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Charlotte Maria WINDEATT (1840-?1926), and her daughter Frances Maud

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Frederick SLOCOMBE      Charlotte M. = married 1858 William Henry HARTNOLL
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            Frances Maud F.                Kate HARTNOLL   George HARTNOLL

Charlotte Maria WINDEATT (1847-1926)

In 1881, Charlotte, the ninth child of of ten brothers and sisters, was the only one left still living at home with her mother (see the census transcriptions below).  She was aged 30 and still unmarried.  However, the granddaughter, Frances M. F., living with them is her illegitimate child. 

The full story follows:

WINDEATT v. SLOCOMBE. - An action for breach of promise of marriage.  Mr. COLE, Q.C., and Mr. FOLKARD (attorney, Mr. CARTER) for the plaintiff, and Mr. EDLIN, Q.C. and Mr. St. Aubyn (attorney, Mr. FRYER) for the defendant.  The plaintiff, who was twenty-five years of age, resided with her father at Teignmouth, and the defendant, who was two years her senior, also lived there.  Last year defendant's wife died, and he then took up his quarters as a lodger at Mr. WINDEATT's.  An intimacy sprang up between the plaintiff and the defendant, and under a promise of marriage SLOCOMBE seduced the plaintiff, which resulted in the birth of a child in November last.  Three witnesses proved the case conclusively, and no witnesses were called for the defence.  The jury gave a verdict for plaintiff - damages, 150.

-Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser (Exeter, England),
Wednesday, March 20, 1872; Issue 5599

There is more news of SLOCOMBE in the Exeter Flying Post from three years later in 1875.  It seems that, as a result of the case ,his partnership with a Mr. PHILIPPS was dissolved and he filed for bankruptcy.  The rest of the report concerns a complicated case of debt between two other parties but which was precipitated by the SLOCOMBE being "hopelessly insolvent"  (see Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser (Exeter, England), Wednesday, June 23, 1875; Issue 5767).  The initial reason for his debts was given as down to the fact that "at the March Assizes at Exeter, in 1872, an action for seduction was brought against a man named SLOCOMBE OF Teignmouth, by a young woman named WINDEATT and the jury awarded her 100 damages, which, with costs amounted to 200 or 300 (ibid.).  Poor old Fred had tried to extricate himself and his partner from further debt by building 14 cottages "but the cottages had been built without proving as profitable as was supposed, and in the same month of July [1873], SLOCOMBE and PHILLIPS went into the Bankruptcy Court at Exeter" (ibid.).

We are not sure what happened to SLOCOMBE after this nor why he deserted Charlotte and her child.  However it would appear that he married a Mary Jane SERCOMBE in the September quarter of 1872 in the Newton Abbot district and in the 1881 census he was living in Esplanade House, East Tynemouth, with his wife and three children and doing well as a "builder employing 25 men".

Parents and Siblings

1861 Census (taken 7th April) © Crown Copyright

Charlotte was absent from home in 1861 but she wasn't too far away.   Here she is visiting a 77 year-old widowed Lace Manufacturer called Sarah CARSLAKE, also in Teignmouth.  I am not aware of any relationship between the WINDEATTs and Sarah CARSLAKE.  Perhaps Charlotte was just helping her out as a companion or even as some sort of job - although her occupation is given as 'scholar'.

Name Relationship Mar Age Occupation Birthplace
Sarah CARSLAKE Head W 77 Lace Manufacturer Devon, Bittadon
Charlotte WINDEATT Visitr U 13 Scholar Devon, Teignmouth

1885 Marriage to William Henry HARTNOLL

According to the GRO index a Charlotte Maria WINDEATT married William Henry HARTNOLL in the June quarter of 1885 in the Exeter Register Office district.  They would have been in their late thirties when they married and William had children by a former wife. 

From information received we now know that William HARTNOLL had previously been married to Louisa EASTERBROOK [December quarter of 1871 in the Newton Abbot Register Office District].  William and Louisa had two children, Kate [born in the December quarter of 1874, in Teignmouth] and George Henry [born in the June quarter of 1879] also in Teignmouth.  Louisa had died in the September quarter of 1884 in the Newton Abbot Register Office District) and it's likely that William married Charlotte so that he would have someone to look after him and his children.  This seems to be a common pattern, i.e. that unmarried or widowed women who would otherwise be single were fairly quickly sought, recommended and married off to recently bereaved men with children.

William Henry was the son of a merchant seaman from Teignmouth [1861 Census: RG09/1400/79/13] and in the 1881 Census (RG11/2156/84/2) he is shown as a ‘printer (compositor)’ living at 1 Davis Court, Higher Brook Street, Teignmouth West.  He was probably born around 1849 and died in 1910, aged 61.


Charlotte doesn't appear to have had any children by William HARTNELL - at least there are none listed on the 1891 census which was taken almost six years after they were married.  She claims to be 40 on the census and the same age as William but she must have been 45.

