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John Windeatt, the fourth

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John WINDEATT IV = Mary Ann FROOM (married 1830)
     |           |              |          |             |          |           |         |         |          |
 Robert F.   Emma Froom     John B.   Charles A.    Mary Ann    Elizabeth    Louisa    Eliza    Charlotte    John
     |     =Samuel SANDERS                 |
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: This tree is very speculative. It has been put together from census and BMD index data. The only BMD certificates we have are for the death of John Benjamin Windeatt and the marriage of Robert Froom Windeatt.
John Windeatt IV (?1805-1885?)

In the Horrabridge Windeatt family tree, fathers usually gave their eldest son the same name as themselves.  This John was the fourth in a direct line of  Johns on this  tree.

But we don't have a record of this John having a first son called John? His eldest surviving son is called Robert, born in 1832.  However, as he was married in 1830, it is just possible that he had a first child in 1831 who died in infancy and for whom we haven't yet found any baptismal record.

This John had lots of children - at least ten - so there are many  descendants.  He is also the paterfamilias of 'the musical Windeatts.  His son Charles moved to Weston- Super-Mare and was a 'Professor of Music' and several of his descendants worked as musicians.

  This John also appears to have led a very energetic working life.  In 1837 he was a Hellier (roofer or slater) in Exeter, but by 1841 he had moved down to West Teignmouth on the coast and was working as a plasterer.  In 1851 he was running an Eating and Coffee House in Fore Street along with his wife.  In 1861, aged 55, he had changed professions again and gave his occupation as 'Waterman to Reservoir' while his wife was still running running the 'Refreshment House'.   In 1871, he was back running the Refreshment House.  In 1881 he was 75 years old and still working - this time as a Sanitary Inspector (Municipal). 

A John WINDEATT died in the December quarter of 1885 in the Newton Abbot Registration District aged 80 and this was probably him.  If so, he outlived his wife by only six months.

Trades Union Activist?

There is a record of a John WINDEATT being arrested for "unlawful assembly" in Exeter in 1834.  We can't be sure but it is likely to be this John, who would have been 29 at the time.

Chartist Sympathiser?

The following extract comes from a column entitled "Chartist Intelligence" in the The Northern Star and National Trades Journal (Leeds, England), Saturday, February 19, 1848; Issue 539:

TEIGNMOUTH - On Monday the 7th inst . . . In the evening the band and several friends - over forty - sat down to a good substantial supper, at Mr., WINDEAT's Temperance-house.



IMPROVEMENT COMMISSIONERS - On Tuesday evening last, a meeting of the Commissioners took place at the Clerk's Office, Mr. E. CROYDON In the chair.  Mr. WINDEATT of Fore street was elected waterman by a majority of one; there were several applicants for the office.  The committee appointed at a former meeting to inquire into the necessity for a new watering reported that a new cart was indispensable, and one had therefore been ordered. 

-Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser (Exeter, England), Thursday, May 13, 1852; Issue 4507

Parents and Siblings

John WINDEATT and Thomazine HOSKINS [ More . . .  ]

Spouse - Mary Ann FROOM (?1809-?1884)

She married John WINDEATT on 25/12/1830, in Exeter Cathedral. Until 2005, we knew very little about her other than what we could glean from the census data, i.e. that she was born in Otterton around 1809.  [LATEST - 2005] I am now informed by a FROOM descendant that a secondary source has claimed Mary Ann was born on 4/2/1809 one of seven children to parents Benjamin Colsworth FROOM and Elizabeth SALTER.  They were married on 11/10/1798 (see message 117 on the Message Board).  This seems likely as it would explain the second name of Benjamin given to their third child, John Benjamin.

Before I was kindly given this information, I had thought that Mary Ann was the sister of the Elizabeth Ann FROOM who married her husband's younger brother, Thomas, in 1847.  This Elizabeth FROOM is almost certainly the same Elizabeth FROOM, who was a female servant, aged 14, and living with the family in the 1841 census.  On her marriage certificate Elizabeth declared that her father was a waggoner called Philip FROOM.  According to the FROOM research, Philip was  the oldest child of Benjamin Colsworth FROOM and Elizabeth SALTER.  So Philip was Mary Ann's brother and Elizabeth was her niece:

Benjamin & Elizabeth FROOM               John & Thomasine WINDEATT
       |                                            |
       |_________                      _____________|___________________________________________________________
       |         |                     |                          |                                            |
Philip FROOM   Mary Ann FROOM(b.1809) = John WINDEATT (b.1805)  Mary Ann WINDEATT(b.1814)=George TURNER        |
       |                                                                                                       |
       |                                                                                                       | 
       |_______________________________________                     ___________________________________________|
                                               |                    |
                                   Elizabeth FROOM (b.1826)= Thomas WINDEATT (b.1826)

Mary Ann was still going strong in the 1881 census, aged 71.  But a Mary Ann WINDEATT died in the Newton Abbot Registration district in the June quarter of 1884, aged 75 and this was probably her.  Her husband survived her by about six months.


