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Tom WINDEATT (1865-?)
Labourer, Gunner, Groom, Carman, Labourer

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Tom WINDEATT =married 1892 Mary Ann GRUNDY
     |         |                  |           |
?Tom James   Grace Violet   Robert William    Ellen

WARNING: The tree above is has mostly been put together from census information, baptismal records and BMD index data.  It has not been thoroughly researched and needs to be carefully checked against primary sources.  If you know anything more about this family, please leave a message on the message board.

Parents and Early Life

Tom was born in the June quarter of 1865 in the Birkenhead Register Office district [GRO 8A 434]. He was probably called after his grandfather on his mother's side: Thomas NAYLOR.  Here is a transcription of his Birth Certificate

Birth in the Sub-district of Birkenhead in the County of Chester 1865

When & Where Name Sex Name and Surname of Father Name, surname and maiden surname of mother Occupation of father Signature, description and residence of informant When registered
28th February 1865
11 Ivy Street
Tom Boy Robert Froom WINDEATT Ellen WINDEATT formerly NAYLOR Jeweller Journeyman Ellen WINDEATT
11 Ivy Street, Birkenhead
Third April 1865

A Little Mystery?

There is a mystery here in that Tom was born in Birkenhead in 1865 and yet the family lived in London both before and after this birth.  What were they doing up in Birkenhead?  This is strange.  Did they go to Liverpool intending to emigrate and then change their minds?

1885-1895 - In the Army

Tom served twelve years as a gunner in the Armed Forces from September 1885 (when he was recorded as being 19 years and 6 months old) to 1892 when he was transferred to the Reserve (this was also the date of his marriage - see below)  until  his discharge in 1895. 

His Service Record is available from which we learn of his marriage and also that on joining up he was recorded as having a father, Robert, living at 39 Picton St. Camberwell with three older brothers, Robert, James and Frederick and a sister Ellen.  We also learn that in 1885 he was 5' 5" tall, with brown eyes, brown hair and a fresh complexion with  a large mole on his back and hat he had previously worked as a groom.

1892 Marriage to Mary Ann GRUNDY

Tom was 28 years old and working as a groom when he married Mary Ann GRUNDY, aged 33, on 3 October 1892 at Emmanuel Parish Church, Camberwell.  The witnesses were Frederick Charles WINDEATT and Ellen SMITH (Tom's older brother and younger sister).  Here is a transcription of the marriage certificate.

1892 Marriage solemnized at the Emmanuel Church in Parish of Camberwell in the County of London

Date Name & Surname Age Condition Rank or Profession Residence at the time of Marriage Father's Name and Forename Rank or profession of Father Witnesses
October 3rd 1892 Tom WINDEATT 28 Bachelor Groom 117 Warner Road Robert WINDEATT Jeweller Frederick Charles WINDEATT


Mary Ann GRUNDY 33 Spinster - 117 Warner Road William GRUNDY Engine Fitter

This pattern of male WINDEATTs marrying older women is not uncommon, as is the fact that WINDEATT women often married younger men (sometimes lying about their age when they did so).  I haven't yet found out whether this was actually far more common across the population than one would have imagined but, if not, then one might speculate about WINDEATT men being attracted to bossy, older women (well, you might think so, but I couldn't possibly comment).

We don't know anything much about Mary Ann GRUNDY other than what appears on her marriage certificate and the census forms, i.e. that she was born c. 1868/9  in Birmingham and that her father was a William GRUNDY, an engine fitter, and, because both witnesses were Tom's relations she probably didn't have any close family or friends living nearby.  There is the birth of a Mary GRUNDY in the June quarter of 1869 in the Birmingham Register Office District [6d 124] and that could be her.  And from information received, she died in 1937, aged 72, in Birmingham. 

1893-1900 Children

Tom and Ellen had four children that we know about.

