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Edwin WINDEATT, Whitesmith

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  |                                       |                                     |
  6 older brothers and sisters   Edwin Augustus WINDEATT                   2 younger brothers
                                 d.14.05.1820 (Sampford Spiney, Devon)
                                d.1882, in Exeter City Workhouse age ?56
                                 m.26/03/1845, St. Mary Major, Exeter, to Mary CALL 

NOTE:  Dates in bold mean that we have a copy of the certificate.

About Edwin

We don't know much about Edwin other than that he was a Whitesmith (tinsmith) in Exeter and married Mary CALL in 1845.  His younger brother Henry was a witness and they appeared to be close - Edwin and his wife were living with Henry in Teignmouth in 1861.

There is a record of Edwin's apprenticeship indenture in 1835 to David EVANS, whitesmith, of Coombe Street, Exeter dated 3/08/1835 [1].  He would have been 15 years old.

Edwin and Mary do not appear to have had any children and both died, twelve years apart, in Exeter Workhouse.

Death in the Eastern Sub-district in the County of Exeter 1882

When & Where Name Sex Age Occupation Cause of Death Signature, description and residence of informant When registered
6th December 1882
City Workhouse U.S.D.
Edwin WINDEATT Male 56 years Whitesmith of Exeter Apoplexy
1 week
Certified by J. Woodman M.D.
? ?*
Master City Workhouse Exeter
8th December 1882

*Informant:  The copy certificate I have gives the name as something like Hurg NARRATO.  But on the Exter Workhouse page transcribing the 1881 census it obviously should have been Wm. G. NEWATT!

NOTE ALSO that Edwin in the same census is erroneously transcribed with the surname WINDEATH and his birthplace is given as Culridge instead of Horrabridge.  But his age is given correctly on the census (60) while on the death certificate it should have been 61.

Wife Mary CALL (?1814-1870)

In 1845 Edwin  married Mary CALL in St. Mary Major, Exeter.  Both bride and groom and both witnesses signed the certificate.

Marriage solemnized at the Parish Church in the Parish of St. Mary Major in the City of Exeter

Date Name & Surname Age Condition Rank or Profession Residence at the time of Marriage Father's Name and Forename Rank or profession of Father Witnesses
24/03/1845 Edwin WINDEATT full Bachelor Smith Coombe St John WINDEATT Mason Henry Windeatt

Elizabeth CORNISH

Mary CALL full Spinster - James CALL Labourer

Mary CALL was almost certainly the sister of his elder brother George's first wife Harriet CALL.  Harriet died sometime between 1838 and 1840 but Mary, her sister, was living with George and his second wife at the time of the 1841 census and eventually married Edwin in 1845.  Mary was probably five to ten years or so older than Edwin.  This is not unusual in this family.  Many of the men married women older than themselves.  

Edwin's nephew, his older brother George's first son by his wife's sister Harriet, was also named George.  George junior did not become a plasterer like his father but he became a tinsmith like his uncle and it is highly probable that he learned his trade from Edwin. 

Parents and Siblings

Edwin was the seventh child and fifth surviving son of John WINDEATT and Thomasine HOSKINS.
See the Seven Brothers tree [More . . .]

Census Transcriptions

1841 Census (taken 6th June 1841) © Crown Copyright (taken 6th June 1841)

Here's Edwin and his younger brother Henry living with their mother and an older sister in Paris St., Exeter.  Father, John, is somewhere else (we haven't found him yet).  Edwin's other brothers and sisters are all off working elsewhere.

Name Age (rounded down) Occupation Born in County
Thomasin WINDEAT 50 Ind Y
Parscho TURNER 33 Ind Y
Edwin WINDEATT 21 Whitesmith Appr. y
Henry WINDEAT 19 Painter Y


1851 Census

Here is Edwin, now married and living at 27 Coombe Street, St Mary Major Exeter.  The census ages are not quite right but it must be them.

Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace ?DOB
Edwin WINDEATT Head M 28 M White Smith Sampd Spiney-DEV 1822
Mary WINDEATT Wife M 38 F Needle Woman Plymouth-DEV 1812



Here is Edwin and his wife, Mary, living with his brother and their family in West Teignmouth.  They mostly lived in Exeter and we don't know why they were in West Teignmouth at this time.  There is no note to say whether brother Henry is blind or not at this time but perhaps his brother had come down to help out if he had become or was going blind.

Name Relationship Mar Age Occupation Birthplace
HENRY WINDEATT Hd. Md. 38 Painter Devon, Horrabridge
JANE WINDEATT Wife Md. 38   Devon, Exeter
MARY JANE WINDEATT Dtr.   13 Scholar Devon, Exeter
ELIZABETH WINDEATT Dtr.   10 Scholar Devon, Teignmouth
HENRY WINDEATT Son   6   Devon, Teignmouth
ELLEN WINDEATT Dtr.   1   Devon, Teignmouth
ELIZABETH MILLINGTON Nurse-child   2   Devon, Teignmouth
EDWIN WINDEATT Brother-in-law Md. 40 Whitesmith Devon, Horrabridge
MARY WINDEATT B/law's wife Md. 49   Devon, Plymouth



1. Rowe, M. M. & Jackson, A. M. Exeter Freemen, 1266-1967.  Devon and Cornwall Record Society.