NOTE:  John's children have not been thoroughly researched so the information below is fairly sketchy.  If you know any more about this family, please get in touch by leaving a message on the message board.

1. Robert Froom WINDEATT (1832-1887)

When he was 19, Robert was still living at home with his parents in the 1851 census and working as a jeweller, perhaps for one of his uncles:  George Turner or Richard Windeatt

But he must have moved to Clerkenwell, London within the next couple of years because he married Hellen Naylor there in 1854.  He ended up in Camberwell in 1881 as had many of his FROOM cousins so they must have all stayed in touch despite moving from Devon.

2. Emma Froom WINDEATT(1834-?1886)

From the census data we know that Emma was born about 1834 in Exeter and we think she must be the Emma Froom WINDEATT who married Samuel John Haycraft SANDERS in the December quarter of 1856 in Exeter and had at least five  children, Sarah, Emma Louisa, John, Mary A and Frank Charles (b.1879), see 1881 census transcription on Family Search where they were living at 26 Diamond Lane, West Teignmouth [RG11/2156/17/28].  Two years later, when Frank Charles was born, the address was given as 'Model Cottages' .  Sarah Jane, the eldest daughter, appears to have been working as a housemaid, aged 24, a house called Maywood, Holdenhurst, Hampshire for a Mr. DYER and his daughter [RG11/1195/39/6].

In the 1861 census Emma was living in West Teignmouth with her husband Samuel, a painter aged 25 and born in Exmouth, and with a nineteen month old daughter, Emma Louisa. Her daughter, Sarah, aged 4, was staying with her parents John and Mary Ann - see census transcription below.  Possibly little Sarah was staying with grandparents while Emma, was having another baby

Emma's younger brother Charles (see below) was the paterfamilias of the Musical WINDEATTs of Weston Super Mare and then Kingston upon Thames.  And it is interesting that a descendant of Emma's  has reported that their family is also talented musically:

As a family we are all musical! My grandfather (Emma’s Grandson) was multi-talented, playing in his own dance-band during WWII in Dartmouth. He played, amongst other things, piano, bass, cello and the saw! His brother, who still lives in Dartmouth, is pitch-perfect can play the piano by ear, although he cannot read music. There are other relatives (cousins and the like) who I believe still live in Dartmouth, (which is certainly regarded as the family stomping-grounds) and play in bands too. My father (Emma’s Great Grandson) and his brother were both very musical, and so are my brother and sister. I’ve played in various bands in the past, but no longer do so.  Also,  Frank Charles Sanders, Emma’s son, was extremely musical. He apparently was well-known for playing the banjo. He regularly played in the music-hall; and it was Frank that encouraged my grandfather to play!

Emma must have died between 1881-1891 because, in the 1891 census, Samuel is living as a boarder in the Beehive Inn in West Teignmouth. There is an index record of the death of an Emma Froom SANDERS, aged 52 in the December quarter of 1886 [GRO Newton Abbott 5b 80]

Frank Charles Sanders  It gives the father’s names a Samuel John Sanders and their place of residence as ‘Model Cottages, West Teignmouth’.

There are living descendants.

3. John Benjamin WINDEATT

Baptised on 01/11/1835 at the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Mint Lane, St. Olave's, Exeter, poor little John Benjamin did not live very long.  (The IGI has his birth recorded as 23 September 1835).

This was the first of two measles death for the Exeter Windeatts because John's younger brother, Richard, was to lose a ten-month old son to measles a few years later - see Edwin Arthur WINDEATT ( 1842-1843).

1837 - Death in the District of St. David, Exeter

When & Where Name Sex Age Occupation Cause of Death Signature, description and residence of informant When registered
26th Dec 1837
John Benjamin WINDEATT Male 2 years and 3 months Son of a Hellier Measles Elizabeth INVOSIC*, Nurse
Mary Arches Street
Present at the death
26th December

*INVOISIC doesn't seem like a real name?  I can't find any other local examples so this looks as if it could be a mistranscription.

By 1841, the family had moved to the healthier climes of the coast and West Teignmouth - see census transcription below.

