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"Old Boy Windeatt", 'Professor of Music'

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Charles A. = Sarah HAWKINS (married Exeter, Sep. qtr.1858)
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WARNING: The tree above is has been put together from census information, baptismal records and BMD index data.  It has not been thoroughly researched and needs to be carefully checked against primary sources.  If you know anything more about this family, please leave a message on the message board.

Charles Allen WINDEATT, from what we can tell, had a fairly hectic life.  He was one of a large family of children born to John WINDEATT and Mary Ann (née FROOM).  The family had mostly been in the building trade in Exeter but Charles' father and his wife moved down to Teignmouth on the coast and set up a popular local coffee shop and lodging house.

Charles was apprenticed as a jeweller, probably with one of his uncles, but music must have been his first love because in 1863 and 188 he had a couple of pieces of music published and some time in the late 1870s he became a full-time musician.  He played and taught the violin.

In 1873, he was married with six or seven children, one of whom, Corelli, was developing a considerable talent on the violin when Charles was involved in a railway accident.

  There was a charitable appeal to find funds for his wife to be trained in some employment in order to support the family  But his wife does not appear to have found employment and by 1876, Charles had recovered sufficiently to move to Weston Super Mare where he became very active in the town musical circles.  In the 1880s he and his wife had several more children, most of whom also became musicians.  The star of the show, though was his son, Corelli, who went to London to study at the Royal Academy of Music at just eleven years old.

Sadly, Charles had some sort of mental breakdown at the end of the decade and in 1891 he was a patient in the Somerset and Bath Asylum.  His son, Corelli, left off touring as a violin soloist and returned to Weston Super Mare where he led the orchestra on the pier. Charles died in 1897 after a stroke but was survived by many musically talented descendants.

Birth and Early Life 1837-1850

Charles was born just a couple of months before Civil Registration came in so we only have a baptismal record for him.  He was baptised on 9th July 1837 at Mint Lane Methodist Chapel, Exeter and recorded as having been born on 24th June 1837 the son of John WINDEATT and Mary Ann FROME.

As far as we are aware he was the fourth or fifth child of John and Mary Ann who went on to have half a dozen or more children.  He had one surviving older brother, Robert, who also became a jeweller but went off to London and I don't think they would have seen much of each other in later life.  He also had a younger brother, John Henry Froom WINDEATT, who became a carpenter.  Again this younger brother too seems to have moved away and probably lost touch with his brother.

Both his Christian names are very unusual for this family.  There was an Allen Windeatt in Teignmouth early on in the century and there may be a connection but we haven't found it yet.  We don't know of any other 'Charles' in this particular branch of the family.  Perhaps it was a Froom family name?

1841 Census (taken 6th June 1841) © Crown Copyright

Here's Charles as a toddler living in Teignmouth, Devon where his parents must have moved sometime between the death, aged 2, of  their son, John Benjamin in 1837 and 1841.   Why? Presumably there was a lot of work for builders on the coast at this time.  Torquay and nearby areas were experiencing a boom as seaside tourism took off inII the nineteenth century.  Charles' had a great uncle, George, who ran a building firm in Shaldon just across the bridge.  Perhaps he was working for him?

Living in Fore St., West Teignmouth [HO.107/220/16 Folio. 12 Page.17]
Name Age (rounded down) Occupation Born in County
John WINDEATT 35 Plasterer Y
Mary Ann WINDEATT 30   Y
Robert WINDEATT 9   Y
Charles WINDEATT 3   Y
Mary Ann WINDEATT 2   Y
Betsey WINDEATT 2 months   Y
Living in same house - recorded as in a separate household - but probably lodgers
Richard CAUSELEY 20 Stone Mason Y
Elizabeth FROOME* 14 Female Servant Y

*Elizabeth FROOME:  We think Elizabeth was the sister of John's wife, Mary Ann.  See the the page on Charles' Parents.

