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The two families below are related - James Samuel WINDEATT and John WINGET were first cousins.

James Samuel WINDEATT, photographer, his wife and daughters, Chicago [More about this family link...]

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James Samuel Windeatt (1861-?) Blanche Forster (189?-?1968) Charlotte Helen WINDEATT (1896-1974) Dorothy, Charlotte & Blanche
James Samuel WINDEATT (1861-1944) Photo © Lori. Augusta WINDEATT & her daughter Charlotte Photo © Lori. Blanche Marie FORSTER 1892-1968 Photo © Lori. Charlotte Helen WINDEATT
(1896-1974) Photo © Lori.
Dorothy Alvina PERRIN (1904-1935) & her sisters Charlotte and Blanche.Photo © Lori.
Full size photographs above (click on thumbnail to access) kindly contributed by Lori.

John WINGET and his mother MARYANNE WINGET (nee FRENCH), Quebec  [More ...]

Each thumbnail picture links to a full-size version.
more to come
(baptised John French WINDEATT 01.01.1832, Devon, England*
Maryanne WINGET (baptised 16.09.1810, Maryanne FRENCH, Dean Prior, Devon England.) 
& her granddaughter Eliza LEADBETTER.
NOTES:  The family obviously changed their name to the simpler spelling when they emigrated.  
* I think this picture is of John WINGET (1829-1902) and not his son or one of his nephews.  Please correct me if I have got it wrong.  Pictures supplied by descendants.  More to come.

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