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PEOPLE page on this site
On my PEOPLE  page I have listed some WINDEATTs with links to external web pages of information where possible.

Devon Links

The Dartmoor Press (updated - 2008)
Mike Brown's showcase for the Dartmoor Press which he founded to publish his researches into Dartmoor Family History.  You can order CDs directly from him or, if you want to pay by credit card, you can order some of them from The Parish Chest on one of these pages:  Dartmoor Press Genealogy Index CDs and a few of his local and family history booklets.   He also has a selection of CDs available at his eBay shop.
There are quite a few mentions of WINDGEATTs and lots of fascinating historical information about the Dartmoor area and its inhabitants.
Devon (link to Genuki pages)
Extensive list of resources for Devon family Historians with detailed maps, references and links to information on every Devon parish.  On the SEARCH page you can type in WINDEATT (or other variant spelling) and get a few  pages of references.
Devon Family History Society
Growing web resource for Devon family historians.  There is a lively message board.  The parish finder map is an excellent facility for finding out just where that Devon parish is.  Also useful is the surname index for names appearing on their BMD database.
DEVON Mailing List
Essential mailing list for anyone interested in families from Devon.
Devon Poets
My transcription of some of the biographies from West Country Poets (includes two WINDEATTs from the Totnes tree).
RootsChat Devon Board
After a slow start this board has now become very active and there are lots of very helpful participants.
South Hams Parishes Website
 Ray Osborn and others are doing a great job of transcribing and publishing many parish records from the South Hams area.  They also offer lookups for other records.  Additions are made frequently so you can visit often.  There is an accompanying Rootsweb mailing list which has just the right amount of postings - not overwhelming but enough to be of use.
Joan Taber's database of West Country stone workers.  If you look on the WIN-WOO page you will see several WINDEATTs and WINGATEs listed.  The WINDEATTs are from the Horrabridge tree and the WINGATEs from the Kingsbridge one.  It has been suggested that these trees might be related and that one branch moved down to Kingsbridge from the Horrabridge area  in the eighteenth century.


A2A (Access to Archives) Online search of national archive catalogues
You can do a surname search which will list results by parish.  Devon wills and other documents are listed but you must then write off for photocopies.  There are loads and loads of relevant records in this database.  I have listed some on this website (e.g. the apprenticeship records and the wills) but there are more and the database grows continually as more archives are being recorded online.
Type the surname into the search box and select ALL REFERENCES and a lot of publication titles will be returned including music compositions by Corelli WINDEATT and his family.
Great site with a  many records searchable online including Heads of Households in their 1871 census for Ontario.  Again, more records are scheduled to be uploaded when ready.
CANADA: CENSUSES searchable on the Library and Archives Canada website
I haven't had time to investigate yet but looks very promising.
CRIMINAL REGISTERS 1791 England & Wales, 1791-1892
Surname site allows searches but you need a subscription to Ancestry in order to see any useful details.  One or two WINDGEATT names come up.
DOCUMENTS ONLINE from the PRO (Wills available online - currently 3:00 per copy)
Search for copies of wills held by the PRO.  I think we have found and transcribed most of these but please let us know if we have missed any.  You may also be able to find related wills for family members with other surnames.
Link to my Wills page
Mostly American records on this LDS Church site.  But it's a good place to search the British 1881 census and also, of course, the IGI (International Genealogical Index).  You can also search the IGI via specific parishes by using Hugh WALLIS's Batch Numbers site.
Search of the records held by the 'Achievements' organisation.  Not a vast deal of information but a few WINDGEATE variants turn up and - if you pay for a search - there are some heraldic details about three WINGATE families from the Bedfordshire area and a WINDIAT of Exeter.
Project which aims to transcribe the Civil Registration index of births, marriages and deaths for England and Wales.   Note this is only the index (which you can find in many other places - your local library for example).  You still have to write off for the certificate to find out anything useful.  Also the index itself is full of errors and very difficult to read in places so what you find there should always be checked.  Also the record offices may hold certificates that don't appear in the index so it is always worth asking the local office to search for you.  
Project which aims to provide a "free-to-view" online searchable database of the 19th century UK census returns - currently being transcribed by volunteers (I did Brixham, Devon.)
Historical Manuscripts Commission National Register of Archives
More searches - people, families, places.  The place search is very useful for finding out about the availability of hospital and school records.
Relatives in Canada?  Search this great new Canadian database for immigration details.  Clicking the soundex option and searching for WINDEATT or WINGATE brings up a good 20 or so possible records.  You then have to pay (currently 5.5 US dollars) for a full transcription.
At last!  Lancashire is transcribing its own BMD records.  The index to the local register office records is likely to be more accurate than the error-ridden GRO index.  Unfortunately there isn't an equivalent for Devon but a few of the Horrabridge lot went to Lancashire and may be found via this search.
New-ish service from the Corporation of London website.  You can search and buy Wills online (currently 4 pounds sterling each - Feb 2005) and more documents will be uploaded when ready.
 Global search across all the national archives.  Type the surname into the keyword search box and summaries of files held will be returned.  There is also a facility to order documents online but at 8.50 starting price it can be quite pricy.  It would be cheaper to do all your searches and then go to Kew but I have never managed to get there yet . . .
New-ish databases which is scanning documents and making them available online.  Quite a few WINDGEAT references (check out all the spelling variants) but they are quite pricy considering you cannot be sure whether you are going to get anything very useful for your (currently) eight pounds.  For example, quite a few results are for items which can already be found for free in other places (e.g. bankruptcy records).
SCOTTISH DOCUMENTS.COM (Wills available online - currently 5:00 per copy)
Online surname searches for Scottish wills from the Scottish Archive Network.  Type wingate into the surname field, remove the Exact Match tick and receive over 100 Scottish Wingate will details.
TASMANIAN Genalogical Resources Databases
Several online databases provided by the Archives Office of Tasmania.  There are several Tasmanian WINDEATTs, three WINGATE and one WINGET listed in the family links database; three WINDEATTs in the census records index and two WINDEATTs in the Wills index.  If you are researching these families please get in touch.  We have constructed a speculative family tree but it is just guesswork based on this information and needs research and confirmation.
Link to Tasmanian Family Tree (guesswork)

