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George WINDEATT, Mason & Builder

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George WINDEATT = Susanna HAMLYN (married in 1805)
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WARNING:  The family of George and his descendants has not been thoroughly researched. The information on this page has been put together from census returns and BMD index data.  If you are descended from this family or can correct or add to the information please get in touch.
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We don't know why or when George WINDEATT left Horrabridge and went to St. Nicholas, Ringmore (Shaldon) but he gives his birthplace as Meavy in the 1851 census and his age, 69, matches the christening of the George WINGATE who appears in the Meavy parish register in 1781 "the son of John and Margaret Wingate".

He must have been over there on the coast as early as 1805 when he married Susanna HAMLYN.  The only other connection with the area is some Windeatts/Wingetts in West Teignmouth across the bridge but the family connections are not clear.

There is an Allen WINGETT who ran the London Inn in Torquay between 1822 and 1830 but we have found few other traces of him*.   There is a tenuous connection, however, in that John Windeatt, George's nephew, who moved to West Teignmouth some time in the 1830s called one of his sons Charles Allen Windeatt.

Allen WINGETT: I have been told of three possible marriages:  an Allen WINGEAT who married in Plymouth in 1814; and an Allin WINGETT married Rebecca Smaridge in 1800 and Allen Wingate m. Elizabeth Prouse 1772 at Diptford - this could be the same person or two or three different ones.


George died in 1852 aged 71 and was buried on November 25th in Shaldon. 


This branch appears to have "daughtered out" but we now know there are  surviving issue from one of the female descendants (see message 115 on the Message Board).  If you are related to this family, then other descendants would like to hear from you.

Occupation: Mason & Builder

There was a small ad. in The Alfred, West of England Journal and General Advertiser, on Tuesday 21/08/1821 which advertised: Messrs PRIDEAUX & Windeatt, builders, Sheldon, (DFH, no.88, p.32).

By 1823 he had apparently set up on his own because there was an advert in the Exeter Flying Post of July 3rd advertising a "new-built substantial dwelling house" for sale:


To be SOLD in Fee by Auction, on Thursday the 10th day of July next, precisely at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the Passage-house Inn, in Shaldon, a NEW-BUILT SUBSTANTIAL


consisting of breakfast, dining, and drawing-rooms, lodging-rooms, kitchens, pantries, cellars, etc. suitable for the Residence of a genteel Family; with a WALLED GARDEN attached, and a small FIELD immediately adjoining, and STABLE and COACH-HOUSE partly built. 
  The House is situated on the Embankment of Shaldon and has a commanding aspect both of Sea and Land.
  For particulars and viewing the same, apply to Mr. George WINDEATT, Mason, of Shaldon.
. . .
  Dated 25th June, 1823.

And in 1850, George and his son, William, were listed as a firm of  Masons & Builders in White's Directory.  Interestingly a William PRIDEAUX is listed as a separate business under the heading Joiners & Builders.

Parents & Siblings

See the page about his father, John WINGATE:  [ More . . .]

Spouse - Susanna HAMLYN (?1783-1872)

George WINDEATT married Susanna HAMLYN on 19/05/1805 in Shaldon.  We know she was the daughter of a William HAMLYN from St. Nicholas, Ringmore because the Burnet-Morris index quotes a fragment of William HAMLYN's will of 1819 where he talks about George WINDEATT as "my son-in-law" who was married to his daughter, Susannah.   An Estate Duty copy of this will (FILE [no title] - ref. 1078/IRW/H/145 - date: 1819 [from Scope and Content] William Hamlyn of Shaldon, Saint Nicholas, Devon) is available from the Devon Record Office and I will be ordering a copy at some point.

Shaldon from a print of circa 1828
Copyright Devon County Council, 2002

Shaldon Ringmore Marriage Register: By banns 21 & 28 April & 5 May 1805, Marriage 19 May 1805 George WINDEATT, bachelor, & Susanna HAMLYN, spinster, both of St Nicholas. Both signed the register. Witnesses Robert HAMLYN & John PARR, both signed.

Shaldon Ringmore Burial Register: December 14th 1872, Susanna WINDEATT of Ipplepen buried aged 89.


