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The KING sisters

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The two brothers, Corelli and Fredolph(Alf) WINDEATT married two sisters, Hettie and Bella KING. Until recently we didn't know much about Bella and Hettie except for the intriguing fact that they were born in Texas but had apparently come to Weston Super Mare from Newport.  Thanks to a a kind contact, we now know a lot more - see below. 

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Hettie and Bella's father: BARNET KING

Much of the information that follows is secondary, compiled from census transcriptions, the FreeCen BMD index, information received and a website about the KING family.

According to this information, Hettie and Bella KING were the daughters of Barnett KING.  Barnett KING was born c.1833 in Bristol but his parents were Moses King (b. Poland in c.1787) and Ann King (b. Poland c.1794).  It is fairly certain they were Jewish, given their birthplaces, names and information passed down the family. It would appear that they had "married out" and they appear to have often adopted English names although official records seem to swing backwards and forwards between the different versions of their first names (e.g. Henrietta/Hynda, Selina/Selma, Mary/Myriam).

1851 Census

Here is a transcription of the 1851 census with Barnett KING, aged 17, living as a lodger with his older sister Myriam BLOOM.  Myriam had married Abraham BLOOM in Merthyr Tydfil in the March quarter of 1850 [GRO: Merthyr Tydfil, 26 579].  She was born c. 1831 in Bristol and, apparently, went on to have nine children.

Barnet must have been fond of his little niece, Hynda because he later  called one of his daughters after her (Henrietta/Hynda).  In 1851 , they were all living in the High Street, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales, apparently in a house to themselves.  Young Barnett was working as a Glazier, probably apprenticed to his brother-in-law.

Abraham BLOOM HeadM 23 Painter & GlazierGlamorgan, Merthyr
Mariam BLOOM Wife M 19 Milliner Somerset, Bristol
Hynda BLOOM Daughter  4 mnths   Glamorgan, Merthyr
Barnett KINGLodger U17 Glazier Somerset Bristol

According to the KING website above, Barnet KING was described as a painter in 1860 but a few years later he must have moved to Texas, USA, because he married his first wife (Selina/Selma) NEWMAN there in Jan 1865 in Harris, Texas, USA.   She was born in Germany and they went on to have five children in Galveston, Texas before moving back to Wales sometime between 1871 when Ettie (Henrietta/Hynda) was born and 1873 when Selina/Selma was born in Newport, Monmouthshire.  Possibly he came home to be near his aging mother, Ann, who died in Newport a few years later (1876 according to the King website page above).

1881 Census (taken 3rd April 1881) Crown Copyright

Barnett and Selina/Selma had two more children in Newport (Selina/Selma and Alexander) and here they are in the 1881 Census living at 50 Commercial St., Newport, Monmouth, Wales  [RG11/5262/78/9/].  Barnett is now a Picture Frame Maker and his two elder children are following the same profession.

 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
Barnett KING  Head   M   Male   46   Bristol, Somerset, England   Picture Frame Maker    
Selina KING  Wife   M   Female   34   Germany       
Aaron M. KING  Son      Male   15  Texas Galveston (B S), United States   Picture Frame Maker    
Merecoin A. KING  Daur      Female   13  Galveston Texas, United States   Picture Frame Maker    
Florance G. KING  Daur      Female   12   Galveston Texas, United States   Scholar    
Henrietta KING  Daur      Female   9  Texas Galveston (B S), United States   Scholar    
Selina KING  Daur      Female   7   Newport, Monmouth, England   Scholar    
Alexander KING  Son      Male   5   Newport, Monmouth, England       
Sarah A. DYER  Serv   U   Female   18   Bristol   Servant    

Barnett's wife died (probably in 1886, aged 39) and he married again, very quickly by the look of it, also in 1886, to a Rose Maud GRIFFITHS and they went on to have several more children (see the KING website linked above).

1891 Census

Here are Bella and Ettie again in 1891 living with their father and stepmother and stepbrother and stepsister at 82 Corne Street in the St. Paul's District of Newport, Monmouthshire, in a house to themselves.  Barnett has now moved on from picture framing to picture dealing.  One would imagine that the children were helping in their father's shop but family oral history has it that they were working in a 'wet fish shop'.  The census reports that they were all 'English' speakers. There was an Ironmonger on one side and an Innkeeper on the other.

Name Relationship Marriage Age Profession Birthplace
Barnett KING Head M 56 Picture Dealer Bristol
Rosa M. KING Wife M 30   Newport Mon
?Allen M Son S 25 Picture Dealer U.S. America
Isabela F. KING Daur S 21 Ass. Shop U.S. America
Henrietta KING Daur S 19 - U.S. America
Selma KING Daur S 17   Newport Mon
Alexander KING Son S 15 Apprentice Shop Newport Mon
Ethel M KING Daur   8 Scholar Newport Mon
Isac Leon KING Son   1   Newport Mon

Bella KING (c.1868-1964)

It was only one year after the 1891census that Bella (Isabela Florence KING) married Corelli WINDEATT in Weston Super Mare [GRO: Axbridge 5c 849].  How did they meet? Did she come to Weston or did he go to Newport?  He had not long been back from a trip to the United States (see biography in the Dancing Times).

Family history, however, relates that Alf, his brother, who married Bella's sister Hettie, met her through playing Rugby Football - there were links between the clubs in Newport and Weston.

Bella lived to a ripe old age, 94, as did her sister (see below) - information received from a kind correspondent.  She died in 'Middlesex South' in 1964.

Hettie KING (c.1872-1968

Hettie, whose name is given variously as Henrietta or Hynda (see explanation above) married Alf WINDEATT, her brother-in-law, in Hammersmith, London, in 1896.  Both her sister and brother-in-law attended the wedding as witnesses and Hettie gave her father's name as Barnett KING,  tobacconist.

Hettie/Hynda lived to a ripe old age, 97, as did her sister (see above) - information received from a kind correspondent.  She died in Richmond upon Thames in 1968.

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