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Galfridus Hubert Havelock WINGETT (1830-?)

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Galfridus Hubert Havelock WINGETT was the illegitimate child of an Elizabeth WINGETT.  Galfridus is the Latin form of Geoffrey or Godfrey and is usually found in earlier records.  It is unusual to find the name spelled this way in the nineteenth century and later.

However, because these Christian names are so unusual they furnish good clues as to his paternity. 

It appears that Elizabeth stayed in a relationship with the father but moved on to Exeter where she had a second child a couple of years later.  He was called Frederick William HAVELOCK.  Although we have not yet found a record of Frederick's birth, a descendant relates that this Frederick William called his own son Galfridus William HAVELOCK so we can be fairly sure that they were brothers.

Family stories tell us that the father of Frederick, was one, William HAVELOCK, a commercial traveller, and that he was the son of a Thomas HAVELOCK, soldier, who was himself the brother of another William Havelock, father of Sir Henry of Indian Mutiny fame.

We don't know why Elizabeth's relationship with William HAVELOCK ended but we do know that by 1841 she claimed to be  married to John GOULD, a mason/plasterer, and had two children - a girl  of four and boy of four months.  After this date the family history can be traced via the census records with the boys sometimes taking on the surname GOULD and later the surname HAVELOCK.

Speculative Family Tree

         ?Joseph & Ann WINGETT           |                                              |
                    |                 Thomas HAVELOCK                              William HAVELOCK
                    |                     |                                         ____|__________
              Elizabeth WINGETT     +    William HAVELOCK                           |             |
                    !                                                     William HAVELOCK  Sir Henry HAVELOCK
                    !               m. John GOULD (plasterer)
      ______________!_______________________            |_____________
     |                                      |                        |
Galfridus Hubert Havelock WINGETT   Frederick William HAVELOCK   (GOULD children)  
b.19.12.1829, East Teignmouth       ?b.1832, Exeter



06 June 1830 Galfridus Hubert Havelock WINGETT bap Mother: Elizabeth WINGETT born 19 Dec 1829 - East Teignmouth.  What an amazing series of names!  IGI


We are not sure which of the many possible Elizabeth WINGETTs she might be.

I originally thought she was the daughter of Joseph Wingett and Ann (formerly HOLE) who was born West Teignmouth in 1803 and baptised in 1804, the daughter of a Joseph WINGETT and an Ann.  However this was by no means certain because another Elizabeth WINGETT, baptised in 1801 in West Teignmouth, the daughter of John and Dinah.  John WINGETT left a will which doesn't mention an Elizabeth so she may not be his daughter - although of course it is possible that she had died before he did or that she was cut off from her family when she took up William Havelock (although this would be unusual - illegitimate children were usually adopted into the family).

However, thanks to the information of a relative, we now know that Elizabeth married a John GOULD and gave her age as 37 in the 1851 census.  This would make her presumed date  of birth 1813 rather than 1803.  But it also means she would have been only sixteen or so when she had Galfridus.  This is not unknown but it is unusual.  It is also not unknown for older 'brides' to take a few years off their ages when they marry younger men so it is possible that she is, indeed, the Elizabeth born in 1803 [Note].  Unfortunately, there my also be other likely Elizabeths around who could be the mother of Galfridus.


Family stories from a descendant suggest that the boys' father was a William HAVELOCK (see Tree above).  There was a William HAVELOCK living in Teignmouth at the time and circumstantial evidence would suggest he could be the father.  A William HAVELOCK also wrote a letter to George Oliver, a vicar and writer on freemasonry, about a supposed early ancestor, Galfridus HAVELOCK and this was shortly after the birth of our Galfridus.  Frederick's birthplace in censuses was registered in Exeter, however, so Elizabeth must have moved there in between the births of the two boys.  A William HAVELOCK also died in 1836 in Heavitree and, again, it is interesting that it was probably around 1836 that Elizabeth took up with or married John GOULD, who was also from Exeter.  The William HAVELOCK who died in Exeter was 79.  This is quite old to be fathering children by relatively young girls but not unknown.  Of course it may not have been this William but a younger member of the same household, for example his son or, more likely and confirmed by verbal family history, his nephew. 