1851 (taken 30th March 1851) © Crown Copyright

Ten years later, the family are still living in Fore Street but now the father, John, has left building work for the tourist trade.  He and his wife are running an eating and coffee house which they continued to do with some success for much of the rest of the century.  The family has now grown from five children to ten!

Charles is still at school which is unusual for the Horrabridge tree at this time.  Mostly the boys were apprenticed out at 14 so they could do their seven-years and be qualified in some trade by 21.  If they were too poor to afford an apprenticeship then their sons would be out in service or labouring. 

Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace Possible DOB
John WINDEATT Head M 46 M Eating & Coffee
 House Keeper
Horabridge-Devon 1804
Mary Ann WINDEATT Wife M 42 F --- Oterton*-Devon 1808
Robert WINDEATT Son U 19 M Jeweller Exeter-Devon 1831
Emma WINDEATT Daur U 17 F --- Exeter-Devon 1833
Charles WINDEATT Son - 15 M School Exeter-Devon 1835
Mary Ann WINDEATT Daur - 13 F School Teignmouth-Devon 1837
Elizabeth WINDEATT Daur - 11 F School Teignmouth-Devon 1839
Louisa WINDEATT Daur - 9 F Scholar Teignmouth-Devon 1841
Eliza WINDEATT Daur - 7 F Scholar Teignmouth-Devon 1843
Charlotte WINDEATT Daur - 5 F Scholar Teignmouth-Devon 1845
John WINDEATT Son - 3 M Scholar Teignmouth-Devon 1847
Edward RICE Vist M 61 M Seaman Teignmouth-Devon 1789


1858-1873 Marriage and family with Sarah HAWKINS (?1838-1919)

Charles married Sarah Hawkins in the September quarter of 1858 in the Newton Abbot Register Office District.  We don't know anything much about Sarah HAWKINS other than that she was probably born in the June quarter of 1838 in the  Crediton Register Office District [10 77]. She is in the 1851 census, aged 14 and a scholar,  living in Hookway, Crediton with her parents Robert and Ann and sisters, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Fanny and Alice.  She is the oldest child living at home but her father is recorded as 44.  So he would have been 30 when when she was born it's possible that there could be several older sisters or brothers.  Her father is recorded as an Agricultural Labourer and we don't yet know whether there was any musical ability in the family.

1860 Birth of first child: Charles John William WINDEATT

Charles John William was born on 12th February 1860

1861 Census (taken 7th April) © Crown Copyright

Here are the family in the 1861 Census with baby son above.  They are living next door to Charles' parents, John and Mary.

Living at 41 Fore Street, West Teignmouth in a house to themselves [RG9/1400/ 78/10 /48]
Name Relationship Mar Age Occupation Birthplace
Charles WINDEATT Head Md. 24 Jeweller Devon, Exeter
Sarah WINDEATT Wife Md. 24   Devon, Crediton
Charles John WINDEATT Son   1   Devon, Teignmouth

Charles is now a Jeweller.  Perhaps he was working for his uncle Richard in Regents Place.   Baby Charles John William became a carpenter, although he also played the cornet in some of his father's concerts.  Sadly he died young, aged 40, of a skull fracture - presumably a work related accident.  He left a widow and two daughters.

1861 Birth of second child: Elizabeth Alice WINDEATT

An Elizabeth Alice was born in the December quarter of 1861 in the Newton Abbot Register Office District [GRO: 5B 107]. She became a dressmaker and was still single in 1901 so has probably left no issue.

1863-1868 Composer

We knew Charles' son, Corelli Windeatt (later to be born in 1868) was a composer but I was surprised to find the following two compositions recorded in the British Library lists under Charles' own name:

1864 Birth of third child: Frank Benjamin WINDEATT (1864-1887)

Frank Benjamin WINDEATT was born in the June quarter of 1864 [Newton Abbot 5b 115]

1866  Birth of fourth child: Edmond Robert WINDEATT (1866-1916)

In the GRO index an Edmund R, WINDEATT was born in the Newton Abbot Registration district in the September quarter of 1866 [5b 103].    We don't know anything much more about him although he is recorded as a music teacher in the 1891 census and is possibly the 'Edward' WINDEATT who died in Hampstead in 1916, aged 49 [GRO: Hampstead 1a 799].