4. Charles Allen WINDEATT (1837-1897)

Charles was born just before Civil Registration came in so we only have a baptismal record for him.  Both his Christian names are very unusual for this family.  We don't know of any other earlier 'Charles' in this particular branch of the family although one was born ten years or so later in the September quarter of 1848 in the Newton Abbot registration district (GRO Reference: 10 152).   Who was he?   Perhaps Charles was a Froom christian name? As for 'Allen', there was an Allen Windeatt in Teignmouth early on in the century and there may be a connection but we haven't found it yet. 

Anyway Charles started off as a jeweller - following in the footsteps of his older brother, Robert, and he was probably similarly apprenticed to his one of his uncles (see section on Robert Froom WINDEATT above).  But he then became a 'Professor of Music', moved to Weston Super Mare and fathered a family of musicians.

5. Mary Ann Froom WINDEATT (1839-?1908)

From the census data we know that Mary Ann was born about 1838 in Teignmouth and we think she must be the Mary Ann WINDEATT who was born in the March quarter of 1839.  She was still living with her parents in 1871, aged 30 but had moved out (or died) by 1881.

A Mary WINDEATT married in the March Quarter of 1862 in Bath to - possibly - a William GOLDSWORTHY.  If this was Mary then that would account for a seventeen-year old Frederick Goldsworthy living with Mary's sister Elizabeth in 1891 and described as a 'nephew'.

Link to Frederick Goldsworthy in the 1891 census

6. Elizabeth(Betsy/Bessie) Christian Allen WINDEATT (1841-?)

An Elizabeth Christian Allen was born in the June quarter of 1841 in the Newton Abbot Registration District.  This looks likely to have been here?  She appears in all the census transcriptions up to and including 1861. 

 In the March quarter of 1864 she married John MOORE in the Newton Abbot Register Office District [5b 235]

7. Louisa Susanna Froom WINDEATT (1843-1916)

At a young age, Louisa went to London and there she married a relation, Richard HOSKIN  They were both twenty-one and soon had two baby girls.  Sadly they both died in infancy and the couple returned to Exeter where shortly afterwards, Richard HOSKIN also died.  It doesn't look as though Louisa had any surviving children, but it appears she did marry again and to the husband of the family where she was staying after his wife had died. At first a dressmaker, she later worked as a domestic nurse.

8. Eliza Thomasin WINDEATT (1845-?)

An Eliza Thomasin WINDEATT was born in the March quarter of 1845 in the Newton Abbot Registration District and this was probably her. Thomasin was her paternal grandmother's name and Eliza was probably born just after her grandparents had  moved down to Teignmouth from Exeter and was probably called after this grandmother accordingly.  

Eliza is still living with the family in 1861 but has disappeared by 1871.  An Eliza married a Joseph JESSUP in the June quarter of 1875 in Camberwell and this may have been her especially as her elder brother was living there at the time.  Here is what is probably her living with her  husband and family in 1881 at 8 Shaftsbury Street, Newington, Surrey.

1881 Census  (taken 3rd April) © Crown Copyright

< id="pus">Name
Status Marr Sex Age Occupation Birthplace
Joseph JESSUP Head M M 37 Messenger to Silk Agent Bromley, Kent
Eliza JESSUP Wife M F 35   Teignmouth, Devon
Nellie JESSUP Daur - F 5   Lambeth, Surrey
Ernest JESSUP Son - M 11m   Lambeth, Surrey

None of the children's names are 'Windeatt' names from this family so one must assume they are from the JESSUP family.

9. Charlotte WINDEATT (1847-1926)

A Charlotte Maria WINDEATT was born in the March quarter of 1847 in the Newton Abbot Registration District (GRO Ref: 10 165).   In the 1871 census she was 25, living at home with her parents.  There were a couple of lodgers also in the house and she later had a child by one of them and successfully sued him for breach of promise.  You can find the whole story on a dedicated page.

10. John Henry Froom WINDEATT (1848-?)

A John Henry Froom WINDEATT was born in the December quarter of 1848 in the Newton Abbot Registration District (GRO Reference: 10 143). 

Census Transcriptions

1841 Census (taken 6th June 1841) © Crown Copyright

Here they are living in Fore Street, West Teignmouth.  John and his family must have moved down from Exeter sometime between the death of John Benjamin in 1837 and the census?  Why? Presumably there was a lot of work for builders on the coast at this time.  Torquay and nearby areas were experiencing a boom as seaside tourism took off in the nineteenth century.  John had an uncle, George, who ran a building firm in Shaldon just across the bridge from West Teignmouth.  Perhaps he was working for him?