1. Mary Hamlyn WINDEATT (1806-?)

Shaldon Ringmore Baptism Register:  May 8 1806, Mary Hamlyn daughter of George & Susanna Windeatt

I am now kindly informed by a descendant that Mary Hamlyn WINDEATT "married James Blatchford and lived in Ipplepen"  (see message 115 on the Message Board).  There is information about her husband and children at Joy and Arthur French's Rootsweb World Connect site:

http://wc.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=a-french&id=I12573 (opens in new window)

According to the data on the site Mary's first child, born in 1840, has an unusual name:  Albina?  I wonder where that came from?  Sadly she died in 1843 aged two and a bit.  The second child, a son, died aged only a few weeks in 1841.  He had been named George Windeatt BLATCHFORD, obviously after Mary's father. Two further sons survived but another daughter, also named Albina, was born in 1846 and died just after her fourth birthday in 1850.  The family were Methodists and one of the surviving sons, George Francis BLATCHFORD, became a lay preacher in Bristol.

Here is a link to Joy and Arthur's Ipplepen site:

2. George WINDEATT (1807-?)

Shaldon Ringmore Baptism Register:  Nov 15 1807 George son of George & Susanna Windeatt
Shaldon Ringmore Burial Register: Feb 7 1837 George Windeatt, Shaldon 30

There was a George WINDEATT who married an Ann Mudge DAVIES at Tor (Torquay) on 4th June 1833.  This looks likely to be him but we know no more at present.  He may have had children (possibly the Ann Susanna who married William LANGDON - see 1861 census below) but he died very young.

3. John Hamlyn WINDEATT (1809-?)

Shaldon Ringmore Baptism Register:  June 19 1809 John Hamlyn son of George & Susanna Windeatt

John had several children but, as far as we can tell, only one son.

4. William Hamlyn WINDEATT (?1811-1850)

Shaldon Ringmore Baptism Register:  March 12 1811, William Hamlyn son of George & Susanna Windeatt

William worked with his father as a builder in Shaldon and married in Shaldon on 20th September 1832 to Elizabeth WORTH.  The witnesses were a George Windeatt and a Mary H Windeatt.  They were almost certainly George and Mary, Williams older brother and sister.

William died on June 3rd 1850 in Ringmore, Shaldon aged only 39.  He had several descendants (see link below) but we haven't been contacted by any yet.  If you belong to this family please get in touch.

5. Robert Hamlyn WINDEATT (1813-1813)

Shaldon Ringmore Baptism Register: Jan 11 1813 Robert Hamlyn son of George & Susanna Windeatt of St Nicholas, Mason
Shaldon Ringmore Burial Register: March 29 1813 Robert Hamlyn Windeatt of Shaldon an infant

6. Frances WINDEATT (1814-?)

Shaldon Ringmore Baptism Register: April 17 1814 Frances daughter of George & Susanna Windeatt of Shaldon, Mason

Another mystery.  What happened to her?

7. Elizabeth Charlotte WINDEATT (1816-?)

Shaldon Ringmore Baptism Register: Sept 24 1816 Elizabeth Charlotte daughter of George & Susanna Windeatt, Shaldon, Mason

Another mystery.  What happened to her?

8.  Ann Hamlyn WINDEATT (1819-?)

Shaldon Ringmore Baptism Register: Dec 30 1819 Anne Hamlyn daughter of George & Susanna Windeatt, Shaldon, Mason

All we know about her is that she married in the December quarter of 1844 in the Newton Abbot registration district to a John COLE (GRO REF: 10 233) and her later appearance as Ann COLE, George's married daughter, in the 1851 census records below.


9. Robert Charles WINDEATT (1825-?)

Shaldon Ringmore Baptism Register: Jan 25 1825 Robert Charles son of George & Susanna Windeatt, Shaldon, Mason
Shaldon Ringmore Burial Register: Feb 19 1826 Robert Charles Windeatt, Shaldon 1 year 1 month


Census Transcriptions


Here is George living in St. Nicholas village in 1841 (no specific address given but possibly "the road leading to Torquay").