1868 Birth of fifth child: Corelli Ernest Bere WINDEATT (1868-1947)

Corelli was not only named after a composer but he became one.  He was something of an infant prodigy on the violin and went away while still very young (aged 11) to London to attend the Royal Academy of Music.

1871 Birth of sixth child:  Fredolph WINDEATT

Fredolph was born in 1871 and baptised as part of the 'hasty job lot' in 1879 (see below).  He also became a violinist and worked with his brother, Corelli, in various dance bands and orchestras:

1871 Census (taken 2nd April 1871) © Crown Copyright

In 1871, Charles and Sarah were living with their six children in Fore Street, West Teignmouth - possibly in number 23 and sharing the same house with another household (John and Eleanor BLAKE with their two JEFFERS grandchildrenat 23a) [RG10/2071/7/5]. 

Charles has had a change of occupation since Corelli was born in 1868.  His uncle Richard, who had seemed to be doing so well in 1861 had actually gone bankrupt that summer and had moved back to Exeter by 1871.  If Charles had been working for him, then he had probably lost that job.  However he is still recorded as a jeweller on Corelli's birth certificate in 1868 so he may have got a job with someone else - possibly with his uncle by marriage, George TURNER, in Torquay.

Name Status Marr Age Occupation Birthplace
Charles Allan WINDEATT Head Mar 33 Professor of Music Exeter, Devon
Sarah WINDEATT Wife Mar 33   Crediton, Devon
Charles J. W. WINDEATT Son   10 Scholar Teignmouth, Devon
Elizabeth Alice WINDEATT Daur   8 Scholar Teignmouth, Devon
Frank Benjamin WINDEATT Son   6 Scholar Teignmouth, Devon
Edmund Robert WINDEATT Son   4 Scholar Teignmouth, Devon
Corelli Ernest WINDEATT Son   2   Teignmouth, Devon
Frederick Alfred WINDEATT Son   4 mnths   Teignmouth, Devon

In 1871 above they only have six children.  However, two years later, the newspaper articles mention seven children. The seventh could have been Lilly/Charlotte Lilly but I haven't found her in the indexes yet.

1871 Charles' sister has an illegitimate baby and sues for breach of promise

1871 was a bad year for the WINDEATTs in Teignmouth - not only did Charles' uncle Richard go bankrupt but his younger sister, Charlotte Maria, who was living in the same street in Teignmouth, was seduced by a lodger and had an illegitimate baby daughter.  In 1872 she sued the father for 'breach of promise' and won.

1873 An Accident and an Appeal

In early 1873 Charles had a bad accident on the railway and this event changed his life considerably.  It could be the accident described here:

There was an appeal which was apparently successful in so far as shortly afterwards Charles had moved to Weston Super Mare where he became a well-known figure in musical circles.



Sir- Allow me to direct the attention of your charitable readers to the deplorable case of Mr. C.A. WINDEATT who was much hurt in a railway accident in February last, and has been totally incapacitated from following his employment.  He has a wife and family of seven young children wholly unprovided for.  A concert will be given at the Victoria Hall on Friday next, December 19th, at which the performers - several of them favourably known in Exeter musical circles have voluntarily given their services.  A lady is coming from London, and Messrs. FOWLER and RICE, the talented instrumentalists from Torquay, and a celebrated Italian band are announced so that a concert of the highest class may be anticipated.  The proceeds, which it is earnestly hoped will reach a considerable amount, will be devoted in placing Mrs. WINDEATT in some way of business, by which she may be able to support the whole family, as it will probably be years before Mr. WINDEATT can earn anything.  It is thus in the power of Exeter citizens, while enjoying through a musical treat at popular prices, to alleviate the distress of this unfortunate family.  H. S. ELLIS, Esq., Fair Park, Exeter, has kindly undertaken to receive subscriptions and act as treasurer of the fund. 

