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Charles John William WINDEATT, 1860-1898
Carpenter and Cornet Player

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Charles J.W.WINDEATT(1860-1898) =Elizabeth ?THORNE (married 1879])
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Charlotte/Dorothy E.F.(?1879-?)   John Charles(1882-1956)    Beatrice A. A.(1886-?)

WARNING: This tree has been mostly put together from secondary sources and information kindly sent by relations and fellow researchers.   If you know anything more about this family, please leave a message on the message board or e-mail directly.

Birth and Early Life 1860-

Charles John William (1860-1898)

Birth in the Sub-district of Teignmouth in the County of Devon 1860

When & Where Name Sex Name and Surname of Father Name, surname and maiden surname of mother Occupation of father Signature, description and residence of informant When registered
12th February 1860
Fore Street
West Teignmouth
Charles John William Boy Charles Allan WINDEATT Sarah WINDEATT formerly HAWKINS Jeweller Charles WINDEATT
Fore Street, West Teignmouth
15th February 1860

Charles John William WINDEATT was the eldest of a large family of the children (at least nine that we know of) whose father was also called Charles.  Charles Allen WINDEATT, this Charles' father, was first a jeweller but then turned musician, bandleader and music teacher.  Charles, junior, and his next eldest brother, Frank Benjamin, went into the Building Trade like many others in this Horrabridge tree.  His next closest sibling, Elizabeth, became a dressmaker, but almost all the younger children became professional musicians and played in their father's or brother's bands and orchestras.  One of his younger brothers, Corelli, was an infant prodigy on the violin and grew up to play at lots of local and London social events.

However, Charles was also a musician if, albeit, an amateur one, and his name appears as a Cornet Player on two Programme covers of concerts in Weston-Super-Mare in 1888 (see below)


Charles John William WINDEATT married in the March quarter of 1879 in the Axbridge Register Office District (GRO ref: 5c 717) to an Elizabeth Harriet THORNE) and that they had at least three children.


1. Charlotte Elizabeth F(Froom) WINDEATT (1879-?)

Charlotte was born in the September quarter of 1879 [Axbridge 5c 541] but she went by the name of Dorothy, and according to descendants was known as Dot.

She had probably been named after her aunt, Charlotte Maria WINDEATT - (see link to a page of information about Charles' sister, Charlotte Maria). 

From information received we now know that young Charlotte/Dorothy married John Joseph KAVANAGH in Weston Super Mare in the June quarter of 1907. 

2. Charles John Llewellyn WINDEATT (1882-?)

Charles John, aka John Charles was born in the June qtr of 1882 [Axbridge 5c 559].  He married a Frances J.(?James) GAINES in the second quarter of 1905 and they had a son Eric Charles Windeatt who was born and died in Weston Super Mare (b. 20 March 1906.

From information received:

Charles had an exemplary war record and was promoted to the rank of Regimental Sergeant Major whilst in Egypt, supervising soldiers in charge of Prisoner of War Camps.

However, in 1911 he was working as a plumber for his uncle, William SLEEP (see 1911 census transcription below).  William SLEEP had married his aunt Adaline, although their relationship was probably more that of cousins, being only a couple of years apart in age

3. Beatrice Adelaide Windeatt (1887-?)

Beatrice Adelaide WINDEATT was born in the Dec qtr  of 1887[Axbridge 5c 510] and, like the other children in this  family, she appears to have been familiarly known as something other than her first name.  She was called Ada in the family and we know she married and had at least one child.

Information from a descendant tells us that she shared in the musical talent of the Weston Super Mare family and was a locally famous opera singer and music teacher.  However, in 1911 she declared herself to be a Skating Instructress on the census form (see below).

Charles John William and Elizabeth may have had more children but records have not yet been found.


1891 census

Here are Charles and Elizabeth living in three rooms at No. 56 Palmer Street Weston Super Mare and sharing the house with another household (also living in three rooms), a journeyman tailor called SMITH and his family [RG12/1920/16/26].

