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 H0107/254/5/4/ Living in Court Street, Moretonhampstead, next door are a Grace LUSCOMBE, aged 80 of independent means, and on the other side a Sarah BAKER and child with a Maria WILLS.

Name Age
rounded down
Occupation Born in County?
John PILLER 45 Farmer Y
Elizabeth PILLER* 35   Y
Fanny WINDEAT 2   Y

An Ann PILLER, aged 15, is apprenticed to a farmer named James HOLMAN in Fore St [HO107/1254/6/15

Living at East Wooston, Andrew ROWE is farming next door at West Wooston and Gabriel LIGHTFOOT in the other direction at East Addiscott.  REF H0107/254/7/8-9

Name Age
rounded down
Occupation Born in County?
John WINDEATT 40 Farmer Y
John WINDEATT 15   Y
William WINDEATT 15   Y
Elizabeth WINDEAT 8   Y
Sarah WINDEAT 6   Y
Joanna TOWNSEND 25 F.S. Y
Ann ELLIS 15 Ap. Y
John BIDDER 20 Ag Lab Y



Living at East Coombe, William HEYWARD s farming next door at Sanduck and Thomas HEYWARD in the other direction at Greenwell.  REF H0107/253/7/2

Name Age
rounded down
Occupation Born in County?
William NOSWORTHY 30 Farmer Y
Elizabeth WINDEAT 20 Ind Y
Joseph GERMAN 15 Ag Ap. Y
George MARTIN 12 Ag Ap. Y
Daniel FRENCH 10 Ag. Ap. y
Mary MATHEWS 15 Ag. Ap. Y
Mary MORTIMORE9 9 Ag Ap. Y


H0107/253/7/9/ Living in the Village, North Bovey, in The same house as a BROWN family (Ag. Labs) and a Grace ?Rattery (Dress Maker).

Name Age
rounded down
Occupation Born in County?
William WINDEAT 75 Ag. Lab. Y
Grace WINDEAT 65   Y


Living at Middle Luckdon Farm, John WALDRON is farming next door at Higher LUCKDON and William HEYWARD at Lower LUCKDON [H0107/1253/9/4]

Name Age
rounded down
Occupation Born in County?
John WINDEAT 35 Farmer of 130 Y
Mary WINDEAT 25   Y
Mary WINDEAT 2   Y
William WINDEAT 9 mnths   Y
John FROST 13 Ag. Ap. Y
Samuel MARTIN 14 Ag. Ap. Y
Charles PARNELL 20 Ag. Ap. Y
Ann CORNISH 15 F. Ap. Y
Mary NOSWORTHY 12 F. Ap. Y





John PILLER Head M 58 M Annuitant Moreton Hampstead-DEV 1792
Elizabeth PILLER* Wife M 50 F Annuitants Wife Moreton Hampstead-DEV 1800
John WINDEAT* BroL W 53 M Annuitant Moreton Hampstead-DEV 1797
Emma WINDEAT Niec U 17 F Dressmaker Moreton Hampstead-DEV 1833
Ann WINDEAT Niec U 14 F Scholar Moreton Hampstead-DEV 1836
Fanny WINDEAT Niec U 12 F Scholar Moreton Hampstead-DEV 1838

*mentioned in their mother's will.  

Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace Possible DOB
Andrew SAWDYE Head M 71 M Farmer of 140 Acres Empy 2 Lab North Bovey-DEV 1779
Mary SAWDYE Wife M 66 F Farmers Wife Widicombe in Moor-DEV 1784
Cyprian Sdy. WINDEAT GSon - 15 M Scholar North Bovey-DEV 1835
Andrew Sawdye WINDEAT GSon - 13 M Scholar North Bovey-DEV 1837
John PAIGE Serv U 64 M Ag Lab Chagford-DEV 1786
Mary Ann JOHNSON Serv U 22 F House Serv Exeter-DEV 1828
Eliza HARVEY Serv U 17 F House Serv Widicombe in Moor-DEV 1833
John HARVEY Serv - 14 M Ag Lab Widicombe in Moor-DEV 1836
James COLLINS Serv - 14 M Ag Lab North Bovey-DEV 1836
  Address Beter Farm, ---North Bovey Newton Abbot, Devonshire
Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace Possible DOB
John WINDEAT Head M 45 M Farmer of 130 Acres Empy 2 Labr North Bovey-DEV 1805
Mary WINDEAT Wife M 35 F Farmers Wife North Bovey-DEV 1815
John WINDEAT Son - 17 M Scholar North Bovey-DEV 1833
Mary WINDEAT Daur - 12 F Scholar North Bovey-DEV 1838
William WINDEAT Son - 10 M Scholar North Bovey-DEV 1840
Edward WINDEAT Son - 5 M Scholar North Bovey-DEV 1845
Bessey WINDEAT Daur - 3 F --- North Bovey-DEV 1847
Charles WINDEAT Son - 2 M --- North Bovey-DEV 1848
Ann COSSWAY Serv U 20 F House Serv North Bovey-DEV 1830
Philip WILLIAMS Serv U 39 M Ag Serv North Bovey-DEV 1811
Thomas OUNCE Serv U 23 M Ag Serv North Bovey-DEV 1827
  Address: Higher Luckdon Farm, ---North Bovey Newton Abbot,