1893 - 1.  Tom James (1893-1893)

Tom James was born in the March quarter of 1893 in the St. George's Hanover Square Register Office District [1a 476a] but he died in the following quarter (June 1893), aged 0, [St. George's Hanover Square 1a 333].

1894 - 2. Grace Violet (1894-?)

Grace was born in the September quarter of 1894 in the Lambeth Register Office district [1d 485].  A correspondent has kindly sent us a transcription of her baptism record:

Born Baptised Name Parents' Names Address Occupation
20th July 1894 August 19th 1894 Grace Violet Tom and Mary Ann WINDEATT 12 Moat Place* Laboourer

*According to information received Moat Place is a cul-de-sac off the A203, Stockwell Road; the road is still there but not the properties).

1898 - 3. Robert William WINDEATT (1898-?)

Robert William was born in the in the March quarter of 1898  in the Lambeth Register Office district [1d 539].   Robert appears to have been names after his two grandfathers.  A correspondent has kindly sent us a transcription of his baptism record:

Baptism solemnized in the Parish of St. Andrew's, Stockwell, in the County of London

Born Baptised Name Parents' Names Address Occupation
Feb 7th 1898 April 17th 1898 Robert William Tom and Mary Anne WINDEATT 34 Hargwyne Street* Carman

* According to information received the property is still there, adjacent to Lambeth Hospital.
** Carman:  Someone who drove horse-drawn vehicles for transporting goods - clearly Tom liked working with horses.

Robert William married later in Birmingham but we don't know if he had any family.  Please get in touch via the Message Board if you know.

1900 - 4 Ellen (1900-?)

Ellen, called after Tom's mother, was born in the King's Norton Register Office District in the December quarter of 1900.  The family had obviously moved up to the Birmingham are (Mary Ann's birthplace) in the past year or two.

1901 Census (taken)

Here is the family, now living in two rooms at number 6 Halberton Terrace in the St. Cuthbert's Parish of Birmhingham.  They were sharing the house with the ROBSON family of three who were also living in two room [RG13/2852/51/5)]

Crown Copyright

Name Status Marr Sex Age Occupation   Birthplace
Tom WINDEATT Head M M 37 Brewery Horse Keeper Worker Cheshire, Birkenhead
Mary A WINDEATT Wife M F 42     Warkwicks, Birmingham
Grace V WINDEATT Daughter   F 6     London, Stockwell
Robert WINDEATT Son   M 3     London, Stockwell
Ellen WINDEATT Daughter   F 5 m     Staffords, Smethwick

1911 (taken )

Here they are ten years later and now living in the relative luxury of five rooms at 81 Adderley Road, Saltley, Birmingham.  Tom has changed jobs yet again but we assume he is still working with horses [(RG14PN18345 RG78PN1103 RD385 SD5 ED26 SN42].

According to his declaration, Tom  had been married 18 years and had three children of whom three are still living.  He declared "none" under "Children who have Died".  I wonder why because little Tom James WINDEATT (born and died in 1893) was surely their child (although without inspecting the birth certificate, we can't be sure - he could possibly have been the child of one of Tom's siblings). 

NameRelAgeStatusOccupation IndustryWorking on Own accountWorking at homeWhere Born
Tom WINDEATTHead 48MarriedCoal Porter Midland Railway*  Worker  London Walworth
Mary Ann WINDEATTWife 53Married      - Birmingham, Vauxhall
Robert William WINDEATTSon 13Single     School - London, Stockwell
Grace Violet WINDEATTDaughter 16Single Starch Room Girl Chocolate Manuf. Worker - London, Stockwell
Ellen WINDEATTDaughter 10Single     School - Smethwick, Staffs

*presumably in charge of a wagon pulled by a couple of horses

Death & Descendants

We don't know when Tom died nor if he has any surviving descendants.  Please get in touch if you can add to or amend any of this information.


This page has been updated (February 2010) thanks to information received from kind correspondents. If you have any further information on this family please leave a message on the Message Board.

Last updated:  March 2010

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