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Parish Records

Date Name Record Details Notes Source
23 May 1731 Henry WINGETT baptism     IGI
14 MAR 1754 Henry WINGETT marriage Spouse: Margaret UPTON of Paignton Presumably this is the same Henry as the one baptised in May 1731 (see above).  See ALSO the Paignton page for a possible link with this Henry and Margaret. IGI
1783 Henry WINDEATT Modbury Settlement Examination "Born in Marldon. When aged about 14 yrs he bound himself apprentice by indenture to Thomas Short of Paignton, blacksmith, til aged 21 yrs. Lived with his master for about 2 years, when his master and family removed to Brixham, by certificate from Paignton. He removed with his master and lived with him in Brixham, until his master's death, when examinant was 18 yrs old. Believes his indenture is in his wife's custody, who lives with Mrs ALCOCK at Cockington." - DRO Looks like this is the same Henry but why is he living in poverty in Modbury while his wife is living in Cockington where his presumed son is in receipt of an annuity from Rawlin MALLOCK?   IF it is the same family, the son, William, eventually  became a Master Cooper at the Royal William Dockyard and was calling himself a gentleman by the time he wrote his will.  Link to William WINGETT's will. DRO Overseers of the Poor Modbury
File ref. 269A/PO 62 -  1783
13 Sep 1773


baptism Parents: Thomas & Agnes Married James MARE on 21 07 1803 in Tormoham.   Appears in 1851 census in St. Marychurch.  Witness at marriage:  Dinah WINGET.  We are not sure who this Dinah is but we think she is the Diana WINGETT, widow, who married William BRIDGMAN in Kingskerswell in 1805.  But, if so, who was the Dinah WINGETT, referred to as John WINGETT's "dear wife" in 1838?  See John WINGETT's will. secondary
13 Aug 1775 Ann WINGET baptism Parents: Thomas & Agnes born 9th July
married Samuel EASTERBROOKE in 1796
(In 1803 they had a daughter baptised Dianna).
1 Nov 1777 Sarah WINGETT burial Parents: Thomas & Agnes secondary
8 Nov 1777 John WINGETT burial Parents: Thomas & Agnes secondary
25 Aug 1789 Roseman WINGETT marriage Spouse: John STOCKMAN DFHS
11 May 1794 Thomas WINGETT baptism Base child of Mary born 25th Apr.  Appears in 1851 census as Thomas WINGATE, a coal retailer in St. Marychurch, Torquay and on 1861 census as Thomas WINDIAT, a seaman - still in St. Marychurch. secondary
4 July 1794 Agness WINGETT marriage Spouse: John POOK DFHS
1 Sep 1794 Elizabeth WINGETT marriage Spouse: John MAIN DFHS
1 Sep 1794 Ann WINGETT marriage Spouse: Samuel EASTERBROOKE 'Notes' are available. DFHS



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