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Frank Benjamin WINDEATT, Plasterer and Double Bass Player - 1864-1933

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Frank Benjamin WINDEATT()= Elizabeth FIELD (married 1887])
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Gertrude b.1888  Lilian b.1890  Gwendoline b.1892  Edith Mary,b.1894   Frederick b.1895

WARNING: This tree is speculative. It has been mostly put together from census and BMD index data.  If you know anything more about this family, please leave a message on the message board or e-mail directly.

Birth and Early Life 1864-

Frank Benjamin Windeatt was born in the June quarter of 1864 [Newton Abbot 5b 115].  He was the second son of of a large family and so he had lots of brothers and sisters. Charles Allen WINDEATT, his father, was first a jeweller but then turned musician, bandleader and music teacher. 

Frank Benjamin and his older brother, Charles junior, went into the Building Trade like many others in this Horrabridge tree. Frank became a plasterer which was also the profession followed by his grandfather and great grandfather.


His next closest sibling, Elizabeth, became a dressmaker, but almost all the younger children became professional musicians and played in their father's or brother's bands and orchestras.  One of his younger brothers, Corelli, was an infant prodigy on the violin and grew up to play at lots of local and London social events. However, Frank was also a musician if, albeit, an amateur one, and his name appears as a double-bass player on two Programme covers of concerts in Weston-Super-Mare in 1888.              

1887: MARRIAGE to Elizabeth FIELD & birth of several children.

Frank married Elizabeth FIELD in the Axbridge Register Office District in the March quarter of 1887 [GRO 5c 790].    The probably had the following children:

Thanks to a kind contact we now know have a transcript of one of Frank and Elizabeth's daughters', Gwendoline, (see her birth certificate below).

Birth in the Sub-district of Weston Super Mare in the Registration District of Axbridge in the County of Somerset

When & Where Name Sex Name and Surname of Father Name, surname and maiden surname of mother Occupation of father Signature, description and residence of informant When registered
10th March 1892
1 Waterloo Crescent,  Weston-super-Mare
Gwendoline Sarah girl Frank Benjamin WINDEATT Elizabeth  WINDEATT formerly FIELDS Plasterer E. WINDEATT
1 Waterloo Crescent,  Weston-super-Mare
23rd April 1892

Because her mother died when she was only four, Gwendoline probably spent some time being looked after by other relatives.  In 1901, she was living with her father's younger brother: Fredolph and his wife Hettie and their children and in 1911 she was living with another brother of her father's, Corelli Windeatt, (the then famous dance band leader) and she was working as an assistant in a Music Dealer's shop.

Thanks to a kind correspondent we now know that she went on to marry a Gilbert Marshall THORN.  We believe that the eldest son of the family (Charles John William WINDEATT) also married a THORNE so it's possible that Gwendoline married the relative of another aunt.

1891 Census

Living at 7 Prospect Place, Weston Super Mare [RG12/1921/]
Name Relationship Marriage Age Profession Birthplace
Frank WINDEATT Head M 26 Plasterer & Mason Devon, Teignmouth*
Elizabeth WINDEATT Wife M 26 " ? ? Wilts
Gertrude WINDEATT Daur S 3 " Weston S. Mare
Lillian WINDEATT Daur S 1 " Weston S. Mare
Hettie FIELD Visitor S 15 Servant Domestic Charlton, Wilts
Harry KING Lodger M 28 Labourer Somerset ?
Clara KING Wife M ?40 Violinist  Somerset, ?Weston
Dora KING Daur S 7 Scholar Somerset, ?Weston
Harry KING Son S 5 Scholar Somerset, ?Weston
Winifred S. KING Daur S 4 Scholar Somerset, ?Weston

They were living in a house to themselves - just as well given the number of people there.  Hettie FIELD is probably Elizabeth's sister (and perhaps helping out with the children between jobs).  Their lodgers, the KINGs,  are possibly  relatives of Frank's sisters-in-law: Bella and Hettie KING.

1896 - His wife dies aged only 31

In the winter of 1896, Elizabeth WINDEATT, née FIELD, died during a premature labour (she probably also had TB[*]. This is sad.  She left several  motherless children.  Unusually, Frank doesn't appear to have remarried[**] but went to live with his own mother and elder spinster sister, who, presumably, looked after the children between them.

Death in the Sub-district of Weston-super-Mare in the County of Somerset

When & Where Name Sex Age Occupation Cause of Death Signature, description and residence of informant When registered
14th Dec 1896
1 Waterloo Crescent, Weston super-Mare, U.D.
Elizabeth WINDEATT Female 31 years Wife of Frank Benjamin WINDEATT
Acute Phthisis
Premature Labour
Certified by A.L. Webb
Widower of deceased
1 Waterloo Crescent, Weston super-Mare,
16th December 1896

Frank lived on until 1933 (Axbridge), aged 69 and there do not appear to be any records of a remarriage.

1901 Census

By 1901 Frank and his five now motherless children had moved back to live with his mother and three single sisters at Grove Place, Weston Super Mare.

1911 Census

In 1911 two of Frank's daughters were living in Kingston upon Thames with their uncle Corelli WINDEATT.  Gwendoline is working at a Music Shop/Dealers but Lillian does not appear to be employed.

1901-2001 Descendants

There are living descendants of Frank and Elizabeth.  Please get in touch if you can add to or correct any of the information above.


* PHTHISIS:  A medical term used to describe a wasting disease - usually TB
** REMARRIAGE:  Just about every other widower I can think of in this extensive Horrabridge tree, married again very soon after his wife's death. I assume they needed someone to look after the children and that it was probably often arranged by relatives.  Possibly, Frank didn't have such an urgent need because his mother and sister were available to look after the children.

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