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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

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John WINGATE = Thomasine HOSKINS (married 1802)
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NOTE 1:  Notice the variation in the spelling of the surname.  After they had moved to Exeter (circa 1823) the family started to spell their name consistently as  WINDEATT. 

Seven Brides

The Brides: 

  1. Mary Ann FROOM (m.1830)
  2. Harriet CALL
  3. Selina JARMAN
  4. Maria CHAPMAN
  5. Mary CALL
  6. Ann ELLIOTT
  7. Elizabeth Ann FROOM (m.1847)

Brothers marrying sisters

I think that Harriet and Mary CALL may have been sisters.  However, thanks to the information from a descendant, we now know that Mary Ann FROOM and Elizabeth Ann FROOM were not sisters.  Elizabeth was Mary Ann's niece. [More -->]

Sisters marrying Brothers

The two WINDEATT sisters: Pasca and Mary Ann both married men called TURNER.  These TURNER boys were possibly brothers.

He married Thomasine Hoskins on 13/02/1802 in Sampford Spiney.  They went on to have two girls and eight boys (that we know of) and seven of the boys survived and got married themselves.   Because they were baptised in different places and under differently spelled surnames it took some time to be sure they were related.   

Descendants - Lots!

As you can imagine, there are lots of WINDEATTs still knocking around from these seven boys and you should be able to follow the arrowed links down through the generations. 

Birth and Identity?

Although we haven't found his baptism in any of the registers we do find him appearing twice in the 1851 census.  We can't rule out the fact that there may be two Johns of the same age and born in the same village but it seems more likely that he was recorded twice.

  1. In the census record for the night of 30th-31st March 1851, he was staying with his son George in Exeter.  He was probably quite ill because he died a few days later (4/4/1851) of a "strangulated hernia 3 days".  George's wife Hannah made her mark on the certificate as the informant.  Perhaps he was staying with George and Hannah because she had no very young children in the house and could spare the time to nurse him?
  2. On the same night he also appears as living in West Teignmouth with Thomasine but with his profession given as a Green Grocer.  This must be same John who was a 'mason of Horrabridge' when he married Tamazine Hoskins in 1802.  After Exeter quite a few of the family moved down to the coast where John's brother George was doing well in the building trade in Shaldon.  John and Tamasine, their eldest son, John, their daughter Mary Anne, and youngest son, Thomas, all moved down from Exeter to to West Teignmouth or Torquay.

Migrations and Occupations

From Horrabridge to Exeter

From the dates of his children's baptisms it would appear that they moved to Exeter some time between 1822 (Henry's birth) and 1826 (Thomas's birth).  His father, also John, died in 1823 so I suspect the family moved to Exeter shortly after.  John was a mason and his children included a Hellier (John), two Plasterers (George & William) and a Glazier/Painter (Henry).  I suspect they moved to Exeter to take advantage of the mini-building boom in the St. Sidwell's area of Exeter at the time.  See the link below:

There was another reason why John may have wanted to get away from Dartmoor in 1823!  Since 1818 he had been receiving regular payments for masonry work on Sheepstor Church but in 1823 he was presented to the Manor Court for  "illegally taking stone from Yanadown for use on Meavy church" (Mike Brown, Dartmoor Family History Index).  I do not know what punishment he received but doubtless he felt he should leave the area.  He also gives his occupation as a 'plasterer' rather than 'mason' after this date.

From Exeter to the Coast

A couple of decades later most of the family had stopped working in the building trade and taken up service professions.  John and Tamazine became greengrocers in West Teignmouth while John (the eldest son and erstwhile Hellier ran an Eating and Coffee house in the same town. Mary Anne marrried a jeweller/watchmaker in Torquay and I suspect her younger brothers, Richard and Thomas, together with her nephew, Robert, took apprenticeships with him because they all became jewellers.  George, William, Edwin and Henry stayed in Exeter but George was moonlighting as a prison warder and William had become a porter.

Parents & Siblings

PARENTS: John Windeatt and Margaret Hutchings [More . . .]

SIBLINGS: Jenny, Sarah and George (that we know of). See the CHILDREN section on the page about his parents [More . . .]