Living at Middle Luckdon Farm, North Bovey, RG9/1404/71/6/21

Surname First name(s) Rel Status Sex Age Occupation WhereBorn  
WINDEAT MaryT Head M F 46 LandedProprietor Devon North Bovey  
WINDEAT John Son U M 26 LandedProprietor'sSon Devon North Bovey  
WINDEAT Elizabeth Dau U F 14 Scholar Devon, North Bovey  
WINDEAT Charles Son U M 11 - Devon, NorthBovey Disability:
Deaf and dumb from birth

There were TAPPERs at the next farm in one direction (Langdon) and SHEARS at the next farm in the other (Aller Farm)

Living at East Coombe, North Bovey, Moretonhampstead


Surname First name(s) Rel Status Sex Age Occupation Where Born Remarks  
NOSWORTHY Elizabeth Head W F 41 Frmr Of 160a Emp 2m & 5b  Devon - North Bovey    
NOSWORTHY Susan Ann Dau U F 14 Farmer's Daughter  Devon - North Bovey    
NOSWORTHY William Windeat Son U M 10 Farmer's Son  Devon - North Bovey    
WINDEAT Cyprian Nephew U M 25 Bailiff  Devon - North Bovey    
FROST James Servnt U M 19 House Servant Carter  Devon - North Bovey    
PLUMER William Servnt U M 18 House Servant Carter  Devon - Moretonhampstead    
BROWN George Servnt U M 13 House Servant Plough Boy  Devon - North Bovey    
POTTER Dinah Servnt U F 16 House Servant  Devon - Bridford    
POTTER Elizabeth Servnt U F 14 House Servant  Devon - Bridfo

There were HEYWARDs living at the next farm (Sanduck)

Living at The Closes, Catherine St., St. Sidwell, Exeter - Devon [RG9/1395/4/1/3]

Surname Firstname(s) Rel Status Sex Age Occupation Where Born
HOSKINS Willm.G Head M M 26 CoachWheeler Devon Exeter
HOSKINS Elizth.M Wife M F 25 Milliner Devon Moretonhampstead
PILLER Elizabeth Ma-Law W F 60 Farmers'Widow Devon Moretonhampstead
WINDEAT Fanny Cousin U F 22 Farmers'Daur. Devon Moretonhampstead
CHAMPION MaryJ Boardr M F 20 Valet'sWife London Chelsea(Originally:Middlesex - Chelsea)
CURTIS Albert Adpson - M 1 AdoptedSon Devon Exeter

Hmm - interesting, William and Selina of the Horrabridge tree were living in St. Sidwells at the time (and William's brother was living at no. 10 Catherine St., in 1871 and HOSKINS was his mother's maiden name.  However, this must surely be a coincidence.

Living in Fore St, Moretonhampstead [RG9/1404 /30/6/35]

Surname Firstname(s) Rel Status Sex Age Occupation Where Born
WINDEATT John Head W M 63 FormerlyFarmer Devon Moretonhampstead
WINDEATT Ann Dau U F 24 Housekeeper Devon Moretonhampstead


Living at Tunhill Farm, Widecombe [RG9/1406/75/1/1]

Surname Firstname(s) Rel Status Sex Age Occupation WhereBorn
SAUDYE Andrew Head M M 81 Farmer Devon-North Bovey
SAUDYE Mary Wife M F 76 - DevonWidecombe
SMERDON Richard Brolaw U M 64 Farmer DevonWidecombe
WINDEATE Andrew Grnson U M 24 Farmer'sAssistant Devon-North Bovey
PIKE Mary Servnt U F 53 Servant DevonChagford
BROWN James Servnt - M 13 Servant Devon-North Bovey



History, Gazetteer & Directory of Devon, 1878-79: North Bovey, Jno WINDEATT, Farmer, Middle Luckdon

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