High-street, Exeter  Hon Sec. for Concert"

- Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser (Exeter, England),
Wednesday, December 17, 1873; Issue 5690


An accident on the South Devon Railway in February last incapacitated Mr. Windeatt from performing his everyday labours - in fact, prostrated him and he is still under medical treatment.  The unfortunate accident deprived a wife and seven children of their means of sustenance and at once threw them on the mercy of the charitable.  Mr. R. P. CULLEY, of High-street, generously took the case in hand, and he has we trust, provided the wherewithal for their - at all events - temporary requirements.  Besides pleading for contributions towards the fund for placing the wife in a business whereby she may be enabled to supply her numerous family with food and lodging, Mr. CULLEY organised a concert, and various amatours [sic] having willingly given their aid towards the object of the benevolent undertaking, a most pleasant entertainment was enjoyed at the Victoria Hall on Friday last by a numerous audience.  The weather, doubtless militated against the large attendance that was anticipated but the number of tickets taken showed the hearty response which was given to the concert appeal.  The programmes of the concert was capital and Mr. E. VINNICOMBE, the conductor, deserves much credit for the admirable arrangements.  The vocalists were Miss Alice JENNINGS, whose singing gained her much applause and admiration; Miss Annie VINNICOMBE, who gives fair promise of obtaining a high position at no very distant day; and Mr, PARSONS, whose excellent basso has been heard to much advantage by several Exeter audiences.  The instrumentalists were Mr. C. FOWLER and Mr. E VINNICOMBE, two accomplished pianists.  Mr, Michael RICE, a very good violinist, and the Italian Band, whose  contributions delighted the audience.  This is a deserving case and the charitable are invited to send subscriptions to Mr. J.S. ELLIS, who has kindly consented to act as honorary treasurer."

-Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser (Exeter, England),
Wednesday, December 24, 1873; Issue 5691


Apparently when Charles was first in Weston Super Mare he worked as a photographer.  It appears that this new trade appealed to many jewellers because it involved similar skills.  Photos by CA Windeatt are rare so we don't think he could have worked as a photographer for very long but here is a photo taken by him and kindly sent on to us by a correspondent.

Front of Photo   Reverse of Photo

According to Roger Vaughan's excellent "Date and old Photograph" website, we can put a date of c. 1878 on this photo from the style of design used on the reverse.  Whilst the rounded corners and the fashions worn by the couple would also indicate the 1870s, it does seem that the style is a bit old-fashioned.  It was unusual to "still show full length and a carpet in the early 1870s".

1874-1890 "Old Boy Windeatt" in Weston

The initial years in Weston appear to have been good to Charles.  He had several more children, many of whom also became musicians, and appears to have had plenty of work.  The following extract comes with kind permission from the Weston and Somerset Mercury.

Corelli's father was a Weston music teacher and concert performer. Affectionately known as 'Old Boy Windeatt', he was rarely seen without his fiddle box. He taught at the Weston College and other schools and founded and conducted the Weston Orchestral Society. Sometimes at local concerts there were as many as seven members of his clever family in the orchestra.

- Weston & Somerset Mercury, 17/10/08, edited article originally published on February 7, 1969

Pat Hase, a family and local historian, has kindly sent us some information which has enabled us to identify some of the "seven members of his clever family" in the Weston-Super-Mare Amateur Orchestral Society.  These were:

  1. Mr. C. J. WINDEATT, Cornet (his eldest child - a carpenter by trade).
  2. Mr. F. WINDEATT, Double Bass (his third child and second son - a plasterer by trade)
  3. Master Fredolph WINDEATT, First violin (his sixth child and fifth son - he became a professional violinist)
  4. Miss Lily WINDEATT, First violin, (his seventh child and second daughter - she became a music teacher)

Three other members of the family also became musicians:  Corelli, who, we now know, was away on a concert tour of the USA at the time); Adaline, who became a music teacher; and Edward who was also a music teacher.