Name Age (rounded down) Occupation Born in County
John WINDEATT 35 Plasterer Y
Mary Ann WINDEATT 30   Y
Robert WINDEATT 9   Y
Charles WINDEATT 3   Y
Mary Ann WINDEATT 2   Y
Betsey WINDEATT 2 months   Y
Living in same house - recorded as in a separate household - but probably lodgers
Richard CAUSELEY 20 Stone Mason Y
Elizabeth FROOME* 14 Female Servant Y

(HO.107/220/16 Folio. 12 Page.17)

*Elizabeth FROOME:  We think Elizabeth was the niece of John's wife, Mary Ann.  See the section on Mary Ann above.   And we think she is the same Elizabeth who married John's much younger brother Thomas who at this time, 1841, was also 14 and apprenticed to his uncle, George Turner. 

1851 (taken 30th March 1851) © Crown Copyright

The family are still living in Fore Street but now Charles' father, John, has left building work for the tourist trade.  He and his wife are running an eating and coffee house.  The family has grown from five children to nine!

Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace Possible DOB
John WINDEATT Head M 46 M Eating & Coffee
House Keeper
Horabridge-Devon 1804
Mary Ann WINDEATT Wife M 42 F --- Oterton-Devon 1808
Robert WINDEATT Son U 19 M Jeweller Exeter-Devon 1831
Emma WINDEATT Daur U 17 F --- Exeter-Devon 1833
Charles WINDEATT Son - 15 M School Exeter-Devon 1835
Mary Ann WINDEATT Daur - 13 F School Teignmouth-Devon 1837
Elizabeth WINDEATT Daur - 11 F School Teignmouth-Devon 1839
Louisa WINDEATT Daur - 9 F Scholar Teignmouth-Devon 1841
Eliza WINDEATT Daur - 7 F Scholar Teignmouth-Devon 1843
Charlotte WINDEATT Daur - 5 F Scholar Teignmouth-Devon 1845
John WINDEATT Son - 3 M Scholar Teignmouth-Devon 1847
Edward RICE Vist M 61 M Seaman Teignmouth-Devon 1789

Who was Edward RICE?  We don't know.  Probably he was just a lodger?

1861 (taken 7th April 1861) © Crown Copyright

Still living in Fore Street and now Mary is running the Eating House on her own while John is in paid employment as a 'waterman to reservoir'.  I don't currently know what this could be?  I'll try and find out.   Robert and Emma have left home.  Charles is living next door.  And Charlotte is visiting an old lady not too far away.  Louisa has also left home but we don't know where she is.

But there are five new additions to the household:  Two grandchildren, Sarah, aged 4 and James aged 3, and three lodgers.  James was the son of John and Mary's eldest child, Robert Froom WINDEATT, and Sarah was the daughter of their second eldest, Emma, who had married a Samuel John Haycroft SANDERS (see census below).

Name Relationship Mar Age Occupation Birthplace
John WINDEATT Head Md. 55 Waterman to Reservoir Devon, Horrabridge
Mary Ann WINDEATT Wife Md. 51 Refreshment House Keeper Devon, Otterton
Mary Ann WINDEATT Dtr. U/md. 22 Dressmaker Devon, Teignmouth
Elizabeth WINDEATT Dtr. U/md. 20 Milliner Devon, Teignmouth
Eliza WINDEATT Dtr. U/md. 16 Milliner Devon, Teignmouth
John WINDEATT Son   12 Scholar Devon, Exeter
Sarah J. SANDERS G/dtr.   4 Scholar Devon, Exeter
James E. WINDEATT G/son   3   Middlesex, London
Gustave M. HASKIN Boarder U/md 25 Carver Devon, Tavistock
George Burridge Boarder U/md 40 Tailor Devon, Tavistock
Samuel TROTT Boarder U/md. 60 Seaman, M.S. Devon, Beer

RG9/1400 F.8 p.11 S.49

Here's Charles living next door:  Perhaps he was working for his uncle Richard in Regent Place?

Name Relationship Mar Age Occupation Birthplace
Charles WINDEATT Head Md. 24 Jeweller Devon, Exeter
Sarah WINDEATT Wife Md. 24   Devon, Crediton
Charles John WINDEATT Son   1   Devon, Teignmouth

Here is Emma also in West Teignmouth but, now married:

Name Relationship Mar Age Occupation Birthplace
Samuel SANDERS Husband M 25 Painter Devon, Exmouth
Sarah SANDERS Wife M 26   Devon, Exeter
Emma Louisa SANDERS Dau - 19 m   Devon, Teignmouth

1871 (taken 2nd April 1871) © Crown Copyright

Still living in Fore Street and still running the Eating House and accommodating a couple of lodgers.  This time they are a couple of plasterers - John's former profession.  Perhaps they were working for his cousin John in Torquay who had called himself a 'Builder' in 1871 after previously being a Baker or a Draper.