Frances Maud F(room?) WINDEATT (1871-?)

Born in November, 1871 [GRO Ref: Newton Abbot 5b 113]

We don't know much more about Frances other than the sad story of her birth and the fact that she became a dressmaker.  I wonder if she and SLOCOMBE had any contact with each other after he left Charlotte? 

A Frances Maud F WINDEATT married in the September quarter of 1895 to a Henry George TYRRELL, a carpenter from Dawlish [Newton Abbot, 5b 269]  They had only one daughter (in 1896 in Dawlish) and seemed to be living comfortably.  In 1901, Frances was working on her own account as a newsagent.


Married at last!  And Maud is still living with her in a house with four rooms at 1 Gordon Cottages, Higher Brook Street, West Teignmouth [RG12/1693/4/66/2/10]

1891 Census

Name Status Marr Sex Age Occupation Employment? Birthplace
HARTNOLL William H Head M M 40 Printer Compositor (Em'ee) Employed Teignmouth, Devon
HARTNOLL Charlotte M Wife M F 40 Furrier* Neither Teignmouth, Devon
HARTNOLL Kate Daur - F 16 Scholar   Teignmouth, Devon
HARTNOLL George Son - M 11 Scholar   Teignmouth, Devon
WINDEATT Maude Step-Daur S F 19 Dressmaker(Em'ee) Employed Teignmouth, Devon

*:  Occ. difficult to read

1901 Census

Now living at 15 Bitton St., West Teignmouth in a house with at least five rooms.  An Anne ?TOLLEY, the headmistress of the Board School, a single woman aged ?30, is living in two rooms in the same house as a separate household.

Name Status Marr Sex Age Occupation Employment? Birthplace
HARTNOLL William Henry Head M M 40* Printer Compositor (Em'ee) Worker Teignmouth, Devon
HARTNOLL Charlotte M Wife M F 40*     Teignmouth, Devon
HARTNOLL George Son - M 20 Carpenter Worker Teignmouth, Devon

I am not sure why their ages are given as 40 because they would have told the Enumerator 50, surely? 

Both Kate and Maude have left home.  Francis Maude is now married to Henry George TYRELL and living with him and their daughter, Gwendoline, in Dawlish in a house to themselves with at least five rooms [ ]

Name Status Marr Sex Age Occupation Employment? Home? Birthplace
Henry TYRRELL Head M M 30 Joiner Worker   Devon, Dawlish
Francis TYRRELL WIFE M F 28 Newsagent own A/c at home Devon, Teignmouth
Gwendoline TYRRELL Daur S S 4       Devon, Dawlish

1910 Husband dies

William HARTNOLL died aged 61 in the December quarter of 1910 [Newton Abbot, 5b 6]

1911 Census

Charlotte was visiting the KISLINGBURY family in West Hendon.  We have no idea why she would be here.

According to his declaration, William Henry KISLINGBURY had been married 16 years and had had only one child.  Here he is with wife, child and mother living in a seven-roomed house,"Glendaragh", Graham Road, West Hendon [RG14PN7110 RG78PN349 RD130 SD3 ED9 SN273].

NameRelAgeStatusOccupation IndustryWorking on Own accountWorking at homeWhere Born
William Henry KISLINGBURYHead 41MBoot Manufacturers Traveller  Worker- St. Pancras, London
Annie Eleanor KISLINGBURYWife 44Married      - Mile End, London
Reginald William KISLINGBURYson 14  School   Worker - London, Hampstead
Eliza Jane KISLINGBURYMother 71Widow     Worker - Frome, Somerset
Charlotte Maria HARTNOLLVisitor 64*Widow       - Teignmouth, S. Devon

*She actually gives her correct age here - perhaps now that William is dead, she no longer needs to pretend she is younger than her true age.

Her daughter, Francis Maud, meanwhile, is still living with Henry TYRRELL and has emulated her mother in only having one daughter.  There is a servant living with them which seems somewhat strange as they couldn't have a had a lot of money.  Henry was a working joiner and not running his own business.  Perhaps they needed help in the house for one reason or another.

NameRelAgeStatusOccupation IndustryWorking on Own accountWorking at homeWhere Born
Henry George TYRRELLHead 40MJoiner  Worker  Dawlish, Devon
Francis Maud TYRRELLWife 39M        Teignmouth, Devon
Gwendoline TYRRELLDaughter 14          Dawlish, Devon
Edith ASHServant 18Single     General Servant (Domestic)   Puddington, Devont


A Charlotte M WINDEATT died in the January quarter of 1926, aged 79, in the Newton Abbot Registry Office District [5b 149].

We don't know if there are living descendants of Charlotte and Francis Maude.  If you know anything more about this family, please leave a message on the Message Board.

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