Here is another extract from the Weston Mercury.  In 1887 he is described as leading the Voluntary Artillery Band through the town in celebration of Queen Victoria's 50th jubilee.

"The day opened with a huge procession around the town headed by mounted Foresters in regalia, followed by the Voluntary Artillery Band under Mr C A Windeatt. Behind them came the Volunteer Artillery, the engine and members of the fire brigade, the recently formed Banwell fire brigade with their new, unused engine; the 'William and James Holt' lifeboat, with crew fully equipped and oars erect; clergy, Town Commissioners, Friendly Societies, the Town Band under Mr Pfaff, hundreds of school children in wagons, and a long line of horse-drawn carriages."

- from The Weston & Somerset Mercury description of Queen Victoria's fiftieth jubilee in 1887.

1874-1880 More children and Grandchildren

?1874 Birth of seventh child Charlotte Sophia Lily

I cannot find a record of her birth but, according to the various censuses, she was probably born in 1874 or 1875 either in Weston Super Mare or in Teignmouth.  She was baptised in 1879 as part of the "hasty job lot" (see baptisms below).  She had an illegitimate baby daughter when she was about 18 (see below). She later became a music teacher (see 1901 census).  From information received it appears that she never married but died in Weston Super Mare in the January quarter of 1944, aged 80.

1876 Birth of eighth child Etty Maryann WINDEATT

Birth in the Sub-district of Banwell in the Registration District Axbridge in the County of Somerset 1876

When & Where Name Sex Name and Surname of Father Name, surname and maiden surname of mother Occupation of father Signature, description and residence of informant When registered
21st March 1876
Burlington Cottage, Weston-super-Mare
Etty Maryann girl Charles Allen WINDEATT Sarah WINDEATT formerly HAWKINS Professor of Music C.A. WINDEATT
Burlington Cottage, Weston-super-Mare
27th April 1876

Etty was also baptised, as part of the job lot, a couple of years later (see below).  We don't know what happened to her later.

1879 September a hasty baptism of four of the children

On September 12th 1879 Charles and Sarah had four of their children baptised as a job lot in Christ Church (source:  transcription of Christ Church Baptisms by Mary Mason).

  • Corelli Ernest Bere to Charles Allan and Sarah Windeatt, Musician.
  • Frederick Alfred Aly to Charles Allan and Sarah Windeatt, Musician.
  • Lilly Charlotte Sophia to Charles Allan and Sarah Windeatt, Musician.
  • Etty to Charles Allan and Sarah Windeatt, Musician.

Quite a few musicians' children (about 20) appear to have been baptised here around this time.  Perhaps it was the church used by the local orchestra.

1879 October entry of Corelli into the RAM

"October 1879, Corelli Windeatt entered the Royal Academy of Music aged 9, recommended by Mr Rutson, to study violin as principal subject"

- Information received from the RAM Library, Special Collections and Archives section.

I had often wondered what had prompted the block baptism of the four children above.  Now we know!  However, Corelli was not 9 as stated but 11.  I wonder if this is just a recording error or whether it was in the family's interest to make him out to be younger than he actually was.

1879 Birth of ninth child Adalina Beatrice O WINDEATT (1879-1959)

Born in the September quarter of 1879 in the Axbridge Register Office district [5c 546],

We think she was the last child, born to Charles and Sarah when Sarah was already 40 years old. Adaline also became a music teacher (see 1901 census).

Shortly after the census, she married William Charles H SLEEP in Bristol in the March quarter of 1903 [GRO Ref: Bristol 6a 82] and they had children.