Spouse - Thomazine HOSKIN (?1783-1857)

John married Thomazine Hoskins on 13/02/1802 in Sampford Spiney.   She was christened in April 1783 in Holsworthy, Devon, the daughter of Richard HOSKIN and Pascha GREENAWAY.  She had ten children (that we know of) and nine of them survived to adulthood.  She died in the September quarter of 1857 aged seventy-four.

1857 Death Certificate -

When & Where Name Sex Age Occupation Cause of Death Signature, description and residence of informant When registered
19th August 1857, Regent Place, ?West Teignmouth Thomasin WINDEATT Female 74 years Widow of John WINDEATT, a Builder Cardiac disease
30 years
asphyxia 4 hours
present at the death
Regent Place
West Teignmouth
21st August  January 1857

Who was Maria, the informant?  Thomasin died at Regent Place which is where her son, Richard Hutchings WINDEATT,  was living in the 1861 census.  So the informant must have been her daughter-in-law, Maria neé CHAPMAN.  I wonder if Thomasine went to live with them after John died?  Certainly Richard appeared to have taken over the Greengrocery shortly after that because he is listed as the owner on a Trade Directory of 1852-3.

Children (seven surviving boys and two girls)

John WINDEATT (177?8-1851) who married Thomasine Hoskins, was a mason who had  seven surviving sons, some of whom also initially followed building trade professions (two plasterers, a hellier (slater) and a painter). One of his two daughters married a jeweller, George TURNER who had a business in Torquay, and two of the younger brothers and two nephews became jewellers too. 

NOTE 1:  There are several repeating surnames below - two grooms called TURNER, two brides called CALL and two other brides  called FROOM.  Were they related?
NOTE 2: 
John and Thomazine almost certainly lived in Horrabridge rather than Buckland Monachorum where the births where registered.  Horrabridge didn't have its own church so the inhabitants came under the jurisdiction of the Buckland Monachorum parish. 

Where are these places?  

Sampford Spiney is about two miles NE of Horrabridge and Buckland Monochorum is about two miles to the SW.  

1. John WINDEATT (1805-1885) 

Hellier, Plasterer, Eating & Coffee, Waterman to Reservoir, Sanitary Inspector

cd. 12/06/1805 in Buckland Monochorum
md. 25/12/1830, in Exeter to Mary Ann FROOM
d. 1885, aged 80, in parish of Newton Abbot (probably West Teignmouth)

WARNING:  Days after John was baptised on June 12th 1805 another John was baptised on July 20th also in Buckland Monachorum.  This was a John WINGET the son of Philip WINGET and Mary his wife.  Obviously some care must be taken distinguishing the two but I think we have been following the correct one.  They may be related because the name Philip is repeated in the second name of William the third surviving son below.  As far as I am aware there are no other boys named Philip in the WINDEATT family trees. 

2. Pasca WINGATE (1807-1828)

cd. 13/9/1807 in Buckland Monochorum.  
md. 03/10/1828, Exeter, St. Sidwell to Wiliam TURNER
d. ?  children ?  We don't know what happened to her after that except that she was living with her mother Thomasine, and brothers Edwin and Henry in Exeter, St. Paul's in 1841.  It seems likely that she was already a widow and had no children.

Through some excellent sleuthing from a descendant we have discovered that Pasca was called after her maternal  grandmother Pasca GREENAWAY.  And I suspect that William TURNER, her husband may be been the brother of George TURNER whom her sister Mary Ann married six years later in 1834.

3. William WINDEATE (1809-1812)

cd. 25/12/1809 in Buckland Monochorum
bd. 20/12/1812, age 3, in Buckland Monochorum

So far William is the only child of John and Thomazine that we have found who died in infancy.  If this is the case it is remarkable since conditions were hard and life for poor people - especially in Exeter where they later moved was crowded and insanitary (see the links on the page about William's 'replacement', William Philip Greenaway WINDEATT).