A Google search reveals that there are people with the name "Hubert Havelock", e.g. a Hubert Havelock PETERS, a Hubert Havelock CALVERT and a Hubert Havelock BEAUMONT but we don't know how or if these connect to Galfridus Hubert Havelock.


If Galfridus and Frederick were the sons or near relatives of William Havelock, Esq. then Elizabeth WINGETT didn't seem to do very well out of the relationship.  Certainly she and her husband, John GOULD, were living in crowded inner city tenement buildings in subsequent censuses.  Moreover, Frederick's occupation in 1851 is given as 'Labourer' which suggests that, unlike other similar cases, his father did not provide for his education.  See Census data below:

Of course, it may have been that the father was the William who died in 1836, without leaving a will or other arrangements which provided for the boys and his wife (was he married?) or other near relatives may have made sure that Elizabeth and her sons did not benefit.  Or it could have been another HAVELOCK entirely who was not well off and deserted Elizabeth after Frederick's birth.

Census Data

Here is Galfridus Hubert Havelock WINGETT living with his mother Elizabeth GOULD in Cherry Garden Street, Stoke Damarel in 1841 and going by her new surname GOULD.  I don't know how big the houses were in Cherry Garden Street but there were 22 people living in the house in 6 households.  As well as the six GOULDs, there was a family of four HOOPERs, four PHILLIPS, five MARTINS, a forty-five year old mother with an eleven year old son whose name I cannot read and what looks like a single occupant:  Sarah NIGHTINGALE - although it might just be a Sarah something WINGATE.

Name Age 
Employment Born My Notes
John GOULD 25 Mason Devon We haven't found a record of the marriage of John and Elizabeth.  Probably they married just before registration came in and the record is still lurking in the depths of some parish register somewhere or - just possibly - they never married at all.  Such things did happen.
Elizabeth GOULD 25   Devon Because of the name and age of the child living with her it seems that this must be the Elizabeth WINGETT who gave birth to an illegitimate Galfridus Hubert Havelock WINGETT baptised in West Teignmouth on 6th June 1830 (see above).
John GOULD 4 months   Devon  
Elizabeth GOULD 4   Devon From Elizabeth's age it looks as if they must have got married just before registration came in in 1837!
Galfridus HAVELOCK 11   Devon See baptismal record above.
Frederick HAVELOCK 8   Devon Unsure at the moment where he was born or baptised.  Probable DOB 1832.

In 1851 Galfridus HAVELOCK was living in Hotwell Road, Clifton, Bristol as an unmarried lodger.  He gave his occupation as 'Herbal Practiitioner', age as 20 and birthplace as Teignmouth [secondary source].  After this he disappears from the records - perhaps he died or perhaps he emigrated.  The second half of the nineteenth century was a great time of population movement and many Devonshire people moved on, either to big cities in England or beyond to a new life in Canada or Australia.

Also in the 1851 census, is Elizabeth, his mother, and his brother Frederick living at 3 Market Alley Plymouth, St. Andrew again sharing the house with others: eight people in 4 other households. (from a secondary source).

Name     Employment Born
John GOULD M 35 Plasterer Exeter, Devon
Elizabeth GOULD M 37   Teignmouth, Devon
Frederick GOULD U 18 Labourer Exeter, Devon
John GOULD - 10 Scholar ?Jersey [Note}
Anne GOULD - 6 Scholar Plymouth, Devon

If Elizabeth met and married John in Exeter (which looks likely if Frederick was indeed born there) then it is just possible that she belongs to some branch of the Horrabridge tree.  The paterfamilias of this tree was a mason/plasterer and Elizabeth could have met John GOULD through one of the several family members in the building trade.  At this time members of the Horrabridge tree were living in both Teignmouth and in Exeter.


  1. Brides lying about their ages:- this Horrabridge tree family boasts several sisters who took quite a few years off their ages when marrying younger men:  Ellen and Louisa Windeatt
  2. Jersey:  This word is apparently difficult to read and 'Jersey' is just a guess.  He was recorded as being born "in county" in 1841 so it is probably not Jersey.  I haven't seen the original image.