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Henry WINDEATT - the accountant

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About Henry (1861-?1924)

Henry was born and married in Exeter, but shortly after his marriage he moved to Manchester where some of his older siblings had already moved. He moved again to Aston, Birmingham probably after his mother had died in 1891.

He was the youngest of the twelve children and the third of the three surviving sons and the only one to fulfil his mother's ambitions of entry into a white collar profession.  The eldest  brother, William Robert, had started off as a lawyers' clerk, but, at 21, he had left to join the marines where he had an up and down career that had ended in alcoholism and death.

However, Henry seems to have done everything right - he became a clerk and then an accountant and married another accountant.  Later, he was appointed to a variety of public offices and, by the time, of the 1911 census, he was the Registrar for Births and Deaths of the Aston Board of Guardians (see below).

He was also a good son, bring his elderly parents up to live with him in Manchester and then, when they died not long afterwards, it was Henry who paid for the burial plot and, doubtless, arranged the funerals (see deaths and burials of William and Selina).

Parents & Siblings

Henry was born in the September Quarter of 1861 in Exeter [5b 94] the twelfth and probably the last of William and Selina's twelve children.

Marriage to Frances PERCY (1859-?)

Frances PERCY (b.1859-?)

Currently we don't know very much about Frances PERCY but she was probably the Frances PERCY who was born in the St. Thomas, Exeter, Register Office district in the March quarter of 1859 [GRO 5b 65].  Please leave a message on the Message Board if you can supply any information about her or her family.

Marriage solemnised at St. Michael's Church in the parish of Heavitree in the County of Devon

DateName & SurnameAgeConditionRank or ProfessionResidence at the time of MarriageFather's Name and ForenameRank or profession of FatherWitnesses
15th September 1881Henry WINDEATT21BachelorAccountantHolloway St ExeterWilliam WINDEATT TravellerJames PERCY


Frances PERCY22SpinsterAccountantFore St. HeavitreeJames PERCYPlasterer

Why were they married by licence?

This marriage was carried out by Licence, i.e. the couple did not wait the three weeks for banns to be read.  One reason could be because Frances was already expecting their first child, Fanny, who was born seven and a bit months later.  A further reason could be that Henry was actually only 20 and should have had his  parents' and employer's permission to marry under the age of 21.  Avoiding calling the banns could have avoided any awkward questions or objections.

Why did Henry say his father was a traveller? 

William had been a porter at the Female Penitentiary for some time by now.  Or did the person who transcribed the marriage certificate make a mistake and transpose the bride and groom's fathers' professions?  Certainly Henry's father, William, had been a plasterer before he got the portering job.  On the other hand, perhaps Henry and Frances switched the professions themselves in order to distract attention from his real age and real father (who should have given his permission).

However, even if Henry *did* marry without his parents' permission, it could not have affected their relationship for long because they were living with him in Manchester later on in their old age.

1882 - 1911 Children

1. Fanny (1882-?)

Fanny, the first daughter, was called after her mother (as was traditional in this family)

Birth in the Sub-district of Heavitree in the County of Devon 1882

When & WhereNameSexName and Surname of FatherName, surname and maiden surname of motherOccupation of fatherSignature, description and residence of informantWhen registered
28th April 1882 Fore Street HeavitreeFannyGirlHenry WINDEATTFrances WINDEATT formerly PERCYAccountantF WINDEATT
Fore Street Heavitree
20th May 1882

A fellow researcher has kindly contributed the information that Fanny married twice, first to a TABER and then to a HOARE, and that there was issue from the first marriage.  She was living with her father in 1911 together with her daughter . . . 

2. Henry Percival (1884-?)

Henry, the first son, was called, as was traditional in this family, after his father.  His second name is probably a nod towards his mother's surname.

Birth in the Sub-district of Pendleton, Salford, in the County of Lancaster 1884

When & WhereNameSexName and Surname of FatherName, surname and maiden surname of motherOccupation of fatherSignature, description and residence of informantWhen registered
17th April 1884 28 Stowell Street Pendelton Salford
Henry PercivalBoyHenry WINDEATTFrances WINDEATT formerly PERCYUnion ClerkHenry WINDEATT
28 Stowell Street
8th July 1884

Henry senior, Frances and family must have moved up to the Manchester area between 1882 and 1884 and he now has a job as an official working for the Salford Union for the poor.

Henry Percival appears in the 1901 census, aged 16 and working as a commercial clerk.  We don't know what happened to him after that.

3. Violet Ida (1888-?)

There is no apparent family tradition behind Violet Ida's first names.  Henry doesn't seem to have called any of his children after his own parents.  However, I have noticed that towards the end of the century, families seemed to break with the rigid traditions of naming and often went for more fashionable christian names for their children.  Quite a few children of this generation seem to have been called Violet.

Birth in the Sub-district of Pendleton, Salford, in the County of Lancaster 1884

When & WhereNameSexName and Surname of FatherName, surname and maiden surname of motherOccupation of fatherSignature, description and residence of informantWhen registered
10th March 28 Stowell Street Pendelton Salford
Violet IdaGirlHenry WINDEATTFrances WINDEATT formerly PERCYSettlement  Clerk In the Salford UnionF WINDEATT
28 Stowell Street
Fifth May 1888

1890  Henry's father's death

In 1890 Henry's father died and on the death certificate in January 1890, Henry reported that he lived at 21 Vere St.  Not a particular pleasant area from the photographs:

4. Elsie Mary (1890-1891)

We don't have a copy of her birth certificate but she was born in the September quarter of 1890 in Salford (GRO Ref: 8d 132) and probably died in the December quarter of 1891, aged 1 [GRO Aston, 6d 212].

