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THE SURVIVOR: Harriett Ellen MANVELL (1863-?)

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Harriett Ellen MANVELL (1863-?)

I was told by the wife of a descendant that Harriett Ellen married three times and outlived all her husbands. We don't know a lot about her but this is what I have been able to find out so far.


I  haven't seen her birth certificate yet (coming soon) but on her marriage certificate in 1890 she states that her father is Mark MANVELL, a tailor, and this must be correct because in 1901 she is recorded as living with her father, Mark.

Here is her father Mark in 1861 living with his parents and several younger brothers and sisters.

1861 Census (taken 7th April) © Crown Copyright  - Her Father and Grandparents

Living in New Street, Horsham, Sussex [RG9/1531/8/9/45]
Name Relationship Mar Age Occupation Birthplace Possible DOB
John MANVELL Head M 48 Patten Maker Sussex, Horsham  
Mary MANVELL Wife M 47 Patten Maker's Wife Sussex, Horsham  
Mark MANVELL Son U 20 Tailor App Sussex, Horsham  
Robert MANVELL Son U 17 Tinman App Sussex, Horsham  
Nehomi MANVELL dAU - 13 Scholar Sussex, Horsham  
Ebenezer MANVELL Son - 9 Scholar Sussex, Horsham  
Mary MANVELL Dau - F Scholar Sussex, Horsham  
Jabez MANVELL Son - 6 Scholar Sussex, Horsham  

NOTE: There are 53 MANVELLS currently in the 1861 FREECEN database and 50 of them are living in Horsham, Sussex.

1862 Harriett's Parents marry

In the September quarter of 1862, Mark MANVELL married Harriett JENNER in Reigate, Surrey [GRO Reference 2a 189].

1863 Harriett's Birth

She was almost certainly born in the June quarter of 1863 in Streatham, London [GRO REF: Wandsworth 1d 493] and would have been Mark's eldest daughter.  I haven't seen the 1871 census for the family so we don't know anything about her early years other that what we can glean from the 1881 census which reveals that Mark and Harriett, née JENNER, probably had three other children.  They were in Streatham for the births of Harriett herself in 1862 and her brother Arthur in 1864 but had moved back to Sussex by 1867 when Alfred was born.  Then they had moved again to Crawley, Sussex by 1870 where  Frederick was born.

And here's a transcription (secondary data - I haven't seen the original - RG10/1099/37/28) of the family in 1871, living in Ifield Sussex, thanks to a kind correspondent:

Mark Mansville 30 head b Horsham, Railway Porter
Harriett Mansville 33 wife b  Horsham
Harriett Mansville 8 dau b Streatham
Arthur Mansville 6 son b Frant
Alfred Mansville J 4 son b Ifield
Frederick C Mansville son b Ifield
Ellen Richardson 16 servant b Bolam Sussex

1872 Her mother dies and her father marries again two years later

In 1872 Mark's first wife (Harriett Ellen's mother) died in 1872, aged 39 [GRO Ref: HORSHAM 2b 170a] when Harriett would have been nine or ten. Harriett's father Mark then married again in 1874 and his second wife was also called Hariett.  He married Harriett PAICE in the June quarter of 1874 in the Greenwich Register Office district [GRO REF: 1d 1210].  She had at least two children: Theophilus and Alice. 

Below is the census transcription of them all in 1881 except Harriett Ellen, who was away in service.  According to Booth, Napier St. was "Poorer than other streets" some twenty years later in 1899.  See link to 1899 description.

1881 Census (taken 3rd April 1881) © Crown Copyright

Living at 17 Napier St, Deptford, St. Paul, Kent [RG11/0704/38/14]

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation
Mark MANWELL Head M Male 40 Horsham,Sussex RailwayPorter
Harriett MANWELL Wife M Female 41 Merslow,Sussex  
Arthur H. MANWELL Son Male 16 Streatham,Surrey EngineCleaner
Alfred J. MANWELL Son Male 13 Frant,Sussex ErrandBoy
Frederick C. MANWELL Son Male 10 Crawley,Sussex Scholar
Edith M. MANWELL Daur Female 3 Deptford,Kent Scholar
Theophilus W. PAICE Stepson Male 12 Crawley,Sussex Scholar
Alice J. PAICE Stepdaur Female 10 Crawley,Sussex Scholar

Thanks to a kind correspondent, I have now found Harriett on the 1881 (indexed as MAUVILLE). Here's she is  living as a servant with the SMITH family in Deptford - not too far away from her family - and I am wondering if these SMITHS could possibly be related to the SMITHS in Devon where her future husband was living also in 1881.  It seems unlikely as the Deptford family head is born in Leicester . . . however, it's just possible I suppose.  Somehow or other they managed to meet up by 1890 - either in Deptford or in Devon.

1881 Census (taken 3rd April 1881) © Crown Copyright

Living at 11 Lind St., Deptford, St. Paul [RG11/0713/71/21]
Name Relation Marital Age Birthplace Occupation
Henry H SMITH Head W 43 Lutterworth, Leicester Commercial Traveller
Emily B. SMITH Daur - 5 West Derby, Lancs Scholar
Gertrude E SMITH Daur - 5 West Derby, Lancs Scholar
Eliza WILCOX Mother in Law W 75 Andover, Kent Annuitant
Emiline F. SAND Niece - 11 Rochester, Kent Scholar
Harriett E. MAUVILLE Servant U 17 Streatham, Surrey General Servant

In 1999 Lind St was classified as "comfortable" , i.e. good ordinary earnings.

