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Thomas Alfred Windeatt's wedding, ?1907: Can you help us identify any of these people?

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wedding photo

A kind correspondent has sent us this photograph which we think is a photo of Thomas Alfred WINDEATT's wedding to Sarah Elisabeth BOLT in Exeter in the last quarter of 1907 [GRO St Thomas, 5b 68] when he was 32 years old.

Hover over the different faces to see our guesses and link to specific family pages. I'm wondering if the three guys behind him, who all look a bit similar could be his brothers and perhaps an uncle? Could the older lady on the right be the bride's mother and the rather younger one next to her be his stepsister Margaret from Manchester or one of his other sisters. But what of the BOLTs? We think the lady on the right and the young girl on the left all look very like the bride and could be her mother and younger sister, Florence. Also the lady in the back row displays a BOLT family resemblance and could be another sister, Mary. The general consensus seems to be that the twoguys on either side of the photograph in the uniforms are coachmen or hired functionaries and not relatives.

We do know quite a lot about Thomas and his brother William Robert though and you can read it here:

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The two Selinas
Date c.1876
1. Selina WINDEATT (formerly JARMAN), born 18/19/1820, Exeter, died 25/02/1891, Manchester.
2. Selina WINDEATT (later SNOW), baptised 13/04/1845, Exeter, married 25/03/1876 to Richard SNOW (when she was almost 30).
On the back of this faded photo was written: 

Mrs. and Miss Windeatt.  Mrs. Sillick's mother and grandmother.

The photographer's name on the front of the photo says WILLIS MANCHESTER. 

We think this was probably taken not long before the younger Selina's marriage to Richard SNOW in 1876.  Richard was a widower and both he and Selina's brother John were coal merchants in Exeter at this time and I suspect John arranged the marriage for her.  This photograph may even have been taken in Manchester and sent to the future groom in Devon so that he could make up his mind?

The younger Selina was the eldest daughter of William Philip Greenaway WINDEATT and his wife Selina (formerly JARMAN).  Mrs. WINDEATT had twelve children that we know of:  three boys, followed by eight girls and then another boy.  Three of the children died in infancy but the other nine survived. 

This photo was kindly supplied by a descendant.

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Thomas Alfred WINDEATT
Date: ? c. 1900
born 1875, married 1907, died 1931
Selina's grandson (one of many!) Thomas Alfred WINDEATT (born 9/03/1875 in Exeter) joined the police (as did his elder brother William Robert WINDEATT)  and then the Fire Service.

Here he is standing at the back on the left of the photo.

This photo and Thomas Alfred's Service record was kindly supplied by a correspondent.

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