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Alf WINDEATT: Violinist

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      FREDOLPH(Alf) WINDEATT =Henrietta (aka Hettie, Hinda, Hynda) KING

Family History

WARNING: A lot of this information is speculative. It has been put together from second data - mainly the census and BMD index data.

Fredolph (Alf) WINDEATT (1871-?1955)

Alf was born in March quarter of 1871 in the Newton Abbot Register Office district, and, like his brother Corelli, has a rather strange name.  I spent years imagining that 'Fredolph' was some kind of mistranscription of Frederick Alfred but now I have seen a concert programme from 1888 where he is definitely listed as Fredolph.  I am not sure where the name originated or how Alf came to be given it  but perhaps it was the name of some family sponsor - possibly the brother of Arcangelo Corelli Collard BERE's wife (see link below).

He was baptised in on September 10th 1879 to Charles Allan and Sarah Windeatt, Musician at Christ Church, Weston Super Mare and given the names Frederick Alfred Aly (source http://www.mary.mason.btinternet.co.uk/wsmcc.htm).  Frederick Alfred is obviously an Anglicisation of Fredolph but, again, I am not sure where the 'Aly' comes from.  It could be a mistranscription for or a shortened form of Alexander?  Alexander appears as the second name of both one of his children and one of his grandchildren.  However, ALY could also be a deferential nod to the ALEY family who were closely related to Corelli's namesake Arcangelo Corelli Collard BERE.  Arcangelo BERE had married a Charlotte Sophia ALEY in 1850 and her brother was a  Frederick ALEY who was also of independent means.

Parents and Siblings

See link below to Alph's early life from 1871 to 1896 - where he appears as Fredolph or Fredalph on official documents but his family report that he was known as 'Alf'.

Alf appears in the 1871 census as a four month old baby living with his parents in Teignmouth, Devon and later in the 1881 and 1891 censuses living in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset where the family had moved in the mid 1870s so that Charles, Alf's father, could pursue his musical career.

1896 Spouse - Henrietta KING (?1872-1968)

Fredolph Ally WINDEATT married Hetty King in the March quarter of 1896 in the Fulham Register Office District [1a 370]. 

Family history stories relate that he met her through playing Rugby Union at Newport, however he would have known her as a sister-in-law since at least 1892.  There was a Rugby Union club in Weston from 1875 and there were apparently close links with the Welsh clubs:

Thanks to the kind contributions of a fellow researcher, we now have a transcription of the marriage certificate:

Marriage solemnized at St. Matthews Church in the Parish of Hammersmith in the County of London

Date Name & Surname Age Condition Rank or Profession Residence at the time of Marriage Father's Name and Forename Rank or profession of Father Witnesses
February 18th 1896 Fredalph Ally WINDEATT 25 Bachelor Musician 15 Sterndale Rd. Charles WINDEATT Musician Corelli  WINDEATT


Hinda KING 24 Spinster - 15 Sterndale Rd. Barnett KING Tobaconist

Fredolph spells his name Fredalph on the certificate above.  We can assume he didn't much like his given name because his family all knew him as 'Alf'.  Hinda also went by several names - Hinda also spelled Hynda; then sometimes anglicised to Henrietta, or Hettie.  Information from the family, however, tells us that Alf called her Het.

Hinda/Hettie was the sister of Bella KING - Corelli"s wife and thanks to a kind informant we now know a little more about the KING family.

Hettie lived to the ripe old age of 97 and died in Richmond upon Thames in 1968, only four years after her sister, Bella, who was 94 when she died (according to information received).

1896-1913 Children

Alf had at least five children and all of them, except for Louis Vernon who died in the first world war, married and had children.  Because of the hundred year limit is is not possible to add many more details here.  However the links lead to such publicly available or permitted information as we currently have available:

1901 Census (taken 31st March) © Crown Copyright

Here’s Fred living at no 54 Wyndham Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey.  He got his birthplace right (unlike his brother, Corelli). 

A kind contact has now answered my question about the Gwendoline WINDEATT listed below.  She is the daughter of Frank Benjamin WINDEATT (Alf's older brother and a double-bass player - although Frank's day job was as a plasterer).  Her mother had died a few years earlier and this is probably why she was being looked after by her uncle and aunt (or perhaps helping out with their children).

[RG13/664 Folio 164 Page 17, Schedule 114]
NameRelStatusAgeOccupationEmploymentWorking at homeWhere Born
Fredalph WindeattHeadM31MusicianWorkerYesDevon, Teignmouth
Henda WindeattWifeM30Musician    America US British Subject
Arthur WindeattSon  4      London
Louis Windeattdaur  3      Weston-Super-Mare, Som.
Gwendoline WindeattNiece  9      Surrey, Kingston


1911 - 1955 Later life as a musician

Alf presumably continued to play in the orchestras and bands led by his brother, Corelli.  In the early part of the century Corelli led the London Dance Orchestra (130 musicians) and in the 1920s they were apparently playing on the pier at Weston.  For a photograph of Alf at this time see the link below:

1911 Census (taken 2nd April) Crown Copyright

  Here they are in 1911, still in Kingston upon Thames but at a different address: 17 Glenville Road, a six-roomed house, which still exists (see photograph opposite N. Windeatt).

According to Alf's declaration on the census form he had been married 15 years and they had had six children born alive of whom one had died (see further information below).

NameRelAgeStatusOccupation Industry Own account?Working at home?Where Born
Fredalph WindeattHead 40MMusician  Worker- Teignmouth, Devon
Henrietta Windeattwife 40M      - Galvaston, Texas, US
Arthur Windeattson 14- Assistant Oilman   Worker - Walworth, London SW
Louis WindeattSon 13  School. Newsboy   Worker - Kingston on Thames, Surry
Frederick WindeattSon 5        - Kingston on Thames
Hilda Beatrice Windeattdaughter 7      - Wandsworth, London, SW
Violet Windeattdaughter 6        Balham, London SW
Isabel Selma Windeatt *daughter 3 wks        Raynes Park, Surrey

*ISABEL SELMA WINDEATT:  A kind correspondent has pointed out that Isabel Selma Windeatt, born in the June quarter of 1908, in the Croydon Register Office District [2a 418], and who has been included in the census lists above, had actually died shortly after she was born [September quarter, Croydon 2a 183].  So Isabel Selma had obviously died at three weeks old and Alf had misinterpreted the census sheet instructions and included her erroneously in the lists of those still living.

1955 Death

Alf is believed to have died in the Surrey North Register Office District area in 1955.

1919-2009 Descendants?

There are living descendants of Alf and Hetty.  Please make contact via the Message Board if you can correct any of the information given here or contribute any more.

Last updated February 2010. 

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