John and Mary Ann are living in relative isolation now with only three grown-up spinster daughters at home plus a couple of lodgers.  Charles is still living next door, Robert has moved to London. Not sure where the other girls are.

Name Status Marr Age Sex Occupation Birthplace
John WINDEATT Head Mar 65 M Refreshment Housekeeper Horrabridge, Devon.
Mary Ann WINDEATT Wife Mar 60 F   Otterton, Devon.
Mary Ann WINDEATT Daur Umar 30 F Dress Maker Teignmouth, Devon.
Charlotte WINDEATT Daur Umar ?? F Dress Maker Teignmouth, Devon
Frederick SLOCOMBE Boarder Widower 26 M Plasterer Devon, Dawlish
Arthur SLOCOMBE Boarder Umar 22 M Plasterer Devon, Dawlish


1881 (taken 3rd April 1881) © Crown Copyright

Still living in Fore Street (no 2), taking in lodgers but they may have given up the eating house.  John, however, is still working.  This time with the new job of Municipal Sanitary Inspector.  Only their unmarried daughter, Charlotte, is still living with them with her illegitimate daughter by Frederick SLOCOMBE, Frances Maud.

Name Status Marr Sex Age Occupation Birthplace
John WINDEATT Head M M 75 Sanitary Inspector (Munic) Horrabridge, Devon
Mary A. WINDEATT Wife M F 71 Wife of Above Otterton, Devon
Charlotte M. WINDEATT Daur U F 32 Daughter Teignmouth, Devon
Frances M. F. WINDEATT* Gr. Daur U F 9 Scholar Teignmouth, Devon
Ernest G. WALTER Boarder U M 23 Solicitors Clerk Plymouth, Devon

RG11 2156 Folio 75 Page 24

Charlotte's age is probably mistranscribed as 32 - she was actually 35. She would have been categorised as 'on the shelf ' but she had a few cousins (children of William and Selina) who managed to marry aged thirty or later so was not out of the question and she did in fact marry a few years later (see page about Charlotte).

Here's their daughter, Elizabeth, also running a lodging house but in Dawlish - another seaside town just three miles up the coast.  Where's her husband?  In this census and in the next she reports herself as being married but also the head of the family.  Had he left her?  Or was he in prison?  Or in hospital?  Or in the services?

1881 (taken 3rd April 1881) © Crown Copyright

Name Status Married? Gender >Age Birthplace Occupation  
 Bessie MOORE   Head   M   Female   39   Teignmouth, Devon, England   Madrapax Worker       
Frances MOORE   Daur   U   Female   15   Dawlish, Devon, England   Domestic Servant       
 Amy MOORE   Daur      Female   13   Dawlish, Devon, England   Scholar       
 Annie MOORE   Daur      Female   11   Dawlish, Devon, England   Scholar       
 Arthur MOORE   Son      Male   9   Dawlish, Devon, England   Scholar       
 John MOORE   Son      Male   7   Dawlish, Devon, England   Scholar       
 Charles MOORE   Son      Male   5   Dawlish, Devon, England   Scholar      

They are living at 10 Queen Street RG11/2157/81/2.  Next door is a George CURME with a wife and niece and he is the owner of a Temperance Hotel.  Bessie's parents also ran a temperance hotel. 

1891 Census (taken 5th April) © Crown Copyright

Here is daughter Elizabeth following the family trade of lodging house keeper three miles along the coast in Dawlish.

Name Status Marr Sex Age Occupation Birthplace
Elizabeth MOORE Head M F 49 Lodging House Keepter (Notem) Devon, Teignmouth
Annie MOORE Dau S F 21 Dressmaker (Em'ee) Devon, Dawlish
Arthur MOORE Son S M 19 Plumbers Apprentice (Em'ee) Devon, Dawlish
John MOORE Son S M 17 Carpenter Apprentice (Em'ee) Devon, Dawlish
Charles MOORE Son - M 15 Drapers Apprentice (Em'ee) Devon, Dawlish
GOLDSWORTHY, Frederick Nephew S M 17 Servant (Em'ee) Devon, Torquay
LORAM, Eva L Boarder S F 27 Living on Own Means Devon, Dawlish

Who was Fred GOLDSWORTHY?  Well, it looks like he may have been her sister Mary's son.  See above.

LAST UPDATED:  February 2010

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