (1861-?) Portraits of a few of the many descendants of the tree which we have traced back to an origin in Staverton, Devon.
Link to Staverton Family Gallery link

Windeatt Families from Totnes

Samuel Windeatt

Link to Totnes Family Gallery

Wingett Family

Thomas WINGETT A set of splendid early portraits kindly provided by Ian Hearder, a descendant.
Link to Wingett Family Gallery link
Victorian and Edwardian Photographs
Excellent site which helps you to Date an Old Photograph.
Photographs of thousands of towns and villages as you knew them
Commercial site from Frith Photos but with an extensive collection.  You can search by the name of the town or Village or you can Browse by County.  Here is the direct link to old photos of Devon.
Link to my Memorials page
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