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Below is a list of Horrabridge tree WINDGEATs listed in their generations.  The [More . . .] link leads to further detailed information. 

This list is restricted to married couples that we know something about and who had children themselves. But there are a lot more children and possible spouses, etc. mentioned on the detailed pages  which are linked via [More . . .]).  There are children who died without issue or disappeared from the records together with speculations about possible spouses and possible other children.  There are also a lot of links on the detailed pages to background information on the life and times of that particular family and drawings and photographs where possible.  Some branches have been researched more thoroughly than others.

Because this is a one-name study (unofficial) I have not published details of female descendants but I am very happy to receive information or answer questions about them if I can.  For data privacy reasons this information does not extend beyond 100 years ago but this tree has a lot of surviving issue.  My husband is one of the ninth generation of descendants from John WINGATE and Margaret HUTCHINGS of Horrabridge.

First Generation (spelled variously)

John WINGATE m. Margaret HUTCHINGS in 1770 [More . . .]

Second Generation (spelled WINDEATT after moving from Horrabridge)

Children of John and Margaret (of ? in total)

John m. Thomazine HOSKINS in 1802 [More . . .]
George m. Susannah HAMLYN IN 1805 [More . . .]
Sarah m. Thomas ROWE in 1809 [More . . .]

Third Generation (spelled WINDEATT from now on)

Children of John and Thomazine (of 9 in total)

John m. Mary Ann FROOM in 1830 [More . . .]
George J. H. m. Harriet CALL in 1831, Maria MILLMAN in 1840 and Hannah ELLIS in 1847 [More . . .]
Mary Anne m. George TURNER in 1834 [More . . .]
William P.G. m. Selina JARMAN in 1839 [More . . .]
Richard H. m. Maria CHAPMAN in 1840 and Leah EDWARDS in 1874 [More . . .]
Edwin A. m. Mary CALL in 1845 [More . . .]
Henry m. ?Ann ELLIOTT in 1846 and/or ?Jane GODBER c. 1849 [More . . .]
Thomas F. m. Elizabeth Ann FROOM in 1847 [More . . .]

Children of George and Susannah

Mary H. m. James BLATCHFORD c.?1836 [More . . .]
William H. m. Elizabeth WORTH in 1832 [More . . .]
John H. m. Ann TURNER in 1833 [More . . .]
Ann H. m. ?COLE in 1844 [More . . .]

Fourth Generation

Children of John and Mary

Robert F. m. Hellen NAYLOR in 1854  [More . . .]
Charles A. m. Sarah HAWKINGS  about ?1859 [More . . .]

Children of George and Harriet

George J. H. m. Elizabeth KELLY in 1860 in Bethnal Green [More . . .]
Harriet m. Edwin COWLISHAW about ?1863 [More . . .]

Children of William and Selina

William R. m. Philippa BOWDEN in 1862 in Plymouth and Elizabeth SOUTHERTON in 1864 also in Plymouth [More . . .]
John m. Margaret SCANLAN probably in the Manchester area about 1867 and Mary Laight in 1870 in Prestwich nr. Manchester [More . . .]
Selina m. Richard SNOW in 1876 in Exeter [More . . .]
Emma m. Christopher READ in 1878 in Weaste nr. Salford [More . . .]
Mary Ann m. Edwin PREECE in 1873 in Prestwich nr. Manchester [More . . .]
Sarah Ellen m. Sydney ROBINSON in 1901 in Weaste nr. Salford [More . . .]
Louisa m. Richard HORROBIN in 1893 in Stockport  [More . . .]
Henry m. Frances PERCY in 1881 in Exeter [More . . .]

Children of Richard and Maria

John C. m. Emma JOHNS in 1863 in Exeter and Mary Jane DEAN in 1869 in Christchurch [More . . .]
Susan M. m. James BERRY in Exeter in 1866 [More . . .]

Children of Henry and Jane

Ellen E. m. William STEER in 1880 [More . . .]

Children of John and Ann

George J. m. Elizabeth Ann PACKHAM in 1868 in Wellington, Somerset
Emma m. John Osborne TRICKEY in 1878 in the Newton Abbot district of Devon

Children of William and Elizabeth

Sarah m. John THOMSON probably at the end of the 1860s in West Derby nr. Liverpool.
Elizabeth W. m. William B. ADAMS in 1866 in the Newton Abbot district of Devon
William H. Windeatt m. Eliza Warren WHITEWAY in 1874 in the Newton Abbot district of Devon

Fifth Generation

Children of Robert Froom and Hellen

?Robert J. m. ? in St. Pancras in 1880 [More . . .]
?James E. m. ? in Woolwich in 1874  [More . . .]
?Frederick Charles m. ? in St. Saviours in 1884  [More . . .]
Tom married ? in Camberwell m. 1892 [More . . .]

Children of Charles Allen and Sarah

Charles J. W. m. ? in 1879 in the Axbridge register district (probably Weston Super Mare)  [More . . .]
Elizabeth, ?dsp [More . . .]
Frank B. m. Elizabeth in 1887 in the Axbridge register district (probably Weston Super Mare) [More . . .]
Edmund/Edward, ?dsp [More . . .]
Corelli E. B. m. Bella KING in 1892 [More . . .]
Frederick A. m. Henrietta KING in 1886 [More . . .]
Etty M. m. ? in 1899 in the Axbridge register district (probably Weston Super Mare) [More . . .]
Adaline Beatrice O. m. in 1903 in Bristol [More . . .]
Charlotte Elizabeth F. m. 1907 in the Axbridge register district (probably Weston Super Mare) [More . . .]

Children of William Robert and Philippa, and William Robert and Elizabeth

William R. m. Harriet Ellen MANVILLE in 1890 in Ivybridge, Devon
Beatrice M. m. John COCHRANE in 1887 in Plymouth
Alfred E. S. m. Rosa RICHARDSON in 1904 in Plymouth

Children of John and Margaret and John and Mary

Margaret S. m. Charles E. HARDMAN in 1891 in Salford
Francis J. m. Mary Ellen SPEAK in 1897 in Salford
Florence A. m. ? in 1896 in Exeter
William R. m. Alice Elizabeth LINLEY in 1900 in Hope, Lancashire
Thomas A. m. Sarah Elizabeth BOLT in Exeter in 1907
George F. m. Florence STEVENS in ?Exeter in ?1907

Children of John and Mary Jane

Arthur P. C. m. Elizabeth Susan COWARD in Dorset in 1903
William J. m. Emma Maria PATMORE in 1898 in Surrey.
Sophia m. ? in 1892 in Christchurch
John C. m. Laura Mary WHITMARSH in Christchurch in 1907