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Corelli Windeatt, "a violinist of rare talent"

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Introduction - Corelli Windeatt, 1868-1947

The Dancing Times

It seems incredible that only a few years ago we knew nothing about Corelli Windeatt and were completely baffled when the Librarian of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra in New Zealand  contacted us to enquire about the composer of a piece of light orchestral music in their archives.

Since then, and with the help of many other relations and researchers we now know quite a lot and even have some photos.  In fact there is so much that I have had to divide the information up into two further pages:

The photo on the left comes courtesy of The Dancing Times and was featured in their August 1911 edition and headed a lengthy article on Corelli.  He would have been 43  years old.

Family Likenesses

When I received the photo of Corelli above, I couldn't help be struck by how similar he looked to another member of the Horrabridge tree whose photo we have:

This is Thomas Alfred WINDEATT, who was a policeman in Exeter.  He is a second cousin of Corelli  (i.e. they shared the same great grandfather, John WINDEATT (or WINGATE) from Horrabridge.  Thomas Alfred's father, John WINDEATT, was also a musician.  There are more photos of Thomas Alfred on his page:


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