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The tree starts with John WINGATE, a mason, who was christened in 1742 in Buckland Monachorum parish, the son of John WINDIATT and Sarah (surname unknown).  We have not yet been able to find his parents' marriage. 

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Horrabridge - where is it?

It's in Devon, England. 

More specifically it's in South Devon on the western edge of Dartmoor Forest.

Horrabridge means "bridge on the boundary".  

It been aptly named because the village spans four parishes:  Whitchurch, Sampford Spiney, Walkhampton and Buckland Monachorum.

Image produced from Devon Record Office Parish Registers Map (c) Devon Record Office

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Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service.
Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey   and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.



There are records of WINDEATTs in Walkhampton as far back as 1498 but they are fragmentary and the name pops up at random in almost all the surrounding parishes.  Research is also complicated by Dartmoor people frequently crossing the moor and turning up as far East as Widecombe or Ashburton and as far south as Plympton or Dean Prior.   The result is a set of records which defy any definite classification into family groups. An illustration of these type of migrations can be found on Mike Brown's page on Genuki.   So, although I would like to definitely link the origin of this tree into the Walkhampton area parish records this is proving difficult if not impossible. 

There is also a branch of WINDEATTs in Tavistock but these belong to the Totnes tree and are almost certainly not related to the Walkhampton WINDEATTs. However, there is a possible link to a small tree found in Kingsbridge in South Devon.  They were also masons and may have moved down there from Horrabridge although it is equally likely that they originated from Kingsbridge where there is a record of a deceased Henry Wyndeyate dated 1525 (See A2A site: Kingsbridge Feoffees, Catalogue Ref. 215M, FILE - Feoffment - ref.  215M/T57  - date: 1525)

Most descendants of this tree spell their name WINDEATT (although the Kingsbridge tree uses WINGATE). Branches then moved on to Christchurch, Weston-Super-Mare, London, Salford and County Durham.  For more about spelling variations and origins of the WINDEATT/WINGATE families please see my origins page.

Where did they go from Horrabridge?

John WINGATE (1742-1823) had a son called John who was also a mason.  After John the elder died in 1823, the younger John moved from Horrabridge to Exeter .  He had seven surviving sons, some of whom also followed building trade professions (two plasterers, a hellier and a painter). One of his two daughters married a jeweller, George TURNER who had a business in Torquay, and two of the younger brothers and a nephew became jewellers too.  Most of the family then moved down to the east coast of Devon  which was experiencing a tourist trade boom in the mid-nineteenth century. 

In the first half of the nineteenth century, branches of the family were in Exeter, Shaldon, Torquay, West Teignmouth and Plymouth.  Later, different branches moved further afield  to Manchester, London, Christchurch in Hampshire, Weston-Super-Mare and Co. Durham.  This branch of WINDEATTs always appears to be willing (or perhaps they were driven?) to change their occupations and move around in search of work.


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