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(in date order)

  1. 1740: Marriage could be that of John and Sarah of the Horrabridge tree
  2. 1762: Lease: "Thomas Windeat, fellmonger; w Joan, decd;" 
  3. 1782: Indictable Offences: Jane Wills w/o Robert Wills of Mortonhampstea Labourer; Elizabeth Windeatt widow of Mortonhampstead; Joan Tozer w/o John Tozer of Mortonhampstead Labourer; Mary Marwood w/o Thomas Marwood of Mortonhampstead Labourer; Samuel Edwards of Mortonhampstead Labourer; No607/101 - 6th April 22 George 3 - For unlawfully, Riotuously, Routously with divers other persons Breaking and Entering the Dwelling House of Abraham Holman with an Intent unlawfully and maliciously to cut and destroy a certain quantity of woolen serge and other woolen Goods the property of Edward Leach of Chagford Sergem in a certain Loom used in the making thereof, belonging to the said Abraham Holman. 2nd Count, for taking cutting and destroying the same. Bill found Easter 1782. Tryed Midsummer 1782 - each fined 1d
  4. 1792: Mortgage: "Assignment of mortgage for the residue of 1,000 years
    1. Thomas Pethybridge of Moretonhampstead, gent.
    2. Thomas Neck of Moretonhampstead, yeoman, trustee for 1.
    3. Richard Miller of Moretonhampstead, woolcomber and Jane his wife
    4. John Windeat of Ewston, Moretonhampstead, gent.
    5. Grace Windeat of Moretonhampstead, widow, trustee for 4
    Premises: Sainthill, now in the occupation of William Scutt as tenant to Jane Miller. Consideration: £216 5s. 8d. paid by 4. to 1. and £8 14s. 4d. paid by 4. to Jane Miller. Richard and Jane Miller have no children and Jane is now aged about 70."
  5. 1804: Died aged I year and 3 months Grace the Daughter of Mr. and Mrs.Windeat of Wooston." Sylvester Treleaven's Diary
  6. 1804: "Sun. Mar. 25th. Banns of marriage published between Mr. Samuel Wrayford, and Miss Elizabeth Windeat" - Sylvester Treleaven's Diary
  7. 1804: "Wed. Apr. 25th.  Married Mr. Samuel Wrayford to Miss Elizabeth Windeat." - Sylvester Treleaven's Diary
  8. 1808: Tue. Feb. 16th.      Langworthy aged  ? apprentice to Mr James Windeatt of Wooston in this Parish, drowned in the river Teign. He was sent with some corn to grind at Wear Mill, on returning through the ford, 'tis supposed the Horse threw him off - he was found in the river the next morning about 3 quarters of a mile below the Mills"  - Sylvester Treleaven's Diary
  9. 1814: Wed. Feb. 2nd.  "A most afflicting circumstance took place at Woosten in this parish viz. Mr James Windeatt in a fit of insanity put a period to his existence in this world by cutting his throat with a razor in so dreadful that his head was nearly half severed from his body  He was taken ill about two months since with a kind of Phrenzy, and in the morning that he committed the rash act in the afternoon he shewed strong symptoms of delirium, about 3 O’Clock he stepped from the kitchen in a very sudden manner to his bed room, Mrs Windeatt went almost immediately after him, but too late  he had committed the act, he kissed her she run over the stairs for assistance, when a women in the house ran to the room, on her entering it he took the razor again, went to the looking glass   He was in the 42 year of his age and has left a disconsolate widow and three children to lament his untimely end" - Sylvester Treleaven's Diary
  10. 1814: Thur. Feb. 3rd.  A Coroners inquest held at Woosten on the body of Mr Windeatt  Verdict Lunacy.  The following are the names of the Coroner & Jury    John Hugo, Gent of Newton, Coroner. Jury: John Treleaven, Foreman Thomas Heard, Thomas White, Thomas Mardon, John Stevens Junr. John Tarr, William Heyward, George Harvey, William Stevens, John Sillifant, Junr. Samuel Cann Junr. & Simon Kelly." - Sylvester Treleaven's Diary
  11. 1824: MI: Grave B37(R) "Also of ELIZABETH wife of the above who died September 22nd 1824 aged 50 years. Also of their infant children. Also of HENRY the infant son of John and Grace WINDEATT. Also of JAMES son of the above John and Grace WINDEATT who died Febry. 27th 18?? aged 9 years."
  12. 1823: Baptism: Henry died aged 9 - see memorial inscription below for 1833.
  13. 1824 MI: Grave B37(R), St. Andrew's Churchyard : See also James WINDEATT's grave inscription above for 1814.
  14. 1828 MI: Grave B37(R) See also James WINDEATT's grave inscription for 1814 above
  15. 1829 MI: Grave A014 (Damaged Stone) "In heaven to meet your Saviour there. Also of JOHN ROWDON husband and father of the above who departed this life the 2nd of March 1829 aged 54 years."  See also grave of Cyprian Sawdye WINDEATT, 1922 below.
  16. 1833 MI: Grave B37(R) See James WINDEATT's grave inscription for 1814 above
  17. 1922 MI: Grave A014: (Damaged stone) In loving memory of JAMES CYPRIAN SAWDYE WINDEATT husband of the above who died at Sloncombe April 29th 1922 aged 86 years. At rest
  18. 1925 MI: Grave A052: Also of his beloved wife SUSAN MARY who died 1st June 1966 aged 92 years. R.I.P.
  19. 1939 MI: Grave B015: Also of her beloved husband WILLIAM HENRY who entered into rest January 14th 1962




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