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John Hamlyn WINDEATT, Baker, Draper & Builder

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John Hamlyn WINDEATT=Ann TURNER (married in 1833)
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WARNING:  The family of John Hamlyn WINDEATT and his descendants has not been thoroughly researched. The information on this page has been put together from census returns and BMD index data.  If you are descended from this family or can correct or add to the information please get in touch.
NOTE: Linked names lead to more information further down the page. 

Shaldon Ringmore Baptism Register:  June 19 1809 John Hamlyn son of George & Susanna Windeatt

John Hamlyn WINDEATT married Anna TURNER on 10/09/1833 in Tormoham (i.e. Torquay).  This must be him: the middle name is a giveaway! 

For some reason John didn't follow his father into the building trade but became first a baker and then a draper.  However, in the 1871 census return he is listed as a 'builder'.  Perhaps after his father died and he was carrying on the business for his mother who died the following year.  This is just another illustration of a fairly typical pattern in the Horrabridge tree family where people changed their occupation several times over the course of their working lives.

It is curious that John set up shop in Torquay in the same street as his cousin Mary Ann TURNER who had married a jeweller.  Perhaps there was some family connection or communication about business opportunities?

This branch of the family appears to have 'daughtered out' at this point.  John appears to have had only one son and that son had only two unmarried daughters.  His other five children are all daughters and while most of them appear to have married no descendants have yet contacted us.

Parents & Siblings

See the page about his father, George WINDEATT and his mother Susanna HAMLYN:  [More . . .]

Spouse - Anna TURNER 

John Hamlyn WINDEATT married Anna TURNER on 10/09/1833 at Tormoham (i.e. Torquay).  We know nothing about her but wonder if she could be related to the two TURNER brothers who married George's nieces, Pasca and Mary Anne WINDEATT, around the same time?

Please get in touch if you know anything about these TURNERs.


We know about the following children from the census returns (see below).  But we know little else about them.

1. George John WINDEATT??? (?1835-1920)

George John appears in the first 1841 census return, aged 6 (i.e. born about 1835) and living with his parents.  He next appears aged 16 in the 1851 census working as Druggist's apprentice in Newton Abbott and recorded as born in Torquay.

George John WINDEATT went on to become a chemist in Wellington Somerset where he married Elizabeth Ann PACKHAM in the September quarter of 1868 (GRO reference: Newton A 5b 226).  They had two daughters:  Anna E H WINDEATT and Susan Hamlyn T WINDEATT born about 1860 and 1863 respectively.  Neither of his daughters appear to have married.  They were living in Wellington, Somerset in 1881 and 1891 but appear to have returned to Devon - perhaps when he retired?   He died in 1920  in Polsloe Road, Heavitree Exeter.  His wife died 11 years later in 1931 at the same address where their two unmarried daughters were still living.

2. Anna WINDEATT (?1836-?)

An Anna Turner WINDEATT married in the December quarter of 1857 at St. Thomas [Ref: 5b 117].  This must be her as she would have been named after her mother.  By 1861 she was a widow of  24.  There aren't any children living with her.  Her name appears to be ?SLIBBER or ?HIBBER  but, according to Free BMD, a possible groom is William WEBBER and this seems more likely.  Quite a few William WEBBERs died in Devon in the intervening period .  Likely candidates for Anna's husband are a William John WEBBER who died in St. Thomas district in the September quarter of 1858, or a further two Williams who died in the same district in the September quarter of 1860 or the March quarter of 1861.  Given that she doesn't appear to have any children the earlier death might be the more likely one.

3. Elizabeth WINDEATT (?1842-?)

An Elizabeth WINDEATT married in the September quarter of 1866 (GRO reference: Newton Abbot 5b 239) and another Elizabeth - this time Elizabeth S. WINDEATT married in the September 1869 (GRO reference: Newton Abbot 5b 260).  The marriage certificate would need to be inspected to find out which one was this Elizabeth.

4. Lucy WINDEATT (?1847-?)

A Lucy WINDEATT was born in the March quarter of 1848 in the  Newton Abbot Registration District (GRO reference: Newton Abbot 10 *1).  And a Lucy Maria WINDEATT was born in the September quarter of 1849 in the  Newton Abbot Registration District (GRO reference: Newton Abbot 10 142).   And a Lucy WINDEATT married Edward WILLIS in the December quarter of 1870 (GRO reference: Newton Abbot 5b 269). They don't appear to have had any children according to the 1881 census return (see below).

5. Etta WINDEATT (?1850-?)

What happened to Etta?  She was aged 26 and still unmarried in the 1881 census.  It looks as though she never married and died, aged 60, in the March quarter of 1913 in the Newton Abbot Registry District (Ref: 5B 172).

6. Emma WINDEATT (?1852-?)

Emma married a seaman called John Osborne TRICKEY in the December quarter of 1878 (GRO reference: Newton Abbot 5b 249).  In the 1881 census she was living with her mother.  Her husband was, presumably, away at sea and she does not yet appear to have any children.

7. Jessie WINDEATT (?1855-?)

A Jessie Heath WINDEATT married Josiah BAILEY in the Newton Abbot district in the December quarter of 1880 and that is probably her (GRO reference: Newton Abbot 5b 267).   Here they are, a few months later, living in London at 39 Arlington Road in the 1881 census:

1881 Census (taken 3rd April 1881) Crown Copyright

Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace
Josias BAILEY Head M 22 F Coach Body Maker Bridgford, Devon
Jessie H. BAILEY Wife M 22 F - Torquay, Devon

They are living in the same house as two other households:  a couple called Field and a large family belonging to a plumber called WEBB.

