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Parish Records

Date Name Record Details Notes Source
09 Nov 1728 Stephen WINGATE baptism no parents given   OPC
12 Dec 1731 Grace WINGOT baptised Daughter of Stephen   OPC
01 Jun 1743 Grace WINGATE burial no age given   OPC
30 Mar 1755 Joan WINGATE burial no age given I also have this transcribed as 1730 or 1750 OPC
1764 Stephen WINGATE settlement certificate Stephen Wingett, sergeweaver, Joan Wingett his sister and Ann Wingett, her bastard daughter.
Parish of Legal Settlement St Nicholas (Shaldon).
Looks as thought this Stephen is the son of Stephen born in 1728 above.  I don't know why their settlement should be in Shaldon. DRO: ref.  3419 A/PO12/
19 Jun 1785 Ann WINGATE marriage Spouse: Robert MOORE.  Both OTP*, by Banns.  Both made their mark.  Witnesses:  Willm BENNETT & John RORK Is this the "bastard daughter" of Stephen's sister Ann above? OPC
14 Sep 1786 Joan WINGATE burial no age given   OPC
08 Jul 1787 Stephen WINGAT burial no age given   OPC
10 May 1804 Matthias WINYETT marriage Spouse: Elizabeth HANDFORD.  Bachelor and spinster both OTP BY BANNS.  Witnesses:  Matthias WINGETT, Snr (his mark), J. Wetherall. What appears to have happened here is that Mathew married Elizabeth HANDFORD in Stokeinteignhead in 1808 and had two children.  He then died about four years later - we don't know how - so the widow and her children became chargeable to the parish.

The settlement examination was obviously to see who was going to pay.  They must have decided that it was to be Elizabeth's parish of birth - presumably Widecombe - and she and the kids were sent there.

DFHS & Transcription at WCSL
18 Nov 1804 Joseph WINYETT baptism Parents: Matthias & Elizabeth WINYETT  
15 Sep 1808 Matthias WINGETT burial No age given. OPC
1808 Matthew Wingett Deposition "Matthew Winget of Stokeinteignhead father of Matthias Wingett, Deposition on his late son's settlement.  Matthias Wingett was born in Stokeinteignhead, lived with his father, who was legally settled there, until aged 11 yrs. Then bound apprentice by indenture to James Hamlyn of Widecombe in the Moor, yeoman, until aged 21 yrs, which he served out. He returned to Stokeinteignhead, where he lived with William Stephens almost three years. His father believed his son said he gained a settlement in Stokeinteignhead by living with William Stephens." DRO: ref. 3419 A/PO13
1808 Elizabeth Wingett Removal Order Elizabeth Wingett, widow, Thomas and William her children to Widdecombe in the Moor DRO: ref. 3419 A/PO10/23
01 02 1821 William WYNIATT burial Age 14.   Birth probably in 1806?  I wonder if this is the William who was supposedly removed to Widecombe in 1808? DFHS

We don't know anything more about these people.  If you do, please leave a message on the message board.

SOURCE: OPC=Online Parish Clerk; DFHS=Devon Family History Society index



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