By the time of the 1911 census she was living with her husband William SLEEP who was a builder in Weston Super Mare.  Also living with them was her nephew, Fred Windeatt, aged 15 and born in Weston Super Mare.  This must be Frederick who was, we assume, the son of Frank Benjamin Windeatt, one of Adalina's older brothers.  He appears aged five in the 1901 census living with Adalina (then aged 20) and her widowed mother because his own mother had died when he was a baby (see 1901 census below).

An Adalina B SLEEP died in Weston-super-Mare in the March quarter of 1959 [7c 294] aged 78.

1881 Census (taken 3rd April 1881) © Crown Copyright

Now living in Burlington St., Weston Super Mare, Somerset in a house to themselves[RGG11/2421/63/63]. They must have moved there some time between the birth of Lilly in 1874 and Ettie in 1876.  His eldest son, Charles, has left home but the other children  are still at home (apart from Corelli who was away at the Royal Academy of Music in London).  Frank was working in his grandfather's profession of plasterer.

id id id
Name Relationship Marriage Age Sex Profession Birthplace
Charles A. WINDEATT Head M 41 M Professor Of Music Teignmouth, Devon
Sarah WINDEATT Wife M 41 F   Hookway, Devon
Elizabeth WINDEATT Daur U 19 F Dressmaker Teignmouth, Devon
Frank WINDEATT Son   17 M Plasterer Teignmouth, Devon
Edmond WINDEATT Son   14 M Scholar Teignmouth, Devon
Fredalph WINDEATT Son   8 M Scholar Teignmouth, Devon
Lilly WINDEATT Daur   6 F Scholar Teignmouth, Devon
Ettie WINDEATT Daur   4 F d Scholar Weston S Mare, Somerset
Adeline WINDEATT Daur   1 F   Weston S Mare, Somerset

Burlington Street is just a short walk from the Pier where Corelli was later to be the resident bandleader.

For most of the rest of the 80s, presumably Charles enjoyed being part of the musical scene in Weston Super Mare (see newspaper article and link to the programme extracts above) as well as being the proud father of many musically talented children and a gifted violinist son.

His eldest son, Charles, had married in 1879, his next son, Frank, married in 1887, Corelli married in 1892 and Hetty/Ettie in 1899.

In 1890 a newspaper reports a Band-Sergt WINDEATT leading a band as part of an assembly of the Artillery Volunteers at High Street, Weston Super Mare for the purpose of a church parade.

The line of the route to All Saints' Church was lined with spectators drawn together by the martial strains of the band.

- The Bristol Mercury and Daily Post (Bristol, England),
Monday, June 30, 1890; Issue 13145

1891-1897 Illness and Deaths

Sometime in the years between 1887 and 1891, Charles had some kind of breakdown and ended up in the insane asylum.

A breakdown in the health of his father brought Corelli back to Weston to carry on his teaching connections.

- Weston & Somerset Mercury, 17/10/08, edited article originally published on February 7, 1969
from the
Golden Entertainment Era of the New Pier

1891 Census (taken 5th April 1891) © Crown Copyright

Charles is in The Somerset and Bath Asylum in 1891.  I wonder how long he was in there? He was out again seven years later when he died.  And we know he must have been well again at the beginning of 1896 because there is a report of a concert in a local paper (see below).

Surname First name(s) Rel Status Sex Age Occupation Where Born
WINDEATT CA pa m m 51 Music Teacher [L] Exeter, Dev
and 1058 others              

A kind correspondent has sent the following information on the rest of the family’s whereabouts in 1891.  They were living at 5 Landemann Terrace, The Boulevard, Weston Super Mare in a house to themselves of at least five rooms.