Census Transcriptions

Here are John's family in the various census returns:


Here they are living in Lower Union Street, Torquay in a house to themselves. 

Name Age (rounded down for adults) Profession Born in County?
John Windeatt 30 Baker Y
Anna Windeatt 25   Y
George Windeatt 6   Y
Ann H. Windeatt 4   Y

 HO 107/229 10, Page 41, Folio 24.

He also appears in Pigot & Co.'s Directory of Berks, Bucks ... , 1844. [Part 1: Berks to Glos] available from the Leicester University Historical Directories website:

TORQUAY:  WINDEATT, John, Lower Union st.


It was a dangerous time being a Baker in Torquay in 1847:

FOOD RIOTS IN DEVON - In addition to the riots we mentioned last week, the following have occurred at different towns in Devonshire. On Monday, the 17th instant, a riot broke out at Tor....., about the time the shopkeepers were closing their shops. The riot at first consisted of about two hundred, many of them being armed with staves and bludgeons; but as they proceeded their number increased to a full thousand, a great many being abandoned characters of the lowest class, to all appearance under the influence of drink, and partly led by women.

As they advanced they attacked the bakers' shops, breaking in the shutters, smashing the glass, and then ransacking the shops of all the bread they could find in them. Several fine shop fronts were thus completely demolished, and at one place a sack of flour was carried out and its contents wantonly strewed about the road. At this time the excitement of the populace had reached its height, and it is said that nothing but the most determined measures on the part of the authorities and inhabitants saved the town from being set on fire.

Messengers were sent in all directions for aid; the men of the preventative services were collected by means of signal rockets, and hastened to the spot with fixed bayonets; and the gas being turned on to the full threw a lurid glare over the scene. Messrs. VIVIAN and KITSON, bankers, courageously headed a small band of tradesmen, and rushing into the mob seized some of the ringleaders. H. M. PHILLIPS, Esq., magistrate, then read the riot act, and with the assistance of the tradesmen and coastguard, succeeded in apprehending more of the mob, after which the remainder quickly dispersed. 

On the following day, the town was again thrown into confusion by the appearance of about thirty navvies, who, armed with pickaxes, shovels, and bludgeons, walked direct to the Town-Hall, with the determination of rescuing two of the prisoners; but their purpose was prevented by the intrepid conduct of the magistrate, Mr. Phillips. On Tuesday evening about fifty soldiers arrived from Plymouth, and since that time about thirty of the rioters have been committed for trial.



In 1850 John was found to be using an inaccurate weight.  Read about the court case here.


Here they are living at ?32 Union Street, Torquay 

Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace ? DOB
John WINDEATT Head M 40 M Baker Shaldon-Dev 1810
Anna WINDEATT Wife - 38 F --- Newton Abbott-Dev 1812
Anna WINDEATT Daur - 14 F Scholar Torquay-Dev 1836
Elizabeth WINDEATT Daur - 8 F Scholar Torquay-Dev 1842
Lucy WINDEATT Daur - 3 F --- Torquay-Dev 1847
Etta WINDEATT Daur - 11m F --- Torquay-Dev 1850

In the 1856 Kelly's Post Office Directory of Devonshire he was living at 29 Union Street running a Draper's shop.  But there is also a William WING, a baker & confectioner at 25 Higher Union street?  Is this the same man or quite a different person.


In 1861 he was still living in Lower Union Street but working as a Draper.

Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace ? DOB
John WINDEATT Head M 49 M Draper Shaldon, Devon 1811
Anna WINDEATT Wife M 47 F - Newton Abbot 1812
Anna WEBBER Daur Wid 24 F - Torquay 1836
Elizabeth WINDEATT Daur Un 18 F - Torquay 1842
Lucy WINDEATT Daur - 13 F Scholar Torquay 1847
Etta WINDEATT Daur - 10 F Scholar Torquay 1850
Emma WINDEATT Daur   8 F Scholar Torquay 1852
Jessie WINDEATT Daur   5 F Scholar Newton Abott 1855

RG9/1413, Page 12, Folio 10, Schedule 65.


And in 1871 he was still in Lower Union Street but this time at no 19 and working in the family profession as a builder now:

Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace
John WINDEATT Head M 55 M Builder Shaldon, Devon
Anna WINDEAT Wife M 52 F - Newton
Lucy WILLIS Daur M 22 F ?looks like Pastor? Torquay
Etta WINDEAT Daur Unm 19 F Ladies outfitters Torquay
Emma WINDEAT Daur Unm 17 F Ladies outfitters Torquay
Jessie WINDEAT Daur Unm 12 F Scholar Torquay

RG1-2086 page 32, Sch.207


By 1881 John had died and Anna had moved to 2 Woodland Terrace, Cockington with two of her daughters.

Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace
Anna WINDEAT Head W 69 F Retired Draper Newton Abbott
Etta WINDEAT Daur U 26 F - Torquay
Emma O. TRICKEY Daur M 25 F Seamans Wife Torquay

RG11 Folio 2170  page 10, Sch.163

Interestingly, there was a retired draper from Totnes (Richard TAPPER) living next door at 1 Woodland Terrace.  Perhaps they knew each other?