Name Relationship Marriage Age Profession Employed? Birthplace
Charles J W WINDEATT Head M 31 Carpenter Yes Devon, Teignmouth
Elizabeth H WINDEATT Wife M 30     Somerset, Weston Super Mare
Charlotte E F WINDEATT Daur   11 Scholar   Somerset, Weston Super Mare
Charles J. L. WINDEATT Son   9 Scholar   Somerset, Weston Super Mare
Beatrice A A  WINDEATT Daur   4     Somerset, Weston Super Mare

1893 Charles' Sister, Lilly, has a baby

In 1893 his young sister, Lilly, had an illegitimate baby, also Lilly.  The baby was born in Charles' house - 56 Palmer Street - perhaps because Charles' wife seems to have been a nurse (according to the 1901 census below).

1898 DEATH, aged 38

Charles died young, aged only 38 . It's not unusual for the males in this family to die young but it is unusual to die as the result of such an accident.  Usually it is from some form of wasting disease (TB) or cancer (especially stomach cancer).  It would be interesting to find a report of the Inquest.  These are not archived apparently but may be read in local contemporary newspaper reports.

Burlington Street, where the death took place, was where his parents had been living in 1881 (although they had moved on, possibly more than once since then).

1898 - Death in the Sub-district of Weston-super-Mare in the County of Somerset

When & Where Name Sex Age Occupation Cause of Death Signature, description and residence of informant When registered
5th November 1898
11 Burlington Street Weston super-Mare, U.D.
Charles WINDEATT Male 40 years Carpenter Fracture of the base of the skull Certificate received from Samuel CRADDOCK, Coroner for North Somerset
Inquest held 7th November 1898
Ninth November 1898

1901 Census

A couple of years later in the 1901 census, here's Charles' widow and two daughters living at the "Back of" 33 Oxford St. Weston Super Mare.  Charles, the son, is staying in 33 Oxford Street next door [RG13/2324/96/4].

Name Rel Status Sex Age Occupation Where Born
Elizabeth H. WINDEATT Head Wid F 39 Monthly Nurse Sick Som. W. Sup. Mare
Dorothy E. F. WINDEATT Daur S F 20   Som. W. Sup. Mare
Beatrice A. A. WINDEATT Daur S F 13   Som. W. Sup. Mare

And here's young Charles next door:

Name Rel Status Sex Age Occupation Where Born
Charles J. L  WINDEATT Visitor S M 19 Plumber - Worker Som. W. Sup. Mare

1911 Census

We don't know where Elizabeth was in 1911, perhaps away visiting someone, but her daughters filled in the form.  They are now firmly calling themselves by their AKA names and living in two rooms at 37a Oxford Street, Weston Super Mare [RG14PN14595 RG78PN884 RD314 SD3 ED13 SN10].  Dorothy/Charlotte declared that she had been married for four completed years but had had no children.

Name Relationship Age Marriage Profession Industry Employment Birthplace
Ada WINDEATT Daughter 23 Single Skating Instructress*   Worker Somerset, Weston-S-Mare
Dorothy KAVANAGH Daughter 30 Married none - - Somerset, Weston-S-Mare

*There was a skating rink on the pier at Weston:

Charles, the girls'  brother was also living in Weston-Super-Mare.  Here he is living in a seven roomed house at 47 Clevedon Road, Weston-super-Mare [RG14PN14597 RG78PN884 RD314 SD3 ED15 SN333]. He declared that they had been married for six years and had just the one child, none had died.

Name Relationship Age Marriage Profession Industry Employment Birthplace
Charles Llewellyn WINDEATT Head 29 Married Plumber Builder Worker Somerset, Weston-S-Mare
Frances WINDEATT Wife 29 Married       Monmouthshire, Risca
Eric Charles WINDEATT Son 5 -       Somerset, Weston-S-Mare

1911-2001 Descendants

We now  know (2010) that there are living descendants of Charles and Elizabeth.  Please make contact via the Message Board if can contribute any more information about this family or if you can correct any of the information.


Last updated February 2010.