Name Relationship Marriage Age Profession Birthplace
Sarah WINDEATT Wife M 53   Devon, Crediton
Bessie WINDEATT Daur S 25 Dressmaker Devon, Teignmouth
Edward R WINDEATT Son S 24 Music Teacher Devon, Teignmouth
Corelli B WINDEATT Son S 22 Musician Devon, Teignmouth
Fredolph WINDEATT Son S 19 Musical Student Devon, Teignmouth
Lilly WINDEATT Daur   16 Violinist  Music Somerset, W S Mare
Hetty WINDEATT Daur   14 Helping Mother & ? Somerset, W S Mare
Adaline B WINDEATT Daur   11 Scholar Somerset, W S Mare
Harry KEEPING Visitor   4 Scholar Devon, Exeter

I wonder who Harry KEEPING was? 

There is a Henry Charles KEEPING born in the Exeter district in the March quarter of 1885 and this could be the Harry above [5b 106].  There is also a seven month year-old Frances KEEPING, also born in Exeter, boarding with another family in the Tiverton area in the 1891 census.  It's possible that the KEEPINGs were relations of Sarah's through her family, the HAWKINs.  Perhaps the children were being fostered out while their parents were unable to care for them for one reason or another. 

It seems as though Sarah liked looking after young children because in subsequent censuses she always seem to have a few grandchildren or other young ones living with her.

Also in living in Weston are the two elder sons:

1893 His eighteen year-old daughter has an illegitimate child, Adelaide Lily

Charlotte Lilly (who from the censuses appears to be called Lilly) had at least one child, Adelaide Lily.  She had the baby at her eldest brother's house, 56 Palmer Street, but appears to be living at a different address when she registered the birth.  She gave the baby a combination of her younger sister's name and her own.  She was living with her mother and grandmother in the family home in 1911 and it appears, from information received, that (like her mother) Adelaide Lily never married, but died aged 50 in Weston in the January quarter of 1944 [5c 609].

1893 Birth in the Sub-district of Weston-super-Mare in the Registration District Axbridge in the County of Somerset

When & Where Name Sex Name and Surname of Father Name, surname and maiden surname of mother Occupation of father Signature, description and residence of informant When registered
9th January 1893
56 Palmer Street, Weston-super-Mare, USD
Adelaide Lily girl - Charlotte Sophia Lily WINDEATT
Woodview Boulevard, Weston-super-Mare
13th February 1893

1896 Still Giving Concerts

LYMPSHAM:  Mr. C. A. WINDEATT, of Weston-super-Mare, gave an enjoyable concert in the schoolroom here on Tuesday evening, under the patronage of Prebendary STEPHENSON, rector.  Those taking part in the programme were Mr. and Mrs. GRINFIELD, Mr. and Mrs. BYERS, the Rev. H.P. DENISON (East Brent), Mr. Sam JONES, and Master GOSLING.

- The Bristol Mercury and Daily Post (Bristol, England),
Thursday, February 13, 1896; Issue 14901.

No relatives in this concert - as far as we know.

1896 Death of a daughter-in-law

In the winter of 1896, Sarah and Charles' daughter-in-law Elizabeth (Frank's wife) died during a premature labour leaving several motherless children.  Frank didn't marry again but went to live with his mother who, with his spinster sister, probably helped bring up the children.

1897 Charles' has a stroke in 1896 and dies the following January

The age isn't right (he would have been 59) but it must be him.

1897 - Death in the Sub-district of Weston-super-Mare in the County of Somerset

When & Where Name Sex Age Occupation Cause of Death Signature, description and residence of informant When registered
2nd January 1897
5 Landemann Terrace, Weston super-Mare, U.D.
Charles Allen WINDEATT Male 56 years Professor of Music Cerebral Haemorrhage 3 months,
General Exhaustion 1 month
Certified by R. Roxburgh
Elizabeth WINDEATT
present at death
10 Burlington Street, Weston super-Mare,
4th January 1897

Who was the informant, Elizabeth?  It couldn't have been Frank Benjamin's wife because she had just died the year before in 1896.  Perhaps it was the wife of his eldest son, Charles, the carpenter.   This eldest son, Charles John William Windeatt, died himself  a year later.  See link to page about Charles John William.