Genealogy Message Boards

UK Boards

WINDEATT Message Board
Message board for this website.  HINT: You can go back through the past messages by selecting the small ALL MESSAGES link at the top of the list of messages.
UK Forum which is great for Lancashire research - a county where quite a few of the Horrabridge tree ended up or passed through.
Message boards with a focus "on Ireland and the British Isles", sponsored by  Quite prettily laid out and a lot of activity.  There is a chat facility as well as the message boards but I am not sure if it is used.

US Boards

The genealogy message boards below are mostly concerned with American families and are consequently not very useful but occasionally a UK-related message crops up.

WINGATE Message Board at Ancestry.Com
Fairly busy list - usually a message or two every month.
WINGATE Message Board at Genealogy.Com
A little less busy than the above and often the same messages but worth an occasional check up.
WINGET Message Board at Ancestry.Com
The Winget/Wingett Boards are quieter but after a period of doldrums they have revived a little recently.
WINGET Message Board at Genealogy.Com
Quiet board but sometimes older messages may be useful.
WINGETT Message Board at Ancestry.Com
Quiet board but again older messages might be interesting.
WINGET-WINGATE-L Archives at Rootsweb
Occasional flurries of activity.  There are some early messages concerning the varied pronunciation of WINGET.

Links to other family sites with WINDEATT/WINGATE connections:

CLAMPETT Family Centre
Mary Anne Windeat b. c.1807, Devon married Joseph Clampitt 29 Jun 1837, Exeter, Devon.
COYTE Family History
Seems to have vanished.
DOLLEY Family History
Joan WINDEAT b. c.1725 married John HOLE b. c. 1725
Sarah WINGETT, bpt.16/11/1799, Ermington, Devon married James ELLIOTT, bpt. 20/02/1800, Ermington, Devon
KEYWOOD Genealogy
Leslie Dean WINDEATT married Ellen Rose KEYWOOD.  He was the son of William John WINDEATT [More . . .]
SHERRIFF Family Website
Andrew CHAFFE married Mary WINDEAT 9 SEP 1785 at St. George's Church, East Stonehouse, Devon.
SMERDON Family Genealogy
Philippa WINDEAT married Richard SMERDON March 7, 1710/11 and a
Jason WINDEATT married a SMERDON descendant a few centuries later.
UGLOW Family History
Louisa Amanda NICHOLLS married Alfred John WINDEATT a Royal Navy Stoker from the Torquay tree in 1886
URIDGE one name study
Laura WINDEATT (?-1951) married Frederick Walter URIDGE, son of Frederick Arthur URIDGE and Minnie Blanche MEARS, in 1919 at Southampton, Hampshire. Laura died in 1951 at Totnes, Devon.
WEEBERS Genealogy Surname List (seems to have vanished)
Elizabeth WINDEATT married William FOX and died in 1838.  This is almost certainly the Elizabeth of the Totnes tree who was left ten pounds in her aunt's will.  See the will of Elizabeth Windeatt of Bridgetown, Berry Pomeroy, 1836
WINGATE Family Web Site
A web site about Scottish WINGATEs - includes nineteenth century photos.

Links to WINDGEAT web pages:

Information about DNA studies

Surnames, Genes & Genealogy
BBC web site in support of a recent radio programme.  Lots of information on the subject of surnames, family history surname research and the links with DNA and genetics.
DNA and the Family Historian
A very clear and interesting account about what has been discovered so far - from GENUKI.
Jarman / German DNA Project
John L. German's project to find out more about JERMANs.  There were lots in Devon - Selina JERMAN married William Philip Greenway WINDEATT in 1839.  They went on to have at least eleven children and founded a very large branch of the tree.  He has a deadline of 15th September 2001 - BUT - it does cost 199 US dollars!
The Pomeroy DNA Project
"The world's most developed one-name Y-chromosome testing programme".  The POMEROYs have already found out a lot about their name and the site describes in detail what they have done and where they are going with this project.  It did destroy the illusion that they were all descended from the family that came over with William the Conqueror (and built Pomeroy castle at Berry Pomeroy in Devon).  This should be  no great surprise to those who had read the previously available information about surnames carefully as there we are told that many people took on the surnames of the rich and famous because they worked for them or lived in the vicinity.

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