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Horrabridge tree

War Memorial - William WINDEATT - Shaldon Gravestone - William WINDEATT - West Molesley

William Hamlyn WINDEATT (1880-1916)
War Memorial at Shaldon, Devon.
©  Rosemary Barry 
More information from the  Commonwealth War Graves Commision 

William John WINDEATT (1873-1935)
Gravestone at West Molesey, Surrey.
© Robert Morgan
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Gravestone of William Philip Greenaway WINDEATT, Selina WINDEATT (formerly JARMAN) and their daughter Emma.

The Grave is in Weaste Cemetery Salford, Manchester.  It is described as "third class" and was sold on January 7th 1890 to Henry WINDEATT of Vere Street, Salford.  This was William and Selina's youngest son.

The present gravestone was probably bought more recently as it appears quite new compared with the surrounding graves.  I imagine the stone was replaced in 1829 when Christopher READ, William and Selina's son-in-law was buried.

I have attempted to find out if anyone is researching the  READs but without success.

Photo kindly supplied by a correspondent.

William P.G. WINDEATT was the third of the seven Horrabridge tree brothers.

For more information see the page about William WINDEATT and his death and burial details.