4. George Josiah Hoskin WINDEATT (1812-1873)

Plasterer, Slater, Prison Watchman

cd. 12/1/1812 in Sampford Spiney
m. (1) 17/11/1831, in Exeter St. Sidwell to Harriet CALL
m. (2) 17/03/1840 in St. Matthew Goldsmith to Maria MILLMAN
m. (3) 17/05/1847, in St Pauls, Exeter to Hannah ELLIS
d.   02/01/1873, Exeter

5. Mary Anne WINGETT (1814-?)

cd. 3/7/1814 in Sampford Spiney
md. 26/05/1834, in Exeter, St. Sidwell to George TURNER, Jeweller
Was he related to the William TURNER who married her elder sister Pasca - see above?

6. William Philip Greenway WINGETT (1816-1890)

Plasterer, Porter

cd. 26/4/1816 in Sampford Spiney
md.16/06/1839, St. Leonards, Exeter to Selina JERMAN
d.   05/01/1890, Salford

7. Richard Hutchings WINGETT (1817-1894)

Jeweller, Silversmith, Goldsmith

cd. 9.11.1817 in Sampford Spiney
m.(1) 24/08/1840, in St Pancras Church, Exeter, to Maria CHAPMAN
m.(2) 12/12/1874,  in the Register Office, Exeter to Leah EDWARDS
d. 04/01/1894, Exeter

8. Edwin Augustus WINDEATT (1820-1882)

Smith, Whitesmith

cd.14/05/1820 in Sampford Spiney
m. 26/03/1845, in St. Mary Major church, Exeter, to Mary CALL
d. Dec quarter of 1882 in Exeter.
She was probably the sister of Harriet CALL who married George.  In the 1841 census she is living with his older brother George in a crowded house in Paris Street, aged 25 and a dressmaker.

9. Henry WINDEATT (1822-)


cd. 5/12/1822 in Sampford Spiney
m.(1) 03/04/1846, in St. Paul's church, Exeter to Ann ELLIOTT
m.(2) ? to Jane GODBER

10. Thomas Frederick WINDEATT (1826-1871)


cd.10/09/1826 in Exeter St. Paul
m. 29.09.1847, Torquay, to Elizabeth Ann FROOM 
Was she related to the Mary Ann FROOM who married Thomas's eldest brother, John - see above?
d. 14/04/1871 at the County Asylum, Exminster

Census Transcriptions

1841 Census (taken 6th June 1841)

Here's the family living in a house on their own (i.e. not shared with other families).  The address is not specified on page but is in St. Paul's parish, Exeter and is probably Paul Street.  John does not appear to be there?

Name Age (rounded down) Occupation Born in County
Thomasin WINDEAT 50 Ind Y
Parscho TURNER 33 Ind Y
Edwin WINDEATT 21 Whitesmith Appr. y
Henry WINDEAT 19 Painter ? Y

So where was John?  Away working?  And why is Thomasine given as being of independent means?  Unless it is just that Edwin and Henry were supporting her? 

And why is Parscho living with her mother and brothers?  Had her husband died?  There are a couple of deaths of a ikely  William TURNER in Exeter (March 1838, 10,68 and September 1840, 10, 69) on the Free BMD index.  They don't appear to have had any children.

1851 (taken 30th March 1851)

We think this is John, aged 73, staying with his son, George, in The Mint, Exeter.

Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace Possible DOB
George WINDEATT Head M 39 M Plasterer Horrabridge-Devon 1811
Hannah WINDEATT Wife M 48 F Laundress Rewe-Devon 1802
Harriet WINDEATT Daur U 17 F Servant Exeter-Devon 1833
Sarah A. WINDEATT Daur - 10 F Scholar Exeter-Devon 1840
Emma T. WINDEATT Daur - 8 F Scholar Exeter-Devon 1842
John WINDEATT Vist M 73 M Mason Buckland Monachorum-Devon 1777

But also appearing as staying with Thomasine in Bank Street, West Teignmouth
Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace Possible DOB
John WINDEAT Head M 73 M Green Grocer Horabridge-Devon 1777
Tamasine WINDEAT Wife M 67 F Green Grocer Horabridge-Devon 1783

John died a few days later on 4th April 1851.  And it looks as though his son Richard took over the business because he is listed as the owner in Slater's Directory of Berks, Corn, Devon, etc., 1852-53 available from the Leicester University Historical Directories site

TEIGNMOUTH: Fruiterers and Greengrocers:  WINDEATT, Richard, Bank St.

Thomasine died in 1857.


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