1890 First Marriage to William Robert WINDEATT

In 1890 Harriett Ellen married her first husband:  William Robert WINDEATT.  They had two sons and lived in picturesque Ivy Bridge.  He was working for himself as an oilman and they had a couple of lodgers to help out with living expenses.  They had two sons but then things began to go wrong.  He was made bankrupt, they moved to less than idyllic Plymouth and had two daughters who both died in infancy.  In 1900 they were living in even less idyllic Deptford,   a very deprived area of London, and lodging with her father.  Her husband must already have been suffering from the TB which had already claimed one of his baby daughters and which killed him two years later.

1903 Second Marriage to John ANGUS

I thought it was conventional to spend a year in mourning before marrying again.  But Harriett Ellen didn't waste much time before marrying John ANGUS - it was only seven months since her first husband had died.  It is just possible that she could have been pregnant with a child who died before 1911.

Here is a record of  her second marriage:

Marriage solemnized at the Parish Church in the Parish of S. Paul, Deptford in the County of London

Date Name & Surname Age Condition Rank or Profession Residence at the time of Marriage Father's Name and Forename Rank or profession of Father Witnesses
3/1/1903 John ANGUS 56 Widower Engineer 31 Adolphus St Thomas ANGUS (deceased) Customs Officer Ebeneezer James MANVILLE

Emily Nancy BOSWELL

Harriett Ellen WINDEATT 39 Widow - 22 Adophus St Mark MANVILLE Railway Attendant

All Signed. Both bride and groom were living in Adolphus St (later to be badly hit by bombs in 1945 - 15 people were killed.)

Ebeneezer James MANVILLE could have been her uncle (see the 1861 census above) unless she had a brother or cousin also called Ebeneezer.

Birth of Daughter, Nellie Ethel

Harriet had a daughter, Nellie Ethel ANGUS in June 1904 [Watford 3a 816] in Hertfordshire.  Her previous daughters had died in infancy so this new baby would have been precious to her.

Third Marriage to Albert Edward GOULDING

Verbal family history reports from a grandchild tell of a "Granny Golding" and so I spent quite a few years searching for a likely marriage to a man called GOLDING.  However, I had first to discover some details of the second marriage. 

A John ANGUS died in the June quarter of 1907 in the Auckland Register District [GRO 10a 121].  The ages don't quite match as he died aged 63 and the John on the marriage certificate would have been 59.  However, it's not unknown for people to massage their ages upwards or downwards to better match the age of their spouse so it could still be him.  Or it's possible that the copy marriage certificate has mistranscribed John's age as 56 instead of 58 (it's easily done).

And a Harriett Ellen ANGUS married an Albert Edward GOULDING in the Bishop Auckland Register Office District in the June quarter of 1910 (see below).  She has "massaged" her age here because she was 47 - not 41!  And I don't think it is a mistranscription because, the following year, Albert gives her age as 42 in the census (see below).

Marriage solemnized at the Parish Church of Coundon in the County of Durham

Date Name & Surname Age Condition Rank or Profession Residence at the time of Marriage Father's Name and Forename Rank or profession of Father Witnesses
4th April 1910 Albert Edward GOULDING 41 Bachelor Coke Worker Howlish View, Coundon George GOULDING Labourer Albert WINDEATT


Harriett Ellen ANGUS 41 Widow - Howlish View, Coundon Mark MANVILLE Railway Porter

All Signed.

Albert WINDEATT (a witness) was her second son by her first husband.  He would have been seventeen at the time. Her eldest son. Stanley William Robert, would have been 20 and may have been away working somewhere.

1911 census

Living in four rooms (including kitchen) at 8 Collingwood St., Coundon, Bishop Auckland.

Name Relation Age Marital Years* Children* Occupation Industry   Birthplace
Albert GOULDING Head 42 M 7 3,3,0 Bye product Filler Coke Ovens workers Holbeck Lincolnshire
Harriett GOULDING Wife 42 M 1 None       Streatham, Surrey
Nellie ANGUS daughter 6             Watford, Herts
Stanley WINDEATT boarder 20 S     Bye product Salt Dryer Coke Ovens workers IvyBridge Devon
Hannah WHITE visitor 17 S           Spennymoor, Durham

* Years:  This was the number of "completed years the present marriage has lasted".  The 1 entered below the crossed out 7 is correct.  I wondered if Albert had been married before but he declared himself a Bachelor at the marriage the year before.  Perhaps 7 years was how long Harriett had been married to John ANGUS and 3 the number of surviving children in total that she had had.  At any rate, Albert had realised his mistake and crossed out the original line substituting the correct information: 1 and None below.

**Children:  This was the number of children "born alive to present marriage".

Nellie ANGUS is alive and well in 1911.  I wonder what happened to her?  A Nellie E ANGUS married a George JOLLEY in the Bishop Auckland Register Office District in the December quarter of 1924 [Auckland 10a 387] and a Jean JOLLEY was born in  the same district in the June quarter of 1928 [Auckland 10a 338].  Knowledge of the family was not passed on down to her half-brother Stanley's family.

Stanley WINDEATT was actually Harriett's first child.  I wonder why Albert has just written him down as a "boarder"?  Perhaps they didn't get on?

Hannah WHITE.  I wonder who she is?  She is a local girl so perhaps she was a relation of John ANGUS or Albert GOULDING?

Later Life

An Albert E. GOULDING died, aged 63, in the Bishop Auckland Register Office District in the March quarter of 1934 [10a 250].

It is possible that Harriett Ellen GOULDING ended up in Cambridge because, much later in 1939, her son, Albert Edward died there and a year later an Ebeneezer MANVILLE was one of the witnesses when a granddaughter of hers by Stanley W. R.  married in Cambridge.

1903-2003 Descendants

There are living descendants of Harriet Ellen (née MANVELL, later ANGUS and later GOULDING).  Please make contact via the Message Board if you would like to request or contribute any information about descendants.


Last updated January 2009.