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George TURNER, jeweller (fl. 1851)

George TURNER, jeweller, married Mary Anne WINDEATT in Exeter, ST. Sidwell's church on 26/05/1834.  They subsequently moved from Exeter to Torquay sometime after their first child, also Mary Anne, was born (probably 1834) but before their third child (George) was born in Torquay (probably 1841).   There he set up shop at 1 Lower Union Street.

George TURNER appears to have had a considerable influence on the WINDEATT family because two of Mary Anne's brothers (Richard and Thomas) both became jewellers as did two nephews (John's son, Robert and Richard's son, John Chapman Windeatt).  This was almost certainly because George Turner took them on as apprentices because of the family connection.  Moreover several other family members also left Exeter for the coast where the tourist trade had boomed in the mid-nineteenth century and there was work to be found in tourist service industries.  

I'm also wondering if George TURNER and William TURNER, who married Pasca, Mary's sister (see previous page) were brothers?

Here are the family in a succession of census descriptions:

1841 - Married with 4 children

Living in Lower Union Street.  Robert MAY, a cordwainer aged 60, Ann his wife aged 55, and their son George, aged 25, are living next door.

Name Age (rounded down for adults) Sex Occupation Birthplace
George TURNER 25 M Jeweller Y
Mary Ann TURNER 25 F ?May M Y
Mary Ann TURNER 6 F - Y
Sarah TURNER 4 F - Y
Elizabeth TURNER 2 F - Y
George TURNER 1 month M - Y
Thomas WINDEATT 14 M - Y
Thomas TURNER 9 M - y

HO 107/229/10 Folio 19, Page 32

Thomas WINDEATT, living with them here as a 14-year old apprentice, is Mary's younger brother - the seventh son who later died in the local lunatic asylum aged 41  Who is Thomas TURNER aged 9? He must be another relation, perhaps a nephew of George's?  He appears in the next census, ten years older and serving his apprenticeship.

1851 - Married with 7 children (8 if you count Elizabeth)

Still living in Lower Union Street (and George MAY, aged 37, shoemaker is still living next door now with his wife Sarah).

Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace
George TURNER Head M 38 M Jeweller Employing 1 Man 3 Apprentices Exeter, Devon
Mary Ann TURNER Wife M 36 F --- Horabridge, Devon
Mary Ann TURNER Daur U 16 F At Home Exeter, Devon
Sarah TURNER Daur - 14 F --- Exeter, Devon
George TURNER Son - 9 M --- Torquay, Devon
Fredrick TURNER Son - 4 M --- Torquay, Devon
Thomas TURNER Son - 2 M --- Torquay, Devon
Henry TURNER Son - 2m M --- Torquay, Devon
Thomas TURNER Apprentice U 19 M Jeweller's Apprentice Exeter, Devon
Robert WILCOCKS Apprentice U 17 M Jeweller's Apprentice Teignmouth, Devon

Where is Elizabeth - she should appear here aged 11 or 12.  She reappears in the 1861 census below.

Henry Turner:  A descendant of Henry, Dan Gale, has kindly informed us that Henry moved to London some time before 1871 when he was living with his sister Elizabeth at149 Alexandra Cottages, Victor Road, Beckenham. He married Elizabeth SHEPHERD on 28th Mar 1874 and they had many children.  For more information about Henry and his descendants, please see contact details below.

1856 - George and family were still at 1 Lower Union Street in Torquay. 

1861 - Three more children

Census (taken on 3rd April) © Crown Copyright

Living at number 1 Lower Union Street, Torquay, in a house to themselves. [RG09/1413/39/14/76]

George TURNER Head Mar 47 Master Working Jeweler Devon, Exeter
Mary A. TURNER Wife Mar     Devon, Horrabridge
Frederick TURNER Son - 14 Apprentice Jeweler Devon, Torquay
Thomas TURNER Son - 12 Scholar Devon, Torquay
Henry TURNER Son - 10 Scholar Devon, Torquay
Richard TURNER Son - 5 Scholar Devon, Torquay
Francis J.  TURNER Son - 3 Scholar Devon, Torquay
Sarah  TURNER Daur Un 24 Milliner Devon, Exeter
Elizabeth TURNER Daur Un 21 Dressmaker Devon, Exeter
Susan TURNER Daur Un 8 Scholar Devon, Torquay
Richard  HOSKIN Nephew Un 18 Apprentice Jeweler Guernsey

George, the eldest son (who would have been 19) has left - perhaps to work elsewhere.  And Mary Ann, the eldest daughter  (who would have been 26) has also left - probably to get married.  Three more children, Susan, Richard and Francis have been born.

A new apprentice is a nephew, Richard HOSKIN.  He is almost certainly a relative of Mary Ann's mother, Thomazine, whose maiden name was HOSKIN and because three years later (when he would have just  finished his apprenticeship) he married Louisa Susanna Froom WINDEATT who was the daughter of Mary Ann TURNER's brother, John.

It's interesting that he was born in Guernsey.  There are some stray WINDEATTs in the channel islands and perhaps there is a connection there. 

1871 - A smaller household

George  TURNER Head Mar 57 Jeweler Exeter
Mary A.  TURNER Wife Mar 57   Horrabridge
Richard TURNER Son - 15   Torquay
Francis J.  TURNER Son - 13   Torquay
Walter FROOM Grandson - 3   London

Only two children and a grandson living at home now.  And whose child is Walter FROOM?  Two of Mary Ann's brothers married FROOM brides so there may be a further connection there?

Also in 1871, there was a George TURNER, watchmaker, working in London in 1871 and who, I suppose, could be the son who was aged 9 in 1851 - see the link on Shirley TURNER's website to the London Commercial Directory for 1871.
[Later:  Another researcher has found George junior in London in 1871.  He was living in Tottenham Court Road and married to Kate FLEMING with a one year old baby daughter (also Kate).]

We also now know that two other children, Henry and Elizabeth, had moved to London too by this time - see above.

More about the TURNERs

We have little knowledge about the TURNERs other than the census records above.  However, Dan GALE,  a descendant of Henry TURNER (born 1851) has been in touch and he has researched Henry and his descendants.

Please get in touch if you know anything about the TURNERs by leaving a message on the MESSAGE BOARD or email me (Sandra below) if you would like to contact Dan.