Name Age Profession Born in County?
Geo. Windeatt 60 Builder Yes
Susan Windeatt 58   Yes
Ann H. Windeatt 24 Straw Manufacturer Yes
John Worth Windeatt 15 months   Yes

Eliza BULLEY, a Dressmaker aged 27, born in the county was living alone in the same property but as a separate household.  Elizabeth COYSH aged 52 and Susanna COYSH age ?14 (also both born in the county) are living in the next property listed.  There is a Susanna Windeatt COYSH living with her family on a farm at Ventiford, Teigngrace, Nr. Newton Abbot in 1851 - but the dates don't match - unless she is 14 months old in 1841 rather than 14 years. 


Here is the family in the living in Fore St., St. Nicholas, Ringmore.  George's daughter presumably married a sailor called COLE who was away at sea at the time.  We don't know who Eliza BULLEY is but she appears to be the same Eliza BULLEY who was living with them in their house ten years before.

Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace  
George WINDEATT Head M 69 M House Builder Meavy-Dev 1781
Susanna WINDEATT Wife M 67 F --- Devonport-Dev 1783
Ann COLE Daur M 30 F Sailor's Wife St Nicholas-Dev 1820
John Alfred COLE DauS - 4m M Sailor's Son St Nicholas-Dev  
Eliza BULLEY Vist U 37 F Dress Maker St Nicholas-Dev 1813

George's son, William, was living a couple of doors down the road - see link to William's family  in the 1851 census

George's brother, John, was living across the bridge in West Teignmouth.  John, also a mason and plasterer, had by then given up the building trade and was working as a greengrocer with his wife Thomasine - see link to census transcription for John & Thomasine in 1851  George died the following year and his brother, John, died just a few days after the census was taken.



George has died and Susanna is living in the High Street, Shaldon.  This enumerator did not number the houses in the High Street nor did he indicate how many households were sharing the house.

Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace ?DOB
Susanna WINDEATT Head Widow 77 F Independent Devon Devonport 1783
Ann S LANGDON Granddaughter Mar 26 F Marriner's Wife Devon Shaldon 1834
William George LANGDON Grandson   2 M Sailor's Son Devon Shaldon 1858

RG9/1401, Folio 104, Page 2, Schedule 10.

The next house on the list is in Fore Street and inhabited by Miriam WHITEWAY, head, widow aged 51 born in Bridgeport Dorset with her son John, unmarried, aged 27, and Ironmonger and Tinplate Worker, and her daughters Miriam, Love S and Eliza W, all Unmarried aged 22 and 17 and 13.  Miriam is an Assistant in a shop and Eliza a scholar. In 1874 Eliza married Susanna's grandson William Hamlyn WINDEATT the second.

Ann Susannah Langdon

An Ann Susannah WINDEATT married a William LANGDON in the September quarter of 1855 in Exeter.  This must be her in the 1861 census above.  We know she is one of George's granddaughters but which one of George's children was her parent?  It might be George who married Ann Mudge Davies.

George as Employer

The following Settlement Examination is, unfortunately undated, but was made by one of George's ex-employees who had served an apprenticeship as a mason elsewhere.

John Buckingham

Now in Kenton, he was born in Exeter, St Stephen, his parents belonged to Powderham, when he was 14 he went to sea as a cabin boy on a ship belonging to Mr Jacob Buckingham, after 2 years he went to live with Captain Patterson in Kenton and worked on his pleasure boat, then he went with the Captain on a man of war he was discharged when he was 18, his parents then apprenticed him to William White, mason of Kenton, for 7 years, he stayed with him until he was 23 as business was slack he looked for a job, and worked for Squire Kekewich at Peamore, then went to London for 9 months, returned to Starcross, after 3 weeks he found work in Dawlish for 6 weeks, then for 11 months in Shaldon living in lodgings, he returned to his father in Powderham for 2 weeks when his apprenticeship expired, his father went to Exeter and collected the indenture and gave it to him, he returned to Shaldon as a weekly servant with George Wyngyt for 7 or 8 years, 5 years ago he married Francis at Ashcombe, they have 3 children, William 5 and Patience 3 and John 6 weeks, he worked in Kenton and rented a cottage at 4, 3 years ago he came to Mamhead for a year and then to Kenton.

Kenton Parish, Overseers of the Poor Settlement Examination
FILE - John Buckingham - ref. 70 A/PO 6319 - date: n.d.
retrieved from the A2A website at http://www.a2a.org.uk/