1890 Appointment to Aston Board of Guardians

 A meeting of the Aston Board of Guardians was held yesterday, at the Workhouse, Gravelly Hill; Alderman JOHNSON presiding . . .
On the motion of Mr. BUSHELL, seconded by Mr. TODD, Mr. H. WINDEATT of Salford was appointed superintendent of out-relief and pay-clerk at a salary of 200 per annum.

-Birmingham Daily Post (Birmingham, England),
Wednesday, November 19, 1890; Issue 10111.

According to one website (referenced below), 200 pounds a year in 1890 was worth 98, 572 in 2009 using the average earnings measure.  This seems a lot - the calculation is a much more modest 16,402.48  using the retail price index.  However, I think we can conclude that Henry had achieved some kind of lower middle class status with this appointment.

-Lawrence H. Officer, "Five Ways to Compute the Relative Value of a UK Pound Amount, 1830 to Present," MeasuringWorth, 2008. URL http://www.measuringworth.com/ukcompare/


1891 Census (taken 5th April)  © Crown Copyright

 Here's the family now living at 233 Bevington Rd, St Peter & St Paul parish, Aston, Warwicks.  They must have moved down here because Henry has been appointed to a better position.  His father died in  January 1890 (at Henry's house) and his mother in January 1891, which probably left Henry free to move away.

[RG12/2433 36/92/26/105]

SurnameFirst name(s)RelStatusSexAgeOccupationWhere BornRemarks
WINDIATT Henry Head M M 29 Super Out Relief
Aston Union 
Devon - Exeter  Employed
WINDIATT Frances Wife M F 32   Devon - Heavitree  
WINDIATT Fanny Dau - F 8   Devon - Heavitree  
WINDIATT Henry P Son - M 6   Lancashire - Salford  
WINDIATT Violet I Dau - F 3   Lancashire - Salford  
WINDIATT Elsie M Dau - F 10m   Lancashire - Salford  

The Aston Union

The History of Birmingham Places and Placenames website has a page about Erdington with photographs of the Aston Union (now converted into flats).

5. Louisa May (1892-?)

Louisa is the only one of Henry's children who appears to have been called after a sibling.  Henry's sister Louisa (the Louisa above's aunt) was the sister closest in age to him, just two years older.  And Louisa senior was staying with Henry and her niece  in 1911 so they were obviously still close.

We don't have a copy of her birth certificate but she was born in the September quarter of 1892 in the Aston Register Office District [6d 352].

1901 Census (taken 31st March)  © Crown Copyright

Warning: this census transcription has been produced from information received and may not be accurate.

NameAgeWhere BornCensus PlaceParishOccupation
Harry Windeatt39Devon ExeterWarwickshireErdingtonSettlement Clerk Aston Union
Frances Windeatt42Devon HeavitreeWarwickshireErdington 
Fanny Windeatt18Devon HeavitreeWarwickshireErdington 
Henry Windeatt16Lancs PendletonWarwickshireErdingtonCommercial Clerk
Ida Windeatt13Lancs PendletonWarwickshireErdington 
Louise Windeatt8B HamWarwickshireErdington 

Elsie Mary does not appear in this census so we can assume she died in infancy and this is supported by Henry's statement ten years later that one of their five children was no longer living. 

1911 Census (taken 2nd April)  © Crown Copyright

Courtesy of a descendant of John COOKE (the husband of the Sarah Ellen COOKE listed below) we now have details of the family in 1911. 

Here they are living at 89 Hunton Road., Gravelly Hill in a six-room dwelling.  Henry declared that he had been married 29 years and had had five children of whom four were still living.

NameRelAge StatusOccupationIndustryWhere Born
Henry WindeattHead 49MarriedRegistrar Births & Deaths Duddston Sub-DivAston Board of GuardiansDevonshire  Exeter
Frances WindeattWife 52Married   Devonshire  Heavitree
Ida Violet WindeattDaughter 23Single   Lancashire Pendleton
Louisa May WindeattDaughter18 Single   Warwickshire Saltley
Fanny TABER Daughter28 Married   Devonshire Heavitree
Ida Daisy TABERGranddaughter 10 mths    Worcestershire Selly Oak
Sarah Ellen COOK*Sister 53Married   Devonshire  Exeter
Louisa HOROBIN*Sister 51Married   Devonshire  Exeter

Sarah Ellen COOKE and Louisa HOROBIN are Henry's two sisters, and I am trying to think of a reason why they should both be staying with him and his wife on 2nd April.  It wasn't any of their birthdays.  However it is  good to know that

  1. the family were still keeping in touch despite the distances involved in meeting up and that
  2. we now have some additional marital information for Henry's daughter and sisters.  Although he crossed it out on the census form above, he had declared that his daughter, Fanny, had been married for one year and had one child living; that his sister Ellen COOKE had been married five years and had never had any children from that marriage, and that his sister Louisa HOROBIN had been married 17 years and had never had any children from that marriage.

The History of Birmingham Places and Placenames website has a page about Gravelly Hill with photographs.  It is now the site of the notorious Spaghetti Junction.


We don't know any more about Henry and his family but a Henry WINDEATT died in the Aston Registration district in the September quarter of 1924, aged 63, and this is probably him [GRO Aston,6d 299].

There may be descendants of Henry and Frances.  If you know any more about this family, or can correct any of the information on this page, please get in touch via the Message Board.


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