1898 Another Death

Deaths in the family continue. This must have been hard for Sarah because the year after her husband, Charles, died  her eldest son, Charles J. W. WINDEATT, died of a fractured skull:

See link to death certificate for Charles John William WINDEATT

Widow 1897-1919

After her husband, Charles, died, Sarah must have taken in lodgers to make ends meet.  She appears in the 1901 census as a Lodging House Keeper and with a lot of children and grandchildren still living with her, see below

1901 Census © Crown Copyright

Here is Sarah, now living with three unmarried daughters and her son Frank (whose wife had died four years previously) and what we suppose are his five motherless children.  They have the house to themselves.

Living at No 5, Grove Place, Weston Super Mare [RG11 0694 Folio 133 Page 43]

Name Relationship Marriage Age Sex Profession Birthplace
Sarah WINDEATT Head Wid 57 F Lodging House Keeper Devon, Crediton
Frank WINDEATT Son Widr 35 M Plasterer - worker Devon, Teignmouth
Bessie WINDEATT Daur S 30 F Dressmaker - own account Devon, Teignmouth
Lilly WINDEATT Daur S 25 F Teacher of Music - at home Devon, Teignmouth
Adelina WINDEATT Daur S 20 F Teacher of Music - at home Som. Weston S Mare
Gertrude WINDEATT GChild S 13 F   Som. Weston S Mare
Lilly WINDEATT GChild S 11 F   Som. Weston S Mare
Edith WINDEATT GChild S 6 F   Som. Weston S Mare
Blanche WINDEATT GChild S 8 F   Som. Weston S Mare
Frederick WINDEATT GChild S 5 F   Som. Weston S Mare
Catherine POLLARD* Lodger S 35 F Dressmaker - at home Wilts, Salisbury

*There is a POLLARD family living next door at number 4 - Alfred J (aged 41 and his wife Grace E. (also 41).  Perhaps Catherine was his sister? The folks living at numbers 6 and 3 were also Lodging House Keepers.


1911 Census © Crown Copyright

On the census return (which is neatly written) Sarah declared that she had had nine children born alive of whom eight were still living and one had died.  The one who had died was her eldest child, Charles John William Windeatt, who had married and had a family but died in an accident in 1898, aged 38.   All things considered, Sarah, must have been a strong, healthy woman to have had and brought up nine children who all lived into adulthood and who, herself, lived into her ninetieth decade.

In 1911 she still has two single daughters living at home but Lilly no longer appears to be teaching music.  Perhaps she was helping with the lodging house.  Grandchild Lilly, aged 17, is the illegitimate child of daughter Lilly. Edith Mary is the daughter Frank Benjamin, Sarah's second son.

Living in Weston Super Mare, in a six room house - at an undecipherable address, Locking Road, Weston Super Mare. [RG11 0694 Folio 133 Page 43]

Name Relationship Age Marriage Profession Industry Employment Birthplace
Sarah WINDEATT Head 73 Widow Lodging House Keeper   own account Devon, Crediton
Elizabeth Alice WINDEATT Daur 43 Single Dressmaker   own account Devon, Teignmouth
Lilly WINDEATT Daur 36 Single Home     Devon, Teignmouth
Lilly WINDEATT Grandchild 17 Single Home     Som. Weston S Mare
Edith Mary WINDEATT Grandchild 15 Single Home     Som. Weston S Mare
Charles WINDEATT Grandchild 5    Home     Som. Weston S Mare
Florence ?SURLE Visitor 23 Single Shop Assistant Drapers Worker Som. Weston S Mare

I am not sure who Charles or Florence are. 

1919 Death of Sarah (nee HAWKINS) Charles' widow.

She died of heart disease in 1919 and her son, F. WINDEATT (presumably Frank) was present at the death and gave the same address as his mother: 12 Walliscote Grove Road, Weston-super-Mare.

1919-2009 Descendants

There are living descendants of Charles and Sarah.  Please make contact via the Message Board if can contribute or